Resolutions Meet Solutions

13 Jan


img_3713The new year is off to a wonderfully creative start for Club Creative Studio.  I have taken time to reflect and redirect. I am excited about little changes as resolutions meet solutions.

Important goals involve ways I can be strategic about creative productivity. Perhaps you have the same desire? Do you want to find ways to be expressive and creative more effectively? Have you resolved this year to be the year of creative productivity?

Today, I offer five tips for making this new year more creatively productive.



PLAN TONIGHT.  Making notes and filling out a planner the night before for the activities of the next day may make you feel less rushed. You will know your goals ahead of time. No time is used up to decide what to do, your plan of the day is right in front of you ready.  The task at hand is ready to be started.

SHORT TO-DO LIST. If you have a single word or short to-do list, you may be more productive in the end. Why make a long list of tasks and have an unfinished to-do list because you ran out of time during the day?

INSPIRE yourself. When you need a spark or rejuvenation, I like the idea of taking a walk. Write down ideas and use the time for group or solo brainstorming.

SET LIMITS. Quitting is an choice. Do you know when to quit? Sometimes stopping work is not project failing. Knowing when to step away when you are no longer adding value to your task or project is productive. Not to be confused with procrastinating; which is counter-productive.  Knowing when to take a break after starting can lead to a fresher restart.

JUST STOP. In order to be productive, you need to learn how to stop whatever does not make you productive in the first place. Making a “Stop-doing” list will give reminders about what you should not be doing says, Jocelyn K. Glei, author. List at least ten things that you commit to not doing in 2017. That list may be causing you to not focus on your best works.

This is hopefully a good start for getting the most out of your creative day. Will any of these points work well for your productivity efforts?  Can you add to the list?









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