I C, U C, We all C, a CD

20 Dec

In this Two-Cent Tuesday post, I share the creativity found in inexpensive recycling.  Reducing the waste specifically from a scratched CD you can bring about some holiday spirit using them in your crafts.  I have gathered a variety of ideas for you to consider as you or your family and friends can try out.  Add your own twist to make your repurposed projects great.

CD wreath idea with six recycled CDs.

Hot glue will usually do the trick well when attaching two disks together.  Making a fun wreath decoration can be quick and easy you can add embellishments such as buttons, stickers or adhesive gems for added sparkle.  To hang a cd wreath simply add string or clear fishing line from the center hole of the cd or hot glue a soda tab to the back side to anchor to a suction cup hook or nail.  Another holiday idea is to use the cd as a base and hot glue a votive candle where the hole is in the center.  This can serve as a protective element to avoid wax spills onto the surface it is placed upon.

Painted image on compact disk.

I don’t know where this image originated but, it is obvious that the artist was having fun painting on the direct surface of a cd.  I have not tried this so I can suggest by guess that acrylic paint will work fine for this project.  Good luck experimenting with the circular canvas.  I think it would also be interesting to leave some of the areas of the actual surface exposed.  It is always cool to see what the item is painted on if it is something that is unexpected and giving a hint of the original cd would be informing too.

Spray paint you disk to use in a craft.

Using other elements from the home, you can produce a wonderful craft and have an activity that produces a take-home item if you have children as guests.  Collect your supplies such as spray painted cd and juice lids, fabric, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners, stickers, and buttons and use your hot glue to attach your snowman elements.  Personalize for an added touch.  Make sure that the date is included someplace to mark your creative memories.

Remember the floppy disk?

If anyone remembers what a floppy disk is (was) then you may agree that this artist has taken them to a new level. They are artfully made into a creative and colorful sphere.  This reminds me of a lit disco ball that meets up with a holiday ball of holly and misletoe.  You have to appreciate how the mind can create from recycling and repurposing items around us.  Happy creating if you are going to try to create any of the items highlighted here today.  Let us know how you do and what your creative outcome looks like.


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