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Getting close to 555

31 Jan

I look forward to having you join the page as a FANTASTIC FAN!

I look forward to having you join the page  FANTASTIC FAN!

Welcome to the Club Creative Studio Blog. This space is a place where the focus is on creativity.

Several times a week, I share creative prompts, project ideas, inspiration, and featured art on this blog.

Daily, I share similar information on the Club Creative Studio Facebook page.

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A Group Art Prompt

16 Aug


Club Creative Studio would like to highlight the creativity of a small group of people in this TNT (This-N-That) blog post today.

New Bridge Middle School in Jacksonville, North Carolina was the setting for creativity at the summer Leadership Camp. Five young artists and their instructor led efforts for a group art project . The collaborative works will be proudly displayed.

Take a look at the creative process in the video on our Facebook page , and you will see how all parts DO make the whole. This is a project that may inspire you to do in your own way because it is rewarding at all stages of development.

Thank you to the participants and the instructor, and acquaintance Mr. Bernie Rosage, Jr. He will certainly agree that this group art project was created with pride and joy.

Get inspired! This over-all project display technique can be replicated in a variety of canvas sizes, as long as they are anchored securely before and after your wall placement. It reminds me of a puzzle. Happily, their theme is NOT puzzling!

What did you think? Share your thoughts here!

Artistic Appreciations

14 Aug

Club Creative Studio is proud to take steps in posting public gratitude by taking part in a new posting challenge.  Inspired by blogging friend, Nicole Bandes, her 90 day challenge is a time for all to express gratitude of any level in our life.  Adding to today’s low-cost creative idea theme: Two-Cent Tuesday post, this idea IS low-cost and a great personal challenge.

Thankful for CREATIVITY!

Adding my own twist to this challenge,  I feel that it is going to be a delightful journey to report daily how I am appreciative of CREATIVITY in my life. I’ll be answering daily questions of what am I thankful for in creativity as well as what I appreciate artistically.  These will be the focus points in my daily posts.  You can write and post about gratitude in any manner you wish to. For the most part, my posts will be brief and hopefully inspirational to creative others as well.  Please feel free to comment and share your gratitude thoughts here for art on the post theme.  I look forward to sharing more creative ideas and educational information with a bit of insight as to why CREATIVITY plays such an important role in my thankfulness.  I am looking forward to expressing gratitude in this manner, I hope that it is an uplifting addition to your day as well.

90 Day Gratitude Challenge with my focus on creative thankfulness/artistic appreciation.

90 days of Gratitude
Starting on August 26th and ending on Thanksgiving Day (U.S.A), 2012.
“What would happen in your life if you spent 90 days showing gratitude? When this project starts there will be 90 days till Thanksgiving Day in the United States. What if you found just one thing to be grateful for every day for the next 90 days? What if you helped to spread this message to all those you knew and got them expressing more gratitude? Could that change the world? In 2009, Nicole Bandes started posting her gratitude daily on Facebook starting in the beginning of November. She did this consistently for the remainder of the month and liked the results so much she never stopped. Gratitude can change your life. Gratitude WILL change your life if you let it. It is such an incredibly simple thing to do. And, while many things are simple but not easy, this is also easy. It takes very little time to record one thing for which to be grateful each day.”
~ Nicole Bandes, Coach, Speaker, Author of The You Coach
Register your participation and sign up for the Gratitude 2012 newsletter full of tips and gratitude prompts at
Join the Facebook Group at
Are you planning to take this 90 day Gratitude Challenge?

>Club Creative Studio Art- Changes Like Weather

10 Jan

>Club Creative Studio art changes like the weather.  Is there a connection? 

SNOW ON THE BEACH!  There is a whole lot ta whoop la going on today in my world about getting to see snow along the east coast.  It doesn’t happen very often.  The sheer anticipation has been building for a few days.  I am looking out the window at a beautiful and steady snowfall, as I write this blog.  Today is not the first time for snow in our area but still, in my neighborhood some do not have shovels, an ice scrapper, hand-warmers in the glove box or the notion of how to build a snowman in their front yard.  We are simply  not as prepared as we could be.  Most of us were lucky enough to get information about this in a timely manner and  we experienced anticipation until it actually became part of our life early this morning.  It’s a time to really pay attention to happenings around us.

I especially took note of this predicted snowfall because I knew it was going to have a direct impact on my plans for the day and maybe the whole week.  I subconsciously also had the idea of making an analogy comparing this weather and my business efforts.  I started to think of the correlations, and decided to blog about my thoughts and comparisons.

For days now, the weather updates have been trying to prepare us of what we may encounter.  The anticipation has been building.  The first aspect that came to mind  as a business connection was the Club Creative Studio Facebook page.  On that page, I too share information about what fans can look forward to seeing as they prepare to visit the website.  I often post “sneak peeks” of art not yet posted online, in the same sense that the weather anchor gives us a picture in our mind as to what is heading in our direction.  I provide images of what to look forward to seeing and perhaps even purchasing.  My special feature section recently added a spot where I can highlight an item and expand on a bit more detail about it.

Snow in NC- 1-10-2011

Once the predicted weather is actually part of our day, the reports switch to looking around and noticing what needs to be done to insure that a situation gets better.  I too like to look around and try to figure out how I can share art with those who are both familiar and new to our creations. After all, I am trying to make the fashion and home decor situation better as well, visually better! I strive to be creative everyday.

Continued updates and newsflashes give us more information on the weather at hand. I’d like to think that I can be like the scrolling inclement weather advisory at the bottom of the television screen.  I too can inform and update quick notes via the phone, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and by using photos and video.  I can prompt you to visit the online store, take note of the special feature section on the website, read a new blog,  or meet me as I display art in a specific venue. 

Once the weather condition has passed, we look around and reflect on how it made an impact on us.  As a comparison, it is like seeing the beautiful photos that people send in of the scenic beauty in their own backyard after a snowfall.  They use their camera or words to describe their personal experiences and  desire to share their image with the public.  For me, a similar reflection comes when a customer shares a testimonial with me.  They are valued testament of  satisfaction in product and service. Written or verbal, the approval reactions are valued and contribute to the whole story.

Like the weather, my art is ever-changing. The one-of-a-kind status of each item lends itself to a inventory that is updated frequently.  You’ve got to keep up if you want to see how we are evolving, and what is available.  Those qualities are what keep us challenged to be creative everyday and we enjoy the opportunity to keep in touch with you with any news.  How can your business relate to the weather report- are you open to change? Do you bend with the wind?  Are you prepared to weather each storm? Make sure you have a sunny outlook and take each day as it is given to you.

In closing, I think one main difference between me and the weather reporter is that sometimes the final outcome is not accurate to what was first reported.  I thought of how I do provide accuracy.  I provide detailed descriptions about my art on the website and  I provide the best photos I can in natural lighting conditions.  These factors along with continual truthful communication give me an edge to remaining accurate in what I report: Our Art  Sets You Apart!

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