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S is for Stoned

23 Apr

Club Creative Studio continues to embrace Earth Day with the love of rocks.  Beautiful stones are all around, and when you pick one up to examine, look closely and appreciate nature. You have color, shape, and texture to explore.

Today’s post will hopefully be inspiration to you. Admire the stones photographed and the creative enhancements with wire that I have added to them. I love adding wire to stones to highlight them and create great focal point pendants and other items.

Club Creative Studio hand-made tie tack with stone and wrapped wire.

Club Creative Studio hand-wrapped wire stone pendant.

Club Creative Studio dyed stone teardrop earrings with hand-wrapped wire.



“B” is for Broken

2 Apr

Club Creative Studio loves broken jewelry! And why? Because it is a challenge to take the unwanted pieces and fix or assemble and arrange elements in a new and exciting way.  I often create jewelry art from custom requests and I encourage people to look for or consider using items to incorporate from what they may already have.  Miscellaneous vintage, broken and mismatched metals, gems, rhinestone and beads make beautiful additions to use in a new item. It also turns trash into tiny treasures.

There are a few situations where creating a upcycled product is a bit nerve-racking. I was once handed a strand of crystal faceted beads and asked to take the necklace apart and create separate items so that the new creation could be worn to a family wedding.  The original necklace was very old and was not the style or correct length for this person to wear.  The outcome I made was going to be worn to be symbolic of the representation of a great-grandmother’s presence at the ceremony. Talk about pressure! I needed to make this item just right for sure!

As it turned out, a simple re-strand and added similar crystals brought the original necklace back to life and gave it a second chance to be enjoyed in the forms of a shorter necklace and a matching bracelet. The customer was happy, the memory of great-grandmother was preserved and the once single strand necklace became a two piece family keep-sake.

Transforming an older necklace strand into something new is a welcome challenge for Club Creative Studio. I call it a Upcycle Challenge".

Let’s look at this necklace  as an example of what I did to “up cycle” it.  It was transformed into two new separate items that were enjoyed from the once older unused necklace. Fun!

Inspired by the old beads, I gathered a collection from my stash beads to create the new items. This is a gathering of mixed metals, glass, and hand-rolled polymer clay beads from Club Creative Studio.

The results of combining the older beads and items I felt gave new life to the new items created.

Take time to see what hidden treasures you may have that can be repurposed into something you can rediscover as a modern jewelry piece.

For additional views of hand-made jewelry art from Club Creative Studio, please visit:


Let’s Band Together

9 Jan

Welcome to the Club Creative Studio blog.  It is with pleasure that I share another post on the topic of creativity.  Today this quote comes to mind, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou.  It reminds me that creativity is all around us and it will always be there for us to appreciate and discover.  We can and should band together to acknowledge the creativity of humankind.  How interesting creativity makes our world.  Creativity brings beauty, humor, expression and variety to our lives.

Sometimes we may think that something has to be out of the ordinary to qualify as truly being “creative”. But looking at common items in a new light and using common items in a new manner can become extra-ordinary and even extraordinary.

Let’s bring to mind a simple, yet common item that is used by many from time to time, a band-aid.  How can one transform a band-aid so that is still recognizable but, has become a totally new item? Can you use your creative thoughts to visualize this?  Here are a few ideas that have taken the band-aid theme, take advantage of the sticky adhesive and infuse creativity at a very high level.    Get on the band wagon and see what type of creative situation you can come up with.  What a cool medium for expanding the imagination and discovering, then appreciating whatever flows from it as a finished project.

Can you imagine using a common band-aid as inspiration for art?

Take a minute to consider that band aids have great variety now-a-days.  They vary in shape, color, design and are made in various materials.  The next time you are in the bandage section of a store, stop and look at all the different brands, interesting prints and take note of the packaging as well.  I’ve discovered a few creative projects you may be inspired to try yourself.

 Art created using band-aids.

Band-aids were the inspiration to create these interesting and unusual rings.

Artist: Toby Jones, band-aid theme ring bands.

Band-aid earrings: Image from nreazon.com

Someone has a band-aid tattoo on their knee. Image: hippieman1234.com

“Ouch” is what comes to mind when I see this band-aid tattoo.

Last but, certainly not least I would like to share a few images of how you may use the tin band-aid packaging to create a cute keepsake container.

Image: franticstamper.com

Well, what are you waiting for?  If you are inspired… go raid the band-aid box!  Happy creating!

I C, U C, We all C, a CD

20 Dec

In this Two-Cent Tuesday post, I share the creativity found in inexpensive recycling.  Reducing the waste specifically from a scratched CD you can bring about some holiday spirit using them in your crafts.  I have gathered a variety of ideas for you to consider as you or your family and friends can try out.  Add your own twist to make your repurposed projects great.

CD wreath idea with six recycled CDs.

Hot glue will usually do the trick well when attaching two disks together.  Making a fun wreath decoration can be quick and easy you can add embellishments such as buttons, stickers or adhesive gems for added sparkle.  To hang a cd wreath simply add string or clear fishing line from the center hole of the cd or hot glue a soda tab to the back side to anchor to a suction cup hook or nail.  Another holiday idea is to use the cd as a base and hot glue a votive candle where the hole is in the center.  This can serve as a protective element to avoid wax spills onto the surface it is placed upon.

Painted image on compact disk.

I don’t know where this image originated but, it is obvious that the artist was having fun painting on the direct surface of a cd.  I have not tried this so I can suggest by guess that acrylic paint will work fine for this project.  Good luck experimenting with the circular canvas.  I think it would also be interesting to leave some of the areas of the actual surface exposed.  It is always cool to see what the item is painted on if it is something that is unexpected and giving a hint of the original cd would be informing too.

Spray paint you disk to use in a craft.

Using other elements from the home, you can produce a wonderful craft and have an activity that produces a take-home item if you have children as guests.  Collect your supplies such as spray painted cd and juice lids, fabric, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners, stickers, and buttons and use your hot glue to attach your snowman elements.  Personalize for an added touch.  Make sure that the date is included someplace to mark your creative memories.

Remember the floppy disk?

If anyone remembers what a floppy disk is (was) then you may agree that this artist has taken them to a new level. They are artfully made into a creative and colorful sphere.  This reminds me of a lit disco ball that meets up with a holiday ball of holly and misletoe.  You have to appreciate how the mind can create from recycling and repurposing items around us.  Happy creating if you are going to try to create any of the items highlighted here today.  Let us know how you do and what your creative outcome looks like.

Art That Stacks Up

8 Oct

Club Creative Studio is always on the hunt for creativity topics and works of art to share.  Sometimes the creativity is focused on someone or something else other that featured work from Club Creative Studio’s design table.  It doesn’t seem to matter where  creativity comes from. CREATIVITY is always interesting to admire and achieve.

I can’t think of anything else in the workplace I would rather be doing than spending time creating and working on a daily output using creativity.  Most days, being creative is automatic. And although artistic challenges can also be problematic, those times are also times of creative growth.  I love my mantra of BEING CREATIVE EVERYDAY, creating ART THAT SETS YOU APART.

I recently contacted a Los Angeles, California native artist named Mike Stilkey, via e-mail after running across samples of his creative paintings. He definitely creates unique art as well.  I asked his permission to mention him in this particular blog because I have seen several photos of his original art and I know you will find his work interesting as well. Happily, he granted the permissions.  I only regret that I had the rest of the “interview” questions I also submitted to him answered personally.  Perhaps in time we can reconnect and I can add to this article. HINT, HINT, Mike!

Mike Stilkey art on book spines.

Mike uses a creative mix of ink, colored pencil, acrylic paint and lacquer on his art creations. His added creativity comes into play as he has an unusual canvas.  His artistic images are painted on the spines of stacked books!  He calls his art: “book sculptures”.  They are that and more…books and sculptures…paintings and 3-D murals as well. Stilkey forms his favorite images of humans and animals to delight the viewer in many ways.  He mentions on his website: http://www.mikestilkey.com that his work “depicts a melancholic and whimsical cast of characters inhibiting ambiguous spaces and narratives of fantasy and fairy tales.”

Mike Stilkey's paintings on book spines.

Information also noteworthy from his website, you can appreciate knowing that:
His work is reminiscent of Weimar-era German expressionism and his style has been described by some as capturing features of artists ranging from Edward Gorey to Egon Schiele.

His work has been exhibited throughout the United States as well as internationally, at galleries and museums such as the Bristol City Museum in the UK, LeBasse Projects in Culver City, CA, Kinsey/DesForges Gallery in Culver City, CA, David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, CO, Gilman Contemporary Gallery, Ketchum, ID, and Rice University Gallery, Houston, TX.

Artistic installation display of painted book spines by Mike Stilkey.

Do you agree that this artist has a fantastic and unusually creative mind?  I have enjoyed admiring his art. 

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