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Feature Friday-Inspired by Wood

22 Feb

Club Creative Studio: Petrovich-Cheney art

Club Creative Studio’s Feature Friday blog post: Inspired by wood.

Club Creative Studio Feature Friday: LPetrovich-CheneyWelcome to Club Creative Studio’s Feature Friday post.  This week, I was inspired by wood. The Asbury Park, New Jersey Artist: Laura Petrovich-Cheney creates in mixed media and her work is part of a solo series at the Abington Art Center.

I can appreciate her love of texture and creations from found wood items. Gathering her art supplies from her daily walks and traveling adventures, Laura uses reclaimed wood pieces in a creative quilt-like way.  Making small alterations to the wood she adds depth.  You may find wood intentionally burned, impressed, sawed, pierced, or hacked not to mention processes such as casting or cleaving.

I immediately thought of the “crazy quilt” pattern when I first laid eyes on the irregular grid organized wood scraps.  Her raised surfaces put dimension to that same material quality of a hand-made quilt. The recent tragic weather activity on the east coast has washed up interesting wood scrap treasures for Laura to consider in her art creations.  So, if you are venturing out along the coastline for a walk, you may find this MFA holder in Studio Art, MS in Fashion Art, and BA in Fine Arts artist walking along side you.  She will be the one gathering interesting scraps of found wood.

It seems upon looking closely to her art, she combines wood pieces from random finds and original objects. I was inspired to create future beads with similar random patterns and color combinations. Do you see the square with brown, sky blue and pumpkin orange colors in the first photo for example?  I’d love to replicate that feeling in a few beads.  Stay tuned as I attempt to incorporate the pattern or color choice into hand-rolled clay beads soon. You know that I will post pictures of my finished project here on the blog and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/clubcreativestudio.  Thanks for stopping by and admiring this found art.  Your comments are always welcome, especially if this technique strikes interest.

Beautiful Bullets

27 Oct

Welcome to the Feature Friday post from Club Creative Studio.

Club Creative Studio Jewelry Art.

This post highlights an interesting recent creation.  It may have started out as “trash” but, I am happy that I can refer to it as “treasure” now.  I spent time visiting an interesting person and in the mist of one of our conversations she quickly swept away the empty gun shells from a desk top to throw away. Her son, a police officer had the discarded shells from his training. Who knew that being tidy in front of me would make her change gears and not toss the trash.

I asked her if I could have the empty shells because I had an idea to drill a hole through it and somehow make an interesting pendant.  She agreed to share them with a smile and a bit of confusion. It was hard for her to imagine that I could really use them for something artful.  I had ideas in my mind, and I could not wait to show her the results.

Needless to say, I found a way to be creative with the empty shells.

Mixed with a combination of beads, metal wire, crystals, sequins and charms, these bullet shell casings are made to be one-of-a-kind, unique pendants hanging from a simple chain.

Club Creative Studio bullet pendants are one-of-a-kind creations.

These creations will be available online after a brief introduction at a four-day holiday craft fair the first week of November, 2012 in Rockledge, PA.

Club Creative Studio Bullet shell jewelry art.

Please bookmark us and visit us online for the latest creative creations. Our creativity is Art That Sets You Apart! http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Let’s Band Together

9 Jan

Welcome to the Club Creative Studio blog.  It is with pleasure that I share another post on the topic of creativity.  Today this quote comes to mind, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou.  It reminds me that creativity is all around us and it will always be there for us to appreciate and discover.  We can and should band together to acknowledge the creativity of humankind.  How interesting creativity makes our world.  Creativity brings beauty, humor, expression and variety to our lives.

Sometimes we may think that something has to be out of the ordinary to qualify as truly being “creative”. But looking at common items in a new light and using common items in a new manner can become extra-ordinary and even extraordinary.

Let’s bring to mind a simple, yet common item that is used by many from time to time, a band-aid.  How can one transform a band-aid so that is still recognizable but, has become a totally new item? Can you use your creative thoughts to visualize this?  Here are a few ideas that have taken the band-aid theme, take advantage of the sticky adhesive and infuse creativity at a very high level.    Get on the band wagon and see what type of creative situation you can come up with.  What a cool medium for expanding the imagination and discovering, then appreciating whatever flows from it as a finished project.

Can you imagine using a common band-aid as inspiration for art?

Take a minute to consider that band aids have great variety now-a-days.  They vary in shape, color, design and are made in various materials.  The next time you are in the bandage section of a store, stop and look at all the different brands, interesting prints and take note of the packaging as well.  I’ve discovered a few creative projects you may be inspired to try yourself.

 Art created using band-aids.

Band-aids were the inspiration to create these interesting and unusual rings.

Artist: Toby Jones, band-aid theme ring bands.

Band-aid earrings: Image from nreazon.com

Someone has a band-aid tattoo on their knee. Image: hippieman1234.com

“Ouch” is what comes to mind when I see this band-aid tattoo.

Last but, certainly not least I would like to share a few images of how you may use the tin band-aid packaging to create a cute keepsake container.

Image: franticstamper.com

Well, what are you waiting for?  If you are inspired… go raid the band-aid box!  Happy creating!

Art That Stacks Up

8 Oct

Club Creative Studio is always on the hunt for creativity topics and works of art to share.  Sometimes the creativity is focused on someone or something else other that featured work from Club Creative Studio’s design table.  It doesn’t seem to matter where  creativity comes from. CREATIVITY is always interesting to admire and achieve.

I can’t think of anything else in the workplace I would rather be doing than spending time creating and working on a daily output using creativity.  Most days, being creative is automatic. And although artistic challenges can also be problematic, those times are also times of creative growth.  I love my mantra of BEING CREATIVE EVERYDAY, creating ART THAT SETS YOU APART.

I recently contacted a Los Angeles, California native artist named Mike Stilkey, via e-mail after running across samples of his creative paintings. He definitely creates unique art as well.  I asked his permission to mention him in this particular blog because I have seen several photos of his original art and I know you will find his work interesting as well. Happily, he granted the permissions.  I only regret that I had the rest of the “interview” questions I also submitted to him answered personally.  Perhaps in time we can reconnect and I can add to this article. HINT, HINT, Mike!

Mike Stilkey art on book spines.

Mike uses a creative mix of ink, colored pencil, acrylic paint and lacquer on his art creations. His added creativity comes into play as he has an unusual canvas.  His artistic images are painted on the spines of stacked books!  He calls his art: “book sculptures”.  They are that and more…books and sculptures…paintings and 3-D murals as well. Stilkey forms his favorite images of humans and animals to delight the viewer in many ways.  He mentions on his website: http://www.mikestilkey.com that his work “depicts a melancholic and whimsical cast of characters inhibiting ambiguous spaces and narratives of fantasy and fairy tales.”

Mike Stilkey's paintings on book spines.

Information also noteworthy from his website, you can appreciate knowing that:
His work is reminiscent of Weimar-era German expressionism and his style has been described by some as capturing features of artists ranging from Edward Gorey to Egon Schiele.

His work has been exhibited throughout the United States as well as internationally, at galleries and museums such as the Bristol City Museum in the UK, LeBasse Projects in Culver City, CA, Kinsey/DesForges Gallery in Culver City, CA, David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, CO, Gilman Contemporary Gallery, Ketchum, ID, and Rice University Gallery, Houston, TX.

Artistic installation display of painted book spines by Mike Stilkey.

Do you agree that this artist has a fantastic and unusually creative mind?  I have enjoyed admiring his art. 

Trash To Treasure

5 Oct

Club Creative Studio’s post today helps you to identify trash to treasure finds. Hunt out artists that are sharing their creativity by way of recycling, reusing or repurposing items into their artwork.  They are all around!
Many feel that our planet is existing in a fragile ecological state, with global warming issues and other changes amplifying the world’s questionable status.  Making art incorporating found objects, or recycled objects is one way to make a difference. Creating recycled art gives the viewer the opportunity to appreciate creativity and found objects while waking up to environmental issues at the same time.  Creating or admiring art from recycled elements provides the viewer with an opportunity to find a deeper meaning in art.  The viewer is asked to appreciate in an aesthetic way, something that is commonly found or normally discarded.

Blue River

Art by: John Dahlsan entitled Blue River, Finalist in the 2003 Wynne Prize for Australian Landscape at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, would like to collect $15,000.00 for “Blue River” made from plastic bags.

Other artists as well continue to push the limits of incorporating found items into their artful creations.  Here are a few others that I have identified as artists embracing the recycling, reusing and repurposing elements of life.  Enjoy admiring the creations.

Art: Betsy Soifer

Enjoy animal figures with recycled metals and found objects from artist Betsy Soifer.  Cigar box instruments by hammeredfrets.com and recycled office paper hand-cut and applied as fashion.  Can we get more diverse than this?

cigar box instruments

Photo by: Sandrine Hahn

Club Creative Studio Art

Club Creative Studio has a series of items that incorporate found objects.  Pendants made with bottle caps are artfully filled with items that are hand-picked from the sands of the beach near where I reside on the Atlantic East Coast. I include small shells, pebbles, real shark teeth and small beads.  A simple cord or chain brings the simplistic look to life. Each being totally unique.

Club Creative Studio's Found/Repurposed Art

Enjoy hunting for artists that find ways to recycle, reuse or repurpose items into their creations. There are many of us around!

Please visit : http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Art That Sets You Apart

Repurpose Your Pencils

4 Oct

Welcome to the blog site of Club Creative Studio where I share information on the topic of CREATIVITY.  My personal mantra is: Be Creative Everyday and I find many other people who have a desire or action plan to do the same in their artistic day.

As a specific topic today, I would like to share a few images that I found from various places online that repurpose pencils.  Let’s get to the point…If you have a collection of sharpened or non sharpened pencils the point is that you can do more with it than just draw. Here are a few examples of creative things others have done with pencils.

I love the texture, dimension and unique look of using an everyday item in a very different and unexpected way. The artist is unknown  in this work but it is a sample visual prompt in a lesson plan for students to begin the same type project.  I found this visual at: communitypencils.com.

We should already know the importance of recycling.  Added to the reasons why we should protect our environment and resources is the fact that we can also make art from recycled materials.  It is great to be able to challenge ourselves to use what is typically not reused and might be recycled rather than put in landfills.

By collecting broken, chewed, or different sized pencils, you can glue them together end-to-end and side-by-side to form an interesting surface texture like the above art with added acrylic paint applied.  Think of adding additional items like broken toys or metal objects to complete a college that has a unique look.

It’s interesting to note real pencils upon closer inspection, since they are subtle from afar.  Are you ready to start collecting your pencils to transform your next art project?  These pencils are applied as non-sharpened pencils, however can you imagine what a chair would look like if sharpened pencils were applied in the same manner to a place where you would actually sit?  Well, you don’t have to imagine too hard since I found an interesting photo of such an item for you to admire and perhaps even question.
I am not willing to sit in this created chair but, I would love to see it in person. I love that is so creative!


 For your information as well, the creativity continues from use of the shavings of pencils.  I did something similar to this when I was in grade school in my own spare time.  I wonder if I invented it?  I made a vase from half of a toilet paper roll and added flower blooms made from my color pencil shavings.  I am pretty sure the framed creation is hanging in a bathroom at my Mother’s home!  Never the less, it is a creative use of what would have been thrown away.  Recycling can be used as an artful challenge and can sure bring about beauty in the same time from the results.

Image: craftziners.com

To view more creative art with repurposed items incorporated visit: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com
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