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Black and White

13 Jul

Black and white “Tube Bead” from Club Creative Studio

Club Creative Studio is no doubt in love with creating art items using bright and vivid color combinations.  However, this does not mean that anything created in neutrals of black and white are tossed to the side.  NOOOOO, far from that idea.  I also create using black and white in polymer clay and glass.

Hand-made bracelet by Club Creative Studio.

I love creating in black and white because of the contrast it lends us visually.  Black happens to be my “favorite color” so, to combine black with any other color is always aesthetically pleasing  to me.  I use black to define and separate areas.  The outlines become just as important that the other elements in my clay bead designs.

Club Creative Studio creates one-of-a-kind art. This is a hand-made necklace featuring a hand-designed black and white crystal pendant with unique elements.

The stark contrast when using black and white draw our eyes into focus of the division of shape and that seems to attract and keep our attention.

Club Creative Studio creates black and white beads for high contrast focal beads.

I am blogging about black and white today because it is “Cow Appreciation Day” today.  Being from the midwest, cows are pretty important.  I will celebrate them today by creating more black and white beads to match the common milk cow, and the abilities of black and white in art to stand out from the ordinary.  Do you like black and white contrast colors together?  What do you like about black and white accessories?

Club Creative Studio Black and White hand-made cuff bracelet.

Club Creative Studio guitar pic earrings. The black and white contrast is what I love in this design.

The next time you see someone wearing items that are designed in black and white, try to determine why you are drawn to that combination.  They are striking for sure.

>"What’s New" News

9 Jun

>Happily, I announce that there will be a new section associated with the Club Creative Studio website. A “What’s New” page will allow me to post a few highlighted photos and write about them in a special feature format. This will be a quick and easy way for you to learn more about a specific item, or a special event that is coming up, it may even include photos or quotes of revolving model customers wearing our art!

I am excited for this page to be added because I would like to be able to share more background information with you about inspiration, creativity or the steps that lead me to creating something new. While my designer Raundi, from Epic Web Design works her magic, the site may be temporarily shut down but, rest assured that the time will be brief and the improvements will be warranted.

Another improvement to your shopping experience will be the addition of a few more photo close-up options of each piece offered in the online shop. Currently two photos are provided along with a detailed description of each art piece available. The ability to supply you with an option of viewing a total of up to four images of each item may further bring the piece to life.

With customer suggestions and your needs in mind, I hope to further develop products and presentation to your valued approvals. Thanks for your patience and I hope that you continue to visit the site and online store knowing that you have improved information available!

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