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Art That Sets You Apart

20 Feb

Club Creative Studio creates Art That Sets You Apart!

Enjoy viewing the creations in this video while listening to the musical talents of my friend, Vaughan Branch.

At the end, I share a few tidbits of information with you.
Be sure to visit the online store often, as the inventory is always one-of-a-kind, changing often.

My First Feature Friday

11 Feb

Club Creative Studio’s Friday Feature

On my website: www.clubcreativestudio.com, I have a “special feature section” on the home page within the “pink notebook area”.  That is the place where I elaborate on items and share information on what is new or where I may be exhibiting art, articles are archived there.

The current blogging club, I have an association with: TLC (Tweet, Like, Comment) Club has suggested that in our blogging efforts we use our Friday posts as a time to feel free to feature something special hence their creative title: Feature Friday.  In the spirit of accomplishing the goals set forth for membership, I will dedicate a Friday post to a more detailed  story, insight or highlighted process of what I do creatively everyday with my art.

In this first Feature Friday post, I would like to speak more about one of my hand-made creations that make great gifts year-round.

Enjoy Club Creative Studio’s Friday Feature:

Artisan Bottle Stoppers

I am constantly looking ahead to plan what item I may design next that can incorporate my hand-made beads.  Although making jewelry and accessories are high priority products, I have had the desire to expand in new directions with new items.  Happily, I can now explain that I create fun and functional items filling a creative niche in my one-of-a-kind jewelry line, artful accessories, and in a variety of home decor needs.  It is an exciting time for me because I can be so flexible in what I create.

I first began with the concept of what is now known as Artisan Bottle Stoppers because I noticed a need to expand in an area that was not gender related.  With a general interest in wine and the attraction to a mere wine bottle label (cleverly or artfully designed), I researched the hardware needed to incorporate my hand-made beads and showcase them in an item that could be both fun and functional for women or men, for gifts that could be shipped easily and for an item that is long-lasting and unique still having one-of-a-kind status.

Welcome to the world: Artisan Bottle Stoppers!  They feature any variety of beads, and they range from $30-$35 USD.  I use an exclusive chrome finding that has a silicone middle because I find that style most attractive and functional  for my base.

I knew instantly after making the first one, that I would enjoy adding them to my item line.  They are like nothing I have ever seen and I am very proud of that fact!  Often times I can customize this by adding an inital charm, novelty charm or specfic color focus request.

Images Copyright: Club Creative Studio

You may want to actually have it on constant display instead of sticking it in a utensil drawer, like your other corks or wine accessories may normally hide.  The idea and joy here is knowing that what is created by Club Creative Studio is always unique and special!

Please Enjoy: Art That Sets You Apart!

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