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Creative Cubes

1 May

Welcome to Club Creative Studio’s Tuesday post focused on low-cost creativity.  Summer is coming.  It is just around the corner.  Some are predicting record high temperatures for where I live on the east coast this week. Now, that is an early taste of summer! When I think of summer, I think of heat. When I think of heat, I think of finding ways to stay cool.  When I think of staying cool, I think of ice cubes.

Today’s post is about how to make creative cubes, interesting ice cubes are easy to create. Enjoy entertaining the idea and the outcome from the ideas in this post offering insight to create your creative  cubes.

Take note of the many different ways that you can be creative with ice cubes.  I am not talking about making an ice sculpture so you don’t need to fear operating a chain saw for the creative projects I sill suggest.  All you need are a few ingredients and your creative two cents.  These are fairly low-cost ideas with big results.

Consider using fruit in your water ice cubes.  You can place diced sections of fruit or whole fruit if it is small enough for freezer container like blueberries or grapes.  Place fruit in regular ice trays or molds made to withstand the freezer temperatures. You can also freeze fruit juices for flavor and variety of color combinations.

Cut and whole fruit ready to add water and place in freezer.

While using fruit, also consider using puree fruit, which makes a thick consistency cube, and adds flavor to your beverage once it starts to melt.

In the photo above, colored ice cubes are added to a clear carbonated soda beverage.  You may be interested to know that anything made using tonic water will glow under a black light. If you freeze tonic water, the ice cubes will glow bright blue under a black light!  If you also want a glow but not only under black lights you can use glow sticks as stirring rods or decorations in your drink glasses.  Food coloring or soft drink powder mix packet flavors can be added to the water to make new color combinations as well.

There are other fun things that you can do to make your ordinary ice cubes more fun.  Consider freezing candy eyeballs or gummy worms into ice cubes to add to drinks. How about plastic flies or spiders for the practical joker in your family?  Ice cubes can be blended into many party and holiday themes.

Plastic spider rings placed into cub trays. The finger attachment has been cut off prior to placing it in the tray.

For yet another interesting twist, look at how beautiful this beverage looks.  They are organic and digestible flowers and were frozen in cube forms to float gracefully in a glass.

Flowers add an elegant touch to this beverage.

Your creativity with creating and serving creative  ice cubes does not have to be limited to your family and friends. If you have a special pet in your life, share a home-made cold treat with your canine breed.  Here is a photo of a pampered pooch that has an ice-cube treat willed with other treats.  To get his reward, he waits patiently for the melting to begin.  It keeps the dog entertained for hours, I am sure.  I would just caution that it be placed outside so the melting period does not create a large puddle indoors.  Also,when you first offer it to a pet, I would imagine that it should be allowed to melt a bit first as to not be too cold and stick to the tongue of your beloved furry pet!

Use a bucket or large bowl and freeze in a deep freeze appliance for easy freezing.

Good luck in your experiments with making creative ice cubes. Thanks for stopping by the blog for a Two-cent Tuesday post. This is surely a low-cost way to be creative.

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