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Gotta Love It: Orange

11 Dec

Gotta Love it: The Color Orange

I appreciate the color orange.

Today, I am thankful for the color orange, and the fruit.

Although a single orange now-a-days may cost a few more coins than two cents to actually purchase, here are thoughts on the color orange worth more than two cents.  Enjoy this Two-Cent Tuesday Post, that has a focus on the color orange.

What feelings are brought to the surface when you see the color orange?  Maybe you think of a sunset, a sport team or the fruit? I think of summer and the sweet smell of orange juice as well as autumn and the changing leaf colors when I think of the color orange.  It is said that people who like the color orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Does that fit your personality?

Club Creative Studio Art Acrylic and mixed media textured painting.

Orange seems to evoke a sense of warmth and power. It is said to be one of the “healing” colors. Have you ever heard that if a change of any kind is need in life, just burn an orange candle for 7 nights? I’ll have to try that one.

Is it also true that the color orange increases food cravings? Knowing this association, I may try to avoid using an orange plate!  Orange is also given credit for stimulation of enthusiasm and creativity. Orange means vitality.  This color is said to be great for personal power, self esteem, mental quickness and adaptability to change.  Is this because the color can just “jump out” to you?  You can decide that property and effect it has on you.

Put some orange color into your life when you need:

  • to spice things up when time seems to drag
  • to enhance your curiosity
  • to become more focused
  • to increase creativity
  • relief from bland situations

 I love orange and the vibrant leaf colors that include orange. I took this photo in the mountains of Western Carolina.

Leaves in Western Carolina.

It  was also inspirational when I painted using acrylics and alcohol inks on this canvas.

Club Creative Studio Art.

The color orange has also been included in my jewelry designs. Here are a few items I created that highlight the color orange.  Maybe orange is pleasing to you as well?

Club Creative Studio Art: Clay orange and purple necklace with one of my swirled orange hand-torched glass beads.

Club Creative Studio Art: orange, green, black polymer clay beads.  View more art at http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Club Creative Studio Hand-Made Cuff Bracelet.

ADMIRE, ENJOY and TRY adding MORE of the color orange in your life!

For custom made jewelry with a focus on the color orange, or any other color for that matter, contact me with your visions, and I can help make them come into reality in the form of a great artistic piece of wearable art:  veronica@clubcreativestudio.com

Creative Thankfulness (4)

4 Sep

Club Creative Studio continues to take part in the Gratitude Project 2012, by posting publicly for 90 days something that I am thankful for. On the days that I blog, I am posting about how something with the creativity theme touches my life in thankfulness.  Today is the 4th post that coincides with this blog.

Special identification/informational tags for Club Creative Studio Art located at the Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA

It is with gratitude that I have had an opportunity to display and sell art in a new venue.  Last week, I prepared Club Creative Studio hand-made art to be included with other talented artist’s work within the Abington Art Center’s Gallery Gift Shop shelves.  Laura Burnham, Executive Director of Abington Art Center accepted work and will arrange a space for it to be available to the public for purchase.

Laura preparing to display Club Creative Studio Art at the Abington Art Center.

One-of-a-kind, hand-made pendant from Club Creative Studio.

There are several reasons that warrant my excitement and thankfulness.  I am thrilled to be located in a new area where art and artists are appreciated by many.  I feel that this door has been opened to me so that others can readily see up close and personal what I do when I create Art That Sets You Apart. It is great to have many more local eyes fixed upon what I love to create.

Club Creative Studio hand-made pendant.

Being part of an atmosphere that is a constant support for artists is a blessing.  It is motivating and inspiring to reach higher on a creative level.

Abington Art Center 515 Meetinghouse Road, Jenkintown, PA

I am pleased to offer one-of-a-kind, hand-made art in a variety of venues, especially at the Abington Art Center but, as always online at:


Creative Thankfulness (3)

31 Aug

Club Creative Studio’s Handmade wire art necklace.

Yesterday’s post from Club Creative Studio shared a few challenges of the latest wire worked project.  Any single day can be filled with obstacles if you are trying a creative project for a first time or have been away from a technique for any duration of time.  Today’s Feature Friday post will share a few successes from the challenges of working with wire in a new way.

Wire art from Club Creative Studio.

Basicly, when I sat to create these necklaces, I wanted to have the feeling and look of the technique of chain maille but, not all of the complicated segments. That look combines individual loops in a maze-like pattern repeated over and over that link together.  This did the trick for me because for one, I did not get a headache or confused too often and for the second reason, I was able to duplicate the method using a variation of technique.

Colored wire art from Club Creative Studio.

Today, I am thankful for variety at the design table, especially the variety of wire.

Wire lends itself to change.  Wire has different levels of strength and durability, it has a range in gauge (thickness), presents itself in suitable qualities, and it  is offered in a variety of colors as well. It is a wonderful to experiment with. When I wrap in wire, it also looks wonderful to mix silver, gold or copper wires together. I love working with wire. Does it show?

Handmade art from http;//www.clubcreativestudio.com

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Creative Thankfulness (2)

31 Aug

Today, I am also thankful for obstacles. They allow me to grow and learn about myself. They also teach me that I can jump pretty high and often, making those many leaps and bounds with success. It is great to step back and appreciate the challenges that I encounter in the studio while creating handmade jewelry art.

Maybe it is a little frustrating sometimes but, the best finished items sometimes stem from taking the long road to completion.  Today’s TNT (This-N-That) blog post from Club Creative Studio post salutes every creative soul that learns from the obstacles placed in their path.

Grow creatively from the obstacles you face.

When I first started out with the idea to twist wire in a certain way for this project, I wanted to make segments and attach them together. I wanted each step to be easy enough that I would want to duplicate it again and again and not be bored.

Wire art from Club Creative Studio.

The results are pretty cool.   What do you think? The obstacle I faced in the beginning was how I might do this the best way to create a project from many separate parts.  I think I will certainly make more twisted wire items and see how I can use the same technique while I vary the designs.

The Feature Friday post will share a few more original art samples I created with twisted wire.

Creative Thankfulness (1)

29 Aug

Today’s Two-Cent Tuesday post celebrates my third day of the 90-day post challenge called the Gratitude Project 2012.

90 Day Gratitude challenge with my focus on Creative Thankfulness

During the 90-day challenge, I will be happily reflecting on my day to stop and appreciate what I am thankful for. For me, this idea is to gain  humble aspects and count my blessings. Three times a week for this Club Creative Studio blog, I will focus on how I am thankful for creativity. There will be many times that I can document the celebration of creative thoughts with thankfulness.

I had thought about how I wanted to document my expressions, through making a keep-sake journal. And to stay with this theme it is of course a low-cost idea. It is nice that there is a Facebook group set up for many to post for this challenge.  It is also nice that we can share our posts on our personal Facebook walls. I wanted to take this a step further and include my blog and my theme about creativity.  Good luck in creating your own daily reflective space.

As a means to document my posts in a tangible manner, I made a simple, yet colorful painted sheet of paper that I will copy and compile later into a small flip book.  Each page will be filled in with the numbered day and my hand-written declaration of thankfulness for that day across each colored stripe section. The day numbered will be written to the far left on the sheet and the black line will divide the section where I will write my thoughts of thankfulness.

Club Creative Studio flip sheets for daily journal.

The pages were copied and resized from one larger quick painting of colorful stripes painted across paper. I decided to make my whole book pocket-sized so I reduced my original sheet by 50% when I printed it out.  That method also saved some of my computer ink.

You can create your own artful single sheet and copy it just as I did. I could have made this elaborate and with mixed media but I will save that effort for the “cover” of my flip-book.

If you want to copy and paste this image below of my single sheet. I have included it as a larger photo and you can copy and paste it to your computer.

For more information on the 90-Day Gratitude Challenge please check the recent Club Creative Studio Facebook page.


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