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Creativity and Cardboard

7 Jan

Miltom Berle Quote on Opportunity

What a great quote to start off this blog from Club Creative Studio.  I welcome you to take a few minutes to watch this video and be inspired from a nine year old boy’s creativity.

If you have ever wanted inspiration to create and use low-cost materials then take a look at what this YouTube sensation video has to offer. You’ll witness simplicity of dreams from the eyes of a child, using his creativity and cardboard. It’s CREATIVITY at its best. Bringing tears to my eyes having heard about this a while ago and then again as I post today on the Club Creative Studio blog: I share this highlight, as I continue to watch the wheels turn and confidence grow in creative thoughts of a young boy, Caine. Be inspired! Be CREATIVE!


Party with ABC

27 Nov

You have got to start someplace- start your creativity at the beginning!

With an open mind, I write about an “ABC Party” today.  They never had these celebrations in my college days (at least I never knew about them). An A. B. C. party is a gathering of people wearing Anything But Clothing!  It’s a theme party where the guest’s attire is a specific expression and brought into focus.  The point of an ABC party is to have all of your guests show up dressed in everyday items such as newspaper, plastic bags, duck tape, feathers, etc.,  rather than real clothing.

As another “Two-Cent Tuesday” post, I offer suggestions on what to make an outfit from as well as save you money while you are being creative.

Spreading the word

Apparently, to announce an ABC party you need only inform your prospective guests that it IS an ABC party.  They know what to do, especially if they are college aged.  Since most college students know what this is.  The creativity begins in the planning.  It is likely  that you will see people dressed in inexpensive items such as trash bags, bubble-wrap material, or even painted. I have inclosed a list of items that might be creatively used, just in case you ever find yourself invited to such a party.  Good luck adding things to undergarments, leotards or spanks in order to obtain a unique look

Materials to Consider

  • Newspaper- fold to pleet, crush, layer
  • Plastic bubble wrap- wrap around or form into pattern shape of article of clothing attaching “seams” with clear packing tape. I have even seen pink wrap, wouldn’t that be cool?
  • Feathers, coins, buttons, beaded necklaces, socks, envelopes collect items and  hot glue to swim suit for your theme
  • Sheets- you have heard of a “toga” right?
  • Duct tape is available in decorative colors and prints now-a-days. I do not recommend attaching to your skin, however. Double tape back-to-back then wrap/form
  • Christmas Lights can be attached to colored plastic wrap. I have seen green cellophane- you could look like a Christmas tree.
  • Large canvas- I can “picture” two put together as a sort of walking bill-board
  • Burlap sacks- large potato bags, gift bags, empty snack bags, empty juice boxes, wrapping paper
  • Beer boxes, soda boxes, pizza boxes, shoe boxes, cereal boxes- cut or tape together
  • Deck of cards or Uno game cards- attached to one piece suit
  • Curtains- from a window or a shower
  • Body paint- I do not recommend spray paint- let’s be smart here!
  • Large cardboard boxes- from a television or appliance
  • Plastic bags can be crocheted, braided or attached together with tape
  • Venetian Blinds, a bit hard to sit in but still covers a large area
  • Hawian grass skirt or something made to look like one (plastic bags)
  • Aluminum foil (watch the sharp edges) candy wrappers
  • Towels or a decorated robe
  • Fabric from a table cloth or pillow case
  • Rugs or place mats
  • Crepe paper streamers, balloons, ribbon
  • Wrapping paper can be laminated or taped with clear tape to reinforce for strength and durability
  • Decorative papers from magazines, posters, letters, wall paper
  • Selected board games or Twister “board” which is a large plastic material
  • Faux animal furs from fabric store or decorative rugs
  • Sleeping bag or blanket
  • Tarps can be tied with rope or large bungee cord
  • Egg crate mattress pad
  • CD / DVD covers can be attached together with hot glue
  • Hammock or bed spread
  • Deflated pool raft or inflated life-preserver vest
  • Car  window shield shade- cover length very well
  • Lamp shade- could make a cute skirt
  • Fabric made from woven plant leaf,actual food or other material
  • Hunting vest
  • Couch cushions- tie them together
  • Cloth napkins or connected bandanas
  • Yoga mats
  • Soft luggage
  • Take a trip to the local thrift store to see what can be recycled or repurposed into clothing
  • What do you have round the house to convert into clothing for an ABC party?

>Sweet Serendipity

1 Jan

>Sweet Serendipity!  The word means to “dip” into life with serenity.  Serendipity is closely related to creativity in that often you may set out to create one way and in the process accidentally discover a different way that works better for you or your art.   It can end up being a meaningful part of your whole creative thought process or progress.

Serendipitous connections with people or your creative projects can open up your eyes to lead you to a whole set of circumstances. 

Club Creative Studio’s 3-D pendants.

Sometimes, when not expected, you will naturally bend in a direction that may first seem accidental.  It is a discovery in growth and your creative spirit being set free.

It took me nearly a year to reach “sweet serendipity” on a recent project I had been involved in creatively.  This is what sparked me to write about it here in this blog.  I want this short story to inspire you to step back or take time to creatively work through challenges or roadblocks, even if it may take a year or more!  I first formulated what I refer to as my “square beads”.  They are small one inch by one inch creations that start out on a flat base and then are built up with layered art clays, textures and finally paints and a finishing gloss.  When I first started making them I envisioned each square to be linked to another, completing a bracelet.  It seemed like a really cool vision and possible to do on top of that.   What I soon learned after having a sizable pile of these small squared art sections stocked up was that it did not work the way I thought it would.   I did not throw away the small squares because I knew deep down that I would find something to do with them at some point.   As I mentioned before, it took almost a year to pass before the new idea came to me on how to better utilize the creations.

After I took the time I needed to reassess the art and it’s function for me,  the revisit to it was an awesome ‘aha’ moment.  About the same time that I discovered a new medium on the market, I immediately knew how I was going to incorporate my ‘new’ square beads.  By also combining my time-tested methods to this new project, I gave birth to the successful results of Club Creative Studio’s 3-D hand-made bezel pendants.  Looking back, it is a far cry from the bracelets I initially set out to create.  I love creating these one-of-a-kind necklaces now.  Give yourself the gift of time that may be needed for critical analysis to overcome your obstacles and gain the sweet feelings of sweet, sweet, serendipity.

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