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>Tame Talisman

29 Dec

>A new  year beginning is almost always full of hopes, resolutions, goals and over-all growth.  In line with a new age of self-discovery, finding the powers within ourselves, proclaiming our beliefs, our religion and the growing awareness of the many energies that can be both generated and found in our life and around us- we can all now know that it can  be expressed in an artistic manner.

Adding/owning/giving/wearing something special to your everyday life that is also artistic in nature as well as meaningful to you can become a gift of luck, happiness, wealth, love, prosperity, and protection.  These spiritual elements can be categorized as mysterious symbols in Christian, evil eye, feng shui, gemstone, Hamsa, hearts, horseshoe, Jewish, Kabbalah, peace sign, other religions, zodiac signs, and Solomon seal charms.  Objects are thought of as a charm of sorts.

The word Talisman is a Greek word that means “to initiate into the mysteries”.  The amulet creation or other object is considered to possess supernatural or magical powers.  Whether it is thought of as spiritual, superstitious or simply a creative use of charms is of personal interpretation.   I have photographed and provided two rather tame creations on the variation of the talisman theme.  A random charm necklace with mixed metal loops and hoops made to maybe convey the power of nature.  And the green hand-linked Catholic rosary with a focal hand-rolled clay bead, used for the power of prayer.  Good luck with your creations of gifts that add something special to everyday life with special meanings attached.

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