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>What Do We Stand For?

1 Jan

>If you are new to the creations of Club Creative Studio, this is an inventive written introduction of who we are and what we believe we stand for.  If you are already familiar with our art, by reading this blog post we hope you find an accurate summary of what our art represents.  I have selected words from each initial letter in Club Creative Studio, our business name.  From this abbreviation, it is my hope that you  learn and appreciate what the acronym means to us and what we stand for.  Thank you for your interest in our fun and functional hand-crafted items.  We love to share our artful creations.

Creative  Lovely  Unique  Bold
Clay Real Cool Economical Available Online Transcendent Imaginative Vibrant  Expressive
Sets You Apart Torched-Glass Unequaled Desirable  Impressive One-of-a-Kind

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