Inch By Inch

3 Jan

Inch by inch art can be expressed in the smallest of spaces. Art can be made on the smallest of canvas as well.  Today’s post from Club Creative Studio will explore the possible use of a four-inch by four-inch area.  On Tuesdays the post from Club Creative Studio is generally in the theme of a cost-effective thought, project or product.  It’s great to learn of a low-cost idea.

Four inches is not a large space but canvas can come pre-treated with gesso and it is ready to be transformed into art with paint.  Canvas can be found in two-inch by two-inch sizes as well, or even smaller!  I have used mini-canvas to focus on a very intricate painting and as an area with a collage surface.  Both utilize different techniques.  A canvas measured by mere inches can produce tiny treasures that can brighten a small area like a shelf or a desktop.  Placed on a wall in an arrangement it can be used as a filler or grouped to add interest to a space that includes a size variety of art. Canvases grouped in even numbers, separately but placed side by side with space in between to also form a whole image or different displayed shape.

With a focus on a low-cost craft activity, this week’s Two-Cent Tuesday post shares the idea of creating quick art inexpensively.   Have you ever used or considered transforming a treated blank canvas with permanent markers instead of paint?  I recently bought a value pack of small canvas panels in the four by four-inch size. The package had twenty-four total pre-primed flat board canvases.  Instead of buying paint and paint brushes for my daughter, I armed her with a variety of sharp point and thick permanent markers to be used on the canvas as her medium.

These supplies will provide anyone with a creative outlet activity with less mess, prove to be an efficient use of time, require only a small space for storage, and most importantly… it will give the opportunity to create a personalized gift at almost the drop of a hat.  I made my daughter a sample art piece to lend a feel of what she might do herself.

Club Creative Studio mini canvas, 4x4 inches.

Experiment with a variety of canvas sizes.  You may find that you prefer one size over another or have time only for smaller projects.  Just take the challenge to create everyday!


2 Responses to “Inch By Inch”

  1. clubcreativestudio January 4, 2012 at 1:03 AM #

    I believe that creativity has to be made a habit if it does not already come naturally. It is a form of expression that can further define a person. Creativity can take on several forms. Writing, speaking, drawing, painting, building, sewing, dancing, sculpting etc. Someone once laughed at me because I told them that even driving can be done creatively. Come on, you have heard of driving a car in donuts? Real tight circles on the road?Not just anyone can do that with success! Point being that creativity does evolve and project differently. Thanks for your comment.

  2. creativetherapydesignstudio January 3, 2012 at 2:20 AM #

    I like this idea…..I’m sure you could apply this as a concept in other ways, right? Maybe it’s just 30 minutes a day of creativity, just as you would get your 30 minutes of exercise daily?? Your final message is all that matters….. ‘make time to create on a daily basis’. Love it.

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