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Celebrating 300 Posts

16 May

Club Creative Studio celebrates the 300 th post today!   Enjoy the fun video featuring the latest hand-made wire creations!

“D” is for Dare To Be Different

4 Apr

Dare to be different- in your jewelry accessory choices!

Club Creative Studio Art fits right in with my tag line ART THAT SETS YOU APART!  Taking steps to provide an opportunity for others to stand out in a crowd is what I love to do.  Together, we can “Dare to be Different” when we wear, display or give items that are unique, hand-made.  How will you stand out from the billions living in our world?

Club Creative Studio Beads added to Art That Sets You Apart.

Having courage to step out of your comfort zone when chosing or wearing statement jewelry is a big step for many.  It is fine if larger, chunky accessories are not your style.  However, if the aim is to use jewelry as accent and focal point wearable art- then being more bold in wearing something unique and eye-catching is the way to go.  Why be ordinary?

I am not talking about wearing jewelry that is strange, gaudy or heavily adorned.  But, those are words that some may use to describe more unique adornments.  To me, daring to be different may mean wearing an occasional change of style or something that may compliment an outfit no matter if it is your particular taste or not.  While it is important to like what you wear, maybe once and a while stepping out of the box to just wear jewelry for the sake of display can be a step in a new direction.

Hand-wrapped wire shark tooth by Club Creative Studio. A unique, hand-made necklace is automatically "different" but that does not mean it has to be uncomfortable to wear.

Also, if you tend to wear the same basic jewelry with every outfit, challenge yourself to mix it up. Even if what you change to is a simple look, displaying something different from your normal look is a step forward in the right direction of having a fresh look. Those who know you well will notice the slight change even if you think it is a dramatic twist to your style.

Club Creative Studio mixed metal jewelry.

Spread your wings and explore bold mixed metals or contrasting colors in your display of jewelry art!

Consider wearing jewelry that has a theme.  Sometimes when you mix up the feel of your jewelry, your attitude changes.

Club Creative Studio Beads combine to make unique jewelry.

Look at your clothing options and decide how your jewelry choices can compliment and contrast your total look. It can be a new style to allow your jewelry to “pop”, demanding attention.  Take a plain dress or top and dress it up with a statement piece of jewelry.  If it is hand-made…you KNOW you have a unique item to be proud of  owning and wearing.

For additional unique items that are hand-made and one-of-a-kind check out the ever changing inventory in the online storefront:


Bead Artist: Veronica Campos-Hallstrom
Club Creative Studio

Set Yourself Apart with Club Creative Studio Art!

“A” is for Addicted

1 Apr

Club Creative Studio continues to share information about creativity and this blog is an expression of the love (addiction) to many forms of art found around us.  There are a vast array of expressions of creativity and some of the methods can be very habit-forming. I am addicted, for instance to the art form of beading. This blog will share some reasons why.

It is with pleasure that I accept a creative blog challenge called: The A to Z Blog Challenge.  It involves posting information for the next twenty-six days in a row.   Club Creative Studio is member number 910 for this blogging challenge. Everyday beginning in April. 2012, I will post a blog entry with a focus on each letter of the alphabet, and how it relates to my addiction to beading.  Today, as I begin with the letter “A”, there are also 1,712 other members of this challenge doing the same things writing about what they are passionate about.

Why I am addicted to beads and beading?

Veronica Campos-Hallstrom- Bead Artist

I am addicted to beading because the art allows me to use my imagination in creating one-of-a-kind beads and items everyday!

Good Fit.  I started to figure that maybe my addiction to beading was a good fit for me when I discovered that I was dreaming about new clay forming techniques and jewelry designs and concepts. My day and night hours became blurred, and I was making a great start on gaining an inventory several years back. I was at peace when I was creating and comfortable when I created hand-made beads. I am able to be creative everyday! Beading provides the hands-on activity that gives me a sense of accomplishment as an artist, and exploration of the thrill of color and the production of a tiny hand-made and valued treasure.

Club Creative Studio Artisan Cuff Bracelet

Stress Relief.  Beading does bring stress relief.  Beading helps me relax and de-stress as well as challenge my mind and have fun at the same time. Other reasons for using beading as stress relief can be in the form of a way of staying occupied, as a way to deal with anxiety disorders, and even as a form of physical therapy! It is a creative time for me to focus on God-given talents.

Club Creative Studio hand-Rolled Polymer Clay Beads

A Sense of Accomplishment.  Anyone who loves beading also knows that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a project, selling your creations or wearing a brand-new piece of jewelry in public and being able to tell your astonished admirers, “I made it myself!” I have discovered that I provide a special service  as I explain the process it takes to create original hand-made beads and incorporate them into one-of-a-kind art.  When your efforts in your job make you happy then there is a reason to continue to do what you do best…and strive to improve along the way.

I create Art That Sets You Apart!

Friendships Formed Over Beads. For me, this is constant. I’ve made so many wonderful friends since I started beading. Club Creative Studio Facebook fans, blog followers and craft fair attendees have a bond from admiring my work. It has been easy to form and maintain a fellowship bond over beads as a common interest. It is not only the creativity that keeps me going, but it’s the friendships that have been formed from my customers that keep me doing what I do.  Friends love to hear about the next creative beaded item, and I enjoy the interactions and suggestions from them. Along with special friendships I am also entrusted to create meaningful art.  It is what provides an additional bond between the artist and the art owner.

Club Creative Studio's hand-made beaded bra created for Breast Cancer Awareness, Bras-For-A-Cause Event

Mental Challenge.  The challenging aspects in clay materials and designs are ongoing and satisfying aspects in beading.  The unlimited design potentials keep me interested and motivated.  I mix my own clay colors and each log cane is limited to create a certain small number of unique beads. And as far as making beads in glass, not one creation is ever alike or duplicated. It is for that reason that my one-of-a-kind beads lead to one-of-a-kind art. 

Club Creative Studio Hand-torched Italian Glass Beads.

I Am In Love With Lampwork

6 Jan

Glass bead makes a fun fish bead by adding elements.


Club Creative Studio Hand-Torched Glass Pendant.

Feature Friday is a time when Club Creative Studio Art is highlighted.  This post gives a few hints of what is included in the category within the online storefront called Hand-Torched Glass.  Also known as lampwork, this term refers to “torch” made beads.  Many years ago, before propane and oxygen torches, beads were made over small “wick-type” lamps.  This is where the term “lampwork” originated.  In this post I will share a few photos of how I look when I am working on a glass bead project.  I love working with the torch and the flame.

Glass can be known as being hard or soft. I use “soft glass rods” about the thickness of a pencil.

Veronica Campos-Hallstrom with Italian Moretti Glass rods.

Simply put, the process involves heating the the rods of glass in the flame until the glass begins to “melt” and it becomes soft.  The glass is then manipulated on a stainless steel rod called a mandrel.  The mandrel has been coated to avoid molten glass sticking to it for easy removal once cooled.  The glass is shaped into a bead shape with a variety of colors of glass layered together.  The final step called annealing is done in a kiln which further hardens the bead over several hours.

Club Creative Studio creates Hand-Torched Glass beads.

Enjoy browsing unique hand-torched glass items within Club Creative Studio’s website, as well as other creative one-of-a-kind, festive, fun and functional items incorporating hand made beads created by hand, on the East Coast with Italian Glass and hand-rolled polymer clay. Also check back on the blog for more FEATURE FRIDAY posts, thank you!

Close up: Veronica forming a glass bead with torched glass.

Bead shape being formed with my torch flame and Italian glass.

Please visit: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Because glass is so typically delicate, I like to mix that feeling with the boldness of color!

I love creating one-of-a-kind glass beads in my studio!

Bird’s Eye View

27 May



Nest Necklace Set donated To Onslow Care Givers 2010



Club Creative Studio’s Friday posts feature hand-made art from its collection of one-of-a-kind items.

Club Creative Studio's Hand-Torched Glass Beads.

Today’s post features a few hand-torched Italian glass beads used as a focal point in special nature inspired pendants.

Today, I share a few creations that remind me of the bird nest recently discovered within my hanging fern plant on the porch of my home.

Bird nest in my porch plant.

Isn’t it beautiful? 
 A sign that nature can be kind and gentle. 
A reminder that birds are a gift to us in sight and sound. 
A thought of wonderment as we observe how complex a nest really is.
Awe at the idea of realizing the amount of care that goes into the hatching of the eggs and a sweet reminder of how fragile life is in any form.
I’m appreciative of these aspects when looking at this nest built from a plum finch who thought my fern be to be the best home for its eggs.

Hand-Torched Italian Glass- Design by: Club Creative Studio

When I found this particular pendant, I liked it for many reasons.  It was a different elongated pendant not similar to one that dangles and it was the nature theme that inspired me to place something of importance within the focal point area.  The empty nest of the pendant only gave me free rein to add one of my hand-torched glass beads within the space.  So, that is what I did…and on several occasions.
Real bird eggs, like those  in the photo above, are each individually unique.  Each egg, inside and out are special creations of nature. Just like those bird eggs in comparison, Club Creative Studio art is also a one-of-a-kind work of art.
To view more interesting hand-made items from hand-torched Italian glass and other elements, please view the ever-changing inventory within the online storefront found at:  http://www.clubcreativestudio.com.  You can also get “sneak peeks” of new items by becoming a fan of our art on the Club Creative Studio Facebook Business Page.  Thank you for viewing, wearing and sharing our hand-made creative art!
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