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>My Daughter Made a Bad Thing Great

30 Jan

>My high school daughter has decided very willingly to make a bad thing great.  She has suffered a knee injury in a sport.  Being very active in several competitive sports like, year-round soccer, cross-country, basketball and even football (she was the kicker this year),  you can see that it is hard to keep someone with this level of drive down.

As it turns out, surgery is needed and that is the “bad” thing.  There are aspects of good to this whole situation however.  Good… that she can be fixed.  Good… that she has a great surgeon.  Good- that she is in good spirits.  What makes this whole ordeal “great” is her attitude.  As soon as she received her brace which she will be wearing for a long while, she immediately asked if it was hers to keep.

The reason for her question was because she had to wear the same type of brace once before and it is honestly intrusive  and ugly.   She looked like a robot wearing it since it practically covered the entire length of her leg.  So, when she heard that she was going to be allowed to keep this brace, her face lit up.  Being her mom, I instantly knew why.

Daughter’s artistic additions to her intrusive knee brace.  Bring On The Bling.

My daughter could not wait to get home.  What was the first thing she did?  She reached for her collection of cool stickers.  She was planning on “blinging that baby out”!  Who wouldn’t want to show a little more creativity in transforming her “bad” looking brace into something with more personality?  You have certainly seen neon colored casts by now and there are also designs pre-printed on casts as well.  Recall the first thing that people do when they see their friend in an arm cast.  They ask if they can sign it.  Doesn’t that make the whole ugly wrapping somehow more appealing and maybe even tolerable?  Use your creativity to make your particular situation more fun and it may just prove to adjust your attitude at the same time.

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