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A Group Art Prompt

16 Aug


Club Creative Studio would like to highlight the creativity of a small group of people in this TNT (This-N-That) blog post today.

New Bridge Middle School in Jacksonville, North Carolina was the setting for creativity at the summer Leadership Camp. Five young artists and their instructor led efforts for a group art project . The collaborative works will be proudly displayed.

Take a look at the creative process in the video on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/clubcreativestudio , and you will see how all parts DO make the whole. This is a project that may inspire you to do in your own way because it is rewarding at all stages of development.

Thank you to the participants and the instructor, and acquaintance Mr. Bernie Rosage, Jr. He will certainly agree that this group art project was created with pride and joy.

Get inspired! This over-all project display technique can be replicated in a variety of canvas sizes, as long as they are anchored securely before and after your wall placement. It reminds me of a puzzle. Happily, their theme is NOT puzzling!

What did you think? Share your thoughts here!

OOPS! I Did It Again-Plein and Simple

9 Aug

Here is another idea for a low-cost creative adventure.  It is TWO-CENT TUESDAY.  This theme post suggests various methods, activities, products or projects that do not cost very much to explore.

Today’s post is a blurb about an artist group that I have recently joined for FREE within Onslow County, Jacksonville, North Carolina. 

OOPS website banner logo

The group is called: OOPS!  It stands for Onslow Outdoor Painters Society. Within the county that I currently reside, this group gathers for creative expression and supportive fellowship in the art of painting in plein air.

A painting done outside rather than in a studio is said to be painted “en plein air”.  The term comes from the French en plein air, meaning ‘in the open air’.  It seems like most aspects of getting away on a Sunday to paint would be relaxing.  It seems like a great experience to paint with others and also dedicate time to getting back into the love of  painting.  It will also serve as a creative change of scenery as it places me outside of my bead-making studio.  During a plein air experience, I will also be dealing with space and supply limitations, weather conditions, gnats and insects, travel issues to find the different paint locations, and light changes. All are creative obstacles that make the whole experience memorable and unique.  I look forward to each experience as a creative and learning situation.

I actually officially joined the group on August 08, 2011, with my online request.  So, to date I can not tell you if this painting environment is the right fit for me. I will try with an open mind to adjust to this challenge.  This group may be like one in your area or it may be like no other you have heard of.  In this specific group, there are unique points to consider:

No membership dues!
No by-laws!
No monthly meetings!
No elected officers!
No Specific Leadership Rule of Order!
No roll call!

How then can such a group stay functional?  It seems that it is more based on what you put into it as much as what you also will get out of it. Each month a member suggests a site within the county limits by which the group can meet for the sheer reason to paint in plein air together.  The artists have the freedom to attend or not, bringing their own choice of materials and stay for the duration they wish as well at any location paint site.  Often times the gatherings are said to expand into a lunch or small social time by which to get to learn even more about the artists, their lives, their art, and their techniques and experiences.  I hope that I will enjoy my first gathering on August 28.

Are you a member of such a group or know of anyone in the same type group in your area?  Have you ever encountered a group of plein air artists hard at work in creative focus and pursuit in person before? What would you do if you witnessed artists at work in front of you?

I know that I will surely keep you posted on my new creative experience.  I hope to enjoy this creative journey and techniques of painting in each plein air environment. Think of me in three and one half weeks as I attempt to paint on a Sunday afternoon in the hot sun of North Carolina.  Plain and simply stated: If I have a rewarding experience from painting outdoors, I’ll do it again.




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