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>Hand-made with Heart-strings

22 Apr

>Hand-made items contain heart, soul, and emotion from the artist. Those qualities could be reflected in your reasons why you are drawn to hand-made art items as well. Club Creative Studio invests time and talent into the creation of hand-crafted beads. Insuring that an item is created with care and originality is a proud point in knowing that item is truly unique. It is one reason why persons prefer to purchase handmade items. It is the main reason why we say that our beads are works of Art That Set You Apart.

When you find an item that is hand-made, you should automatically realize that someone has dedicated their creative energy and time into the final product. Some may assume that because a person has “creative talent” it is easy for them to whip something up quickly and not spend time on a plan for the outcome. For me, the plan may be in my mind already but, it may have been inspired directly from something preplanned like a sketch, a prototype sample item or even something designed that did not work out well for some reason. A plan is involved.

The new item line that will be announced soon, has been in my mind for the market for almost a year. The inspiration was to find a functional and fun way to display Club Creative Studio beads…and this is it! This product will have combined heart-strings as it includes the artistic endeavors of another profession. This item will become a reusable keepsake as well. Continue to check this blog site and the Club Creative Studio fan page for more hints and information about this new item. I continue to be excited for the debut and the launch of a very creative and eye-catching item to enhance your home.

-Club Creative Studio

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