Dog + Glue= Good Idea?

22 Dec

If you have a glue gun and a dog… you have a craft/art project!

Welcome to the Club Creative Studio blog post.  I share information about creativity.  Creativity may be near you, closer than you think, it may be underfoot, just open your mind.

I am not suggesting that this blog post calls for you to turn your glue gun into your family pet’s direction.  In fact, I do not mean to combine the two literally at all.  Without bringing harm to your pet or any other animal you can however do a creative craft because you have those two main items.

If you do have a dog, you do have DOG FOOD.  This creative project calls for dog food and hot glue or regular PVC glue and a cardboard or canvas as a base. Yes, you read this correctly using dog food and an adhesive, you can create artful images like artist: Pawlick (born Wm. Kenneth Daw). He says that his dog has yet to eat his art upon its completion.

Even if you do not have a dog, if you have seen the variety of cat food on the market you can appreciate knowing that this tactic can be done using cat food as well.  I think making an image of a dog using dog food or a cat with cat food would be a fantastic  display on canvas.  I am pretty sure that a coating of varnish would protect it as well but, I am not 100% sure until I try it myself.  To occupy children as well as adults, this art form that reminds me of a mosaic can also be created using kitchen foods like beans, rice, nuts and seeds of your choice. Happy creating and exploring as you consider the size, shape, color, and texture of your pet food in use of art.


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