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>Creative Waste of Time

13 Jan


Image created at

Don’t feel guilty if sometimes you feel like you may be “wasting time” while you create.   Enjoy both types of creative opportunities:  productive creative time and experimental creative time.  Learn to enjoy your unplanned time creating just as much as the times that you sit down with specific creative goals.

I “lost” track of time by messing around on the computer.
I invite you do happily do the same by visiting this site:  

DesignHerGals This site was brought to my attention from a friend who had used this site to change her Facebook profile picture. This site is for both males and females so don’t let the name of the website sway you in direction of not checking them if you are a dude.  Creating an image in this site is easy, fun, and free.  There is a cost, however  in using that image for other great items like stationery for example.  Those type services are also easily ordered online at the site.  I experienced alot of creative unplanned fun by use of the options provided in the site to create a cartoon image based loosely on my physical appearance as well as my interests.  Try it out for fun but be warned that you may loose track of time while creating!

Both planned and unplanned creative times can be productive in their own way.  Any time you have the chance to be creative, you have the fuel to flame your fire to be expressive.  Enjoy your opportunities and the creative “wasted time”.
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