“DID YOU KNOW???”  Club Creative Studio Art incorporates the unique quality of including original one-of-a-kind, hand-made, hand-rolled clay beads, hand-torched glass beads and hand-sculpted 99.9% silver charms beginning soon from artist Veronica Campos- Hallstrom.  You can find interesting tidbits of information if you check out the Club Creative Studio Facebook page, and blog.  A quick link is found on the Club Creative Studio website home page, and you can visit the special featured section within the “pink notebook” area of the home page.  I look forward to sharing information with you.  It’s my passion to inspire others to be creative, and provide information on how you can obtain our eye-catching art.

Club Creative Studio Art is continuous and ever-changing.  I am happy to share my time and talents with you as I strive to remain “Creative Everyday” by creating “Art That Sets You Apart”.  I hope that you learn the reasons why you can be appreciative of hand-made art and realize that the art I create and offer, does set you apart with its exclusive status.  I help you overcome ordinary by individualizing the art that you wear and share.



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