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Home Sweet Home

26 Oct


Be inspired by ideas to make your own sweet treat.

Club Creative Studio shares the creative visions from the studio and of others and brings those ideas into your home.  Here are a few sweet ideas for you to make your HOME a sweet home.  Let’s call it your “Home Sweet Home”! And let’s look at the initial steps that can inspire you to add the colorful details.

During holiday seasons creativity is all around us.  Holiday celebrations are an active time where creativity is abound because most times children and parties are involved.  It is not unlikely that some creative ideas mesh in theme from celebration to celebration. I already blogged about a “Halloween Tree” project which has many similarities of decorating for a “Christmas Tree”.  Visit blog post entitled: Beautiful Branches.

image: easteuropeanfood.com

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Coincidence?  I think not!  ~Author Unknown

This time in this post, take note of a few photos that I found that incorporate similar matching themes of the popular “GingerBread House” and “Gingerbread Cookies”.

We may typically know these items as popular during December for Christmas celebrations However, here you may have the idea to creat a Halloween Gingerbread House or  Skelton Ginger Bread Cookies.

If you try these ideas you can also look at it as a trial run and practice making the house and cookies for later adaption.  Your December treats can be inspired by what you do creatively in October.

This edible Halloween house contains a variety of cookies, candies, toppings, pretzels, and crackers attached with frosting.

Think creatively when you purchase your candy and snack supplies. Try to imagine what treat can be used separately to represent another item.  For example: a square cracker can easily be used as a window because of the typical shape.  Try to imagine cutting or using a candy to represent something similar in nature.  Coconut makes great grass when it is dyed green.  Dirt can resemble crushed chocolate cookie crumbs.

Inspired to create?

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