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Club Creative Studio: Creative Clay Beads

9 Jul

Collection of Club Creative Studio hand-rolled clay beads.

Club Creative Studio creates hand-rolled, polymer clay beads that are one-of-a-kind.  Each bead is created from thirteen separate steps to complete each individual final item.  I also hand-slice the designs from canes or hand-rolled and layered logs created from the hand-conditioned clay.

Each bead basically consists of layers upon layers of clay and each section is applied by hand.

To make each bead even more unique, I limit the particular color and designs to no more than the count of fifteen beads total from the same cane.  Many designs are made in a lesser count and all are not created again in the same manner once they are made into a batch.

The penny coin shows the size comparison of these smaller beads.

Each batch is baked according to manufacturers recommendations and they are then decided upon if they will remain a non-gloss texture or require a hand-glossed and polished finish.

At first glance many think these beads are painted. They are not painted, the designs are created by layering clay.

I create beads from my hand-mixed colors that ensure that no one else will have the same color combinations, the colors are all unique and I experiment with matching and creating new tints from an endless supply of inspirational colors from nature, and man-made items like fabric and items that are around me.

Collection of hand-made clay beads from Club Creative Studio.

I also just mix colors “by feel” whatever feels right to combine, I add a pinch here and there.  I don’t have formulas or measurements to create my color palates. I just “go for it”, and combine colors that feel and look pleasing.

I have unlimited possibilities of design when I work with polymer clay.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing a few photos of thenumerous batches of finished hand-made beads, I have created.  I enjoy taking photos of beads in this stage to show the steps taken from the start of a single bead in a collection used to incorporate into a finished art form.  Enjoy the different styles and designs- remembering that all were created in batches that include love…the love of bead-making, the love of variety and the love of creativity in creating beads from clay by hand.

I love to create colors that are reflective of nature, fashion-forward trends, traditional and inspired from custom requests.

To view other hand-made and unique clay beads incorporated into Club Creative Studio art, visit the website often.


U is for Unique

24 Apr

No question about it, Club Creative Studio Art is unique.


Totally Tubular- Tube Beads

20 Oct

Totally Tubular- Cylindar Beads

Club Creative Studio creates hand-rolled polymer clay beads with excitement. Each hand-made bead and item created with them are unique.

Because Club Creative Studio hand-made beads are each one-of-a-kind, you know that no one in the entire world will have anything like it. Each beaded design has its own personality and unique value.

The Club Creative Studio tube-shaped beads are special because they are presented as a focal bead. Each single clay bead is capped off on each end and has an added accent from a dangle fob at one end and the attached suede cord and clasp at the other.

Colorful and detailed, the tube beads are finished off to be both hand-glossed and non-glossed beads. The simplicity is found in the simple cord strand. The complexity is found in the design details which are made by adding multiple layers of our hand-sliced cane work applications. These beads are festive!

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