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Peculiar People

10 Jan

Believe it or not it is National Peculiar People Day. You know someone who fits into that category right? Strange, odd, and different people certainly make our world an interesting place I am happy that we have a day that recognises uniqueness.  In order to avoid name-calling and labeling, this TNT (This-N-That) blog post will highlight the peculiar Art that is created by interesting people.

I decided to feature the celebration and recognition of quirkiness in this blog today by sharing the visual posts that I have pinned via Pinterest.  You will find this link below. I have a virtual bulletin board where I attach images with links to websites depicting the theme: Odd Creativity. This is also the title of my board.  Perhaps by viewing my board(s)  I may inspire you to appreciate the unique qualities of art as well as the people behind the art who are the artists.

Look for my photo to make sure you are on the Club Creative Studio Pinterest board.

Look for my photo to make sure you are on the Club Creative Studio Pinterest board.

Below you will find the link to Club Creative Studio’s inspiring boards on Pinterest.  You will find that the account called: Club Creative Art has several interesting boards. Please consider signing in or signing up and begin to follow any or all of the boards by clicking on the “follow” tab(s) you can then continue your Pinterest inspirations sparked by posts of Club Creative Studio. Have a great time pinning. Just be sure to set your timer so you can monitor your time on the computer.  It is an addicting activity!

Let me know if a board or a specific image gained your attention or appealed to you? Happy National Peculiar People Day, especially if you think you are one of them!


Veronica’s Visions

1 Jan

Welcome to a new year of posts with the focus on CREATIVITY.

Club Creative Studio has made creative business goals each year. They have been expressed in a visual way and used as an every-day display for the entire year.  This is a low-cost creative activity. It is a tradition that is also a type of visual communication.  By creating a poster (vision board), my focus on goals is always right in front of me, in a colorful way. I am reminded of the importance of them each time I look at the poster. It’s great to visualize goals, a poster board creation can serve as a prompt to keep you on track or inspire you to reach higher to obtain them. Try to make one for yourself, if you are motivated by this post.

Club Creative Studio's 2013 Vision Board

Club Creative Studio’s 2013 Vision Board

A vision board is a creative way that anyone can express their vision of the future in poster form and keep a focus on where you want your efforts to lead you.

Ten Suggestions For Planning Your Board

1. Decide when you want to have your poster complete.  Plan accordingly so that you have enough time to finish your project. This is no time to procrastinate because your purpose of the whole creative exercise is to commit to your wants and needs. Make this a priority so that you can have success right away in completing your poster and use it as inspiration as soon as possible.  A good time to aim for completion is at the start of a new year or land-mark event.  It may take some time to gather cut materials, and construct it so plan ahead if possible.

2. Use old magazine cut outs, photos, inspirational quotes, written journal thoughts, computer software or scrapbook materials or a decorated plain piece of paper to creatively organize and decorate your poster board or foam core base.  It can be made in any size or shape.  Keep in mind however, that the larger your base board, the longer it will take to cover and the more material you will need to do so.

3. Use a key focus word or short phrase (sort of like a title) to aid as a theme for your poster creation.  This will give your board an over-all theme and make it easy to recall your goals at a quick glance no matter how detailed your other information on the board is.

I used a few key words to develop my theme. The word RAISE... reminds me of my goals to:  RAISE Expectations, RAISE the Bar, RAISE Standards, RAISE my hand, RAISE questions, RAISE Awareness, Raise Profits and RAISE Eye- Brows.

I used a few key words to develop my theme. The word RAISE… reminds me of my goals to: RAISE Expectations, RAISE the Bar, RAISE Standards, RAISE my hand, RAISE questions, RAISE Awareness, Raise Profits and RAISE Eye-Brows.

4. Take advantage of using color or mixed media in our board to add variety and uniqueness. If it is eye-catching and generally attractive, you will find yourself looking at it more often.  This is key to using it to your advantage and bringing your goals to the forefront of your mind.

5. Plan to review your resolutions, habits, motivations, and goals daily. Place it in plain view so that you see it everyday and often.

6. Allow for space to add to your lists on the front or the back of your board.  One year, I wrote many of my accomplishments on the back of one board, making that side just as important as the front! Maybe your “buzz word” can be best serve you if it is repeated several times in the same poster. Consider making up your own power word by combining two or more words together like my example of the words CAN and  FANTASTIC to combine into: “CANTASTIC”.

Club Creative Studio's theme word for 2013 is: "CANTASTIC"!

Club Creative Studio’s theme word for 2013 is: “CANTASTIC”!

7. Vow to make a new board each year and keep the old boards as reminders of past success if you have the space.

8. Encourage others to create with you and share your goals. It is fun to share supplies, gather and celebrate your journey plans.

9. Keep your friends accountable for your goals and ask for help and support from them when you need it.

10. Knowledge is Power. Use the spirit of creativity to invite others to make their own boards, and tell how they are part of your life and how they serve you. Promote your success.

Club Creative Studio has a repeat word theme and that is "WOW".

Club Creative Studio has a repeat word theme and that is “WOW”.

Have we inspired you to take some time to make a visual board with your goals?  Have a great time creating and a great time reaching those milestones in the New Year 2013!

We welcome you to visit our website as we share creativity and you can see for yourself how the goals on my vision board have been incorporated into creative art!


We also welcome you to follow this blog and check back often as we start a new year of sharing on the topic of CREATIVITY.

Creativity Quotes

24 May

Club Creative Studio recycled and melted plastic bottles were transformed into flowers and added to the painted canvas, along with quotes about creativity.

Inspiration comes in many forms.  Today’s TNT (This-N-That) post, I hope that these choice quotes on creativity inspire you to be creative in your own way.

Recently, I incorporated  a small collection of quotes that inspired me to be creative. They were applied to the canvas art project and will serve as a focal point within my creative work space.  Maybe some of them will strike a cord with you and lend to a creative spark for the times you need to be inspired by a creative quote.

The “Mother-Daughter Project” continues as we add more melted bottle blooms. The goal is to cover the canvas at some point for a complete look.






Make Art –  Love What You Create – Make Work Into Play – Always Be Creating – Stop Trying To Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out – Make It Work –

Got Art? – Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken – Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy – The Secret Of Life Is In Art – Be  Creative – A Hunch Is Creativity Trying To

Tell You Something – Creativity Is the Power To Connect What Is Seemingly Unconnected – Create – Love It! – Find Something You Are Passionate About And

Keep Interested In It – Beauty In Everything – Create With Heart – Take Creative Brakes – You Are The Creator of Your Own Story – Creativity Is Intelligence

Having Fun – Keep Calm…Sparkle On! – Imagine – Branch Out! – Follow Your Dreams –  Enlarge Vision – The Start of Something Different – Try New Things –

Proposed Creative Workflow: Does It Have Heart?

Yes ————> Make It  

No ———–> Don’t Make It

B N Cre8tive

10 Oct

There are many places that you can find creative thoughts, messages, words and photos that evoke or prompt creativity.  Try to exercise your mind on a regular basis to heighten creative ideas.  Set aside a time that you can get back in tune with your creativity.

Try to read this:

TH15 M3554G3 53RV35 T0 PR0V3 H0W OUR M1ND5 C4N D0 4M4Z1NG TH1NG5! 1MPR3SS1V3 TH1NG5! 1N TH3 B3G1NN1NG 1T W4S H4RD BUT N0W, 0N TH15 L1N3 Y0UR M1ND 1S R34D1NG 1T 4UT0M4T1C4 LLY W1TH PR4T1C4LLY N0 TH1NK1N5 1NV0LV3D R1GHT? B3 V3RY PR0UD ! Y0U D35ERVE 4 P4T 0N TH3 B4CK!

Be creative in how you exercise your mind.  Our brains need exercise, and it’s fun to find creative ways to do this.

Encourage  yourself and others to look at things in different ways and brainstorm what is beyond the obvious

in solution hunting.  Gather the following items and try to expand your imagination with this creative game.

As a group activity, make a collection of  five items of any kind.  For example, it can be a mug, a bag, a bottle, jewelry item

and a folder.   Ask people to write down various uses for these objects in a creative fashion.

For example, the mug can be used as a jewelry box or the folder a coaster.

Encourage people for wacky and creative answers.  The wackiest, the better!  It will be surprising to see the possible  answers. 

Twelve Miles = 1 Chocolate Bar

8 Oct

Today’s post somehow will end up talking about Club Creative Studio’s creativity I PROMISE!

Running for chocolate.

I recently started running again and sometimes more than other days it is a challenge to just fit it into a day.  There is some element of sacrifice for the time, physical and mental preparation involved in running any distance.

When I am able to feel like I have the time for a long run, it is a mental game for me to think that after a successful run, I shall want and need to reward myself.  When I do accomplish the task of running the distance of ten miles, I might think that a giant cupcake, candy bar or hot dog or two could be a favorable reward. I also might feel good enough to try on and purchase new clothes.  I depends what reward I can afford. It’s a much-needed motivational technique as a reward system.

Sometimes you need to visualize that special treat in front of you that pushes you to get where you want to be in the end.  When you have a creative block, you need to know what you can do to trigger the motivation you need.

This is a comparison to my creative workday as well in many aspects.  On any given day, I might have a project or group of projects that require a hefty work session.  With total focus and non-existent interruptions a workday and a successful run can both have successful outcomes.  But, if I get stuck or don’t feel like creating, I have to play a little trick on myself that helps me get to the point I need to be. I will happily run and work for chocolate squares!

For my visual, and tactile trick I take a chocolate bar and break it apart along all of the little rectangle perforations. 

image: wikipedia.org

For each task I complete, I get to EAT that small section of chocolate!  Believe me, bit by bit you can get a lot of tasks completed, or a lot of miles (12) ran, when you have several separate reward sections to work toward.  Do you have system or reward that works for you?  Maybe you will want to try to run for chocolate?  Does something you do or think about keep you going in the right direction, or do you run aimlessly or try to get out of your task at hand?  What motivates you into working creatively at the speed that you want or need to?

For my visualized reward of my creative time, I can also find satisfaction in knowing that whatever I create, someone else can enjoy it, appreciate it and wear or use it.  Because that is so important to me, to create everyday is not as much a task as it is a process.

Much like the “runner’ s high” the best time in creation is the time where you totally get lost in what you are doing.  Nothing else matters and nothing else gets in the way of your creative flow.  Every project large or small, easy or complicated, successful or not is a creative process to be proud of.   Happily, as I continue to create and run I play the needed mind games that push me to success.

Continue to challenge and reward yourself in your creative endeavors it is the difference between showing up and showing off. Get to your next level by doing and then do even more.  You too can be productive and creative every day!  Try doing something this weekend that will jump-start or motivate you into keeping a focus. Being creative will help add to the fun of any task.  I write this as I am behind in my 31 day blog challenge.  Writing every day is sometimes difficult but with permission from the inner you what matters in the end is that you DO instead of DON’T.

Challenge yourself to not leave a “blank” in your life when you have the control to fill-up an area with your creativeness!  I leave you with this fun photo I found from a friend’s Facebook post.  It is a reminder to do what you can when you can do it, or you will be left with a blank… an unfinished thought or vision.  Best of luck keeping the promises you make to yourself!

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