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The Ayes Have It

2 Jan

Do you like bright colors? The ayes and EYES have it.  Like it or not color is exploding with popularity in eye shadow shades and elsewhere.  Do you have a “go-to” palette that you rely on? Have you noticed the new fashion trends in make-up, nail polish color and fashion in general?  Club Creative Studio has seen a recent change to neon and bright colors from common fashion looks in nail polish to eye shadows.  Although there are signs of more subtle shades, take a look at some of the common painted lids.  What do you think of them?

Ready or willing to add some bling to your eye area?

Consider the color wheel when picking out shades of eye shadows. Cool or warm colors can look very dramatic.

Glitter makes this look glam.

It’s a new trend to apply rub-on temporary tatto-like, shadows onto your eye-lid areas.

Of course, I have highlighted some extreme looks here but, it is an exciting color trend for 2013.  It’s a growing love for color upon eye lids. A commercial I recently saw describes their color line as Color Tattoos, meaning that the colors are bright and long-lasting. I think it takes a certain type person and style to pull off the heavier colored eye lids. It is not me but, I love the dramatic look. It may also be a matter of applying with confidence and practice that makes the look appealing. What do you think?  Willing to try out a new color trend for the sake of fashion? What is your stand-by color of choice when it comes to eye shadow tints?

I love when color becomes a main focus and becomes influential in our lives. The challenge for me, as a bead and jewelry designer is to use that information from a popular trend and experiment with similar color combos in my clay and glass art.  I want to reflect what the trends are but, I don’t live and breathe them. Sometimes the transfer appeal works and creations are noticed more quickly, simply because of the color in the item design.  Other times, color has no apparent barring on our creation popularity and it comes down to personal choice of customers.  A person is drawn to Club Creative Studio Art because of taste in style or design, appreciation for creativity and unique factors and the fun and functional staying power of a well made one-of-a-kind item.  Whatever the main reason is for a second glance of Club Creative Studio Art, I am happy to offer items that are pleasing to the eye! The ayes do have it!

To view one-of-a-kind colorful and artful items inspired by what is around us in life, please stop by the online storefront or contact us with your specific color palette needs. We create hand-made ART THAT SETS YOU APART!  http://www.clubcreativestudio.com  Contact us for custom art requests at: veronica@clubcreativestudio.com

Creative Thankfulness (5)

5 Sep

Club Creative Studio Art and bold suede cord strands.

Today, Club Creative Studio stops to be thankful for three words and the implications it brings to the fashion world. Choice, chance and change.


It is great news to know that hand-made art can be both unique and affordable. You are able to realize that when you wear something created from Club Creative Studio, you are the only one in the entire world that owns it.  When you wear something hand-made and one-of-a-kind, you express yourself as being an individual and special.  We are happy to offer a variety of choices online and take pride in knowing that nothing is ever made in duplicate.  The choice is yours to be different and supportive of the arts and art created by hand. Make a choice to express yourself creatively.


Chances are you will notice that suede is going to be popular in shoes and maybe elsewhere. I have created several simple necklaces that have colored suede cords as the strands so that is right on target for the Fall fashion season already.  The color cobalt blue is said to be popular as well as glitter and sparkle (yeah).  While you will still see and enjoy tone-on-tone items, statement pieces and men’s wear inspired looks will spill into women’s accessories.  How will you take a chance in your Fall fashion statements?  Dare to be different! Take a chance, show your creative side.

This Fall season: you’ll notice tassels, Oxford flat shoes, leopard and wing-tipped shoes, and colored toe caps, the chunky look and to me the most exciting: patterns and bold colors!

Bright colors are great for summer and fall if combined with other accessories that can compliment the boldness.


What changes will you be inspired to make?  Will you embrace the glitter and sequins trend?  Will you explore and appreciate the colors and patterns in new items?  As far as making beads that relate to the new trends, I am pleased and excited to see more contrasting colors and floral and geometric graphics around us. I look forward to coordinating Art That Sets You Apart with fashion-forward movements. Make a change from being ordinary to extraordinary, strut your creative stuff!


You might notice how things I look at can inspire bead-making for me. Do you see any similar qualities in the shoes above and the rectangle bamboo beads pictured here? Like changing your shoes, adding bright and bold colors to your wardrobe could be the jumpstart you need to meet and greet the new trend.  I remain thankful that our items lend well to standing out and offering unique and varied choices of art.

Color and texture combine for an interesting look for Fall.

Have fun as you attempt to use your creativity and make choices, take a chance, and allow the changes to be an extended expression of your style.  I’d love to help by suggesting that Club Creative Studio creations are as unique as you are.  Club Creative Studio Art found at http://www.clubcreativestudio.com offers you a wide choice of hand-made creations, gives you the chance to visit over and over again and purchase online at your convience, as well as shares in the excitement that our art can change your appearance in an affordable manner through its hand-crafted artistic designs.

Thank you for wearing and sharing Club Creative Studio Art

G is for Gain Great Looks 5 Ways

7 Apr

Club Creative Studio offers creative one-of-a-kind Art to Set You Apart.  Today’s post also offers five suggestions for how to GO FOR GREATNESS with your jewelry fashion selections. While first considering the fashion trend report found from Squido, read on for suggestions to put you a step forward.

(Source: Squido)

In 2011 the jewelry tendencies showcased big, bold and chunky pieces. In 2012 the top 10 jewelry trends are all about classic pieces for the spring as well as natural pieces for the fall collection. 2012 will be all about sustainability, recycled, raw pieces that will range from classic to exotic. We will also see that few trends that started out in 2011 that will continue to be hot fashion items in 2012, such as the big and bold rings as well as mix of vintage with a contemporary flair.

In addition Bright colors will also be a huge within jewelry industry and you can expect to see bold / unexpected color combinations. Large gemstones and natural geodes and crystals will also be so in!

Standing out on the 2012 runways was the presence of resin jewelry pieces. Bright, colorful and Chunky these pieces are made to make a statement that can be bold and fun at the same time.

With that information at hand, I offer information as you decide ways to mix up your style.  Club Creative Studio does create chunky style art, resin art, colorful art, classic and exotic looking art. It seems then that we are right on track with providing the popular looks that the fashion experts predict to be wonderful. Why be ordinary when your jewelry art can set you apart?  Consider these steps.

Step One Great Look:  LAYER

Pile it on. Layer your necklaces and bracelets. Yes, it is true, delicate chains do go with chunky beads.  Try it out and experiment.  You can wear mixed metals, silver with gold, gold with copper and so on.  You can avoid the fashion police and still break all the old fashion rules by layering different styles for a variety of brand-new looks.  Learn to layer.

I created these two necklaces differently but, with the same "feel" so they could be layered together or worn alone as a single necklace.

Step Two Great Look:  COORDINATE

Choose the right necklace by picking out items with style and personality.  Make sure that you enjoy wearing jewelry for comfort along with style.  Wear necklaces that hang above and below the neckline depending on the outfit. Pick out a flattering necklace to help enhance the look of an outfit. Consider the space that your neckline provides as a canvas to fill and compliment. Coordinate your style, the neckline focus and the colors you put together for a total complimentary look.  Aspects depend on your clothing choices. Mix and match the colors, and layers for a new look also consider coordinating a mood or theme with your outfit and jewelry choices.

Coordinate neckline, color of necklace and length for a complimentary complete look.

Step Three Great Look:  CONTRAST

Look to the color wheel to combine unusual color combinations for a “pop” of color enhanced or a great eye-catching combination of jewelry against an outfit. Also consider general color variations so that you can enjoy a range of colors all at once.

Contrasting color combos add dramatic personality in your over-all look. Here consider wearing two different necklaces with two different colors. design is similar but if colors blend or contrast, you gain a great new vibe.

Step Four Great Look:  STATEMENT

When you wear jewelry with a focal point that really “says something”, and seems like it may have a life of its own with a personality to match, then you probably own what is known as statement. A statement piece stands on its own well and can dress up a plain or solid colored outfit.  Statement pieces say something about art, your style, your personality and your courage and confidence.  A statement piece may even fit into the category of being unique and unusual. It really “speaks” to you or others.  Listen to what your jewelry says.

This is a chunky-type necklace with larger beads and focal pendant. The necklace on the right is made with three guitar pics as part of the focal point.


Using your courage to wear something bold can allow you to express your originality, creativity, and fashion sence.  Be bold in your look so that you can add confidence and style.  Add a new and different look so that you can be expressive without even saying a word.  For additional art items that are sure to set you apart by being original and festive, please take time to visit the ever-changing items in the inventory of hand-made art at in Club Creative Studio’s collection online.


Good luck  as you gain great looks.  Consider using these tips when you GO FOR GREATNESS today. Looking at trends and wearing the style you are comfortable in is what fashion and expression is all about!

Statement Piece tri-strand detachable necklace by Club Creative Studio.

Sock It To Me

1 Dec

Image: littlemissmatched

Club Creative Studio’s Thursday blog post has a general theme known as TNT.  The TNT post stands for “This-N-That”, and can cover an array of creative topics.  Today’s TNT post has a focus on creative socks…so allow me to “sock it to you”.  I have creative information for you concerning socks!

Socks have become popular in many different ways.  The website called “littlemissmatched” sells their socks in packages of three, and they are made to intentionally be worn in a mixed-matched fashion.  Also, keeping them in stock of three allows for that one sock to go “missing” from the dryer, and it does not matter which pair you grab to wear that day. Children will love them because the do not have to hunt for a matching sock mate, it does not matter in today’s fashion sense.

There are many different types and styles of socks if you think about it.  A few of these on the list were new terms for me but, generally speaking what was “old” often is “new” again in the world of socks.  I remember wearing knee highs as a young person and they were commonly worn.  Knee highs are making a come-back.  The twist is that they are funky and are being worn to not match on purpose.  They are also being worn by people of all ages. Also popular are over-the-knee socks, leg warmers (which are worn below the knee yet above the ankle),  and what is known as footless socks. They are similar to tights but have no fitted foot area connected.

Footless Sock

Arm Warmers

Now, let’s explore another creative way to use socks. When I was younger spending time in the mid-west with harsh winters, I wore thick tube socks for gloves.  Call me poor or call me creative. I don’t care, I was warm and it was low-cost creativity at its best.  Nancy Protectz (TM) designs complimentary decor fashion for furniture.  Furniture feet “wear” the stretch to fit “socks” for floor protectors. With a soft cushion between the furniture and the floor, the machine washable socks are slip resistant.

Image: apartmenttherapy

Finally, how might we reuse, repurpose or recycle our socks in a creative manner?  Don’t forget the old stand-by activity of creating sock puppets.

Creativity with worn out socks.

If the Shoe Fits…

30 Nov

image: mypinkfriday.


Let’s talk about the creativity of the soul… the designs of many soles…the high heel. Lately have you noticed a “come back” of sorts of the higher shoe heel for women?  I have, and I am not too sure about wearing the extreem heights myself but, they can be quite artful to admire.  Sandals, boots and even flip-flops have been designed with a heel.

If the shoe fits…what are the reasons why women wear high heels? Are are short in stature and would like to appear taller? Do they believe that they make their legs appear longer?  Are women just wearing heels to strengthen their calf muscles?  Does walking in heels add a feminine or sexy strutt to a walk?  Is is more important to be fashionable and follow trends in footwear to override comfort and senseability?  Were the shoes on SALE in the first place and therefore were considered a “must have” and now a “must wear” situation?  Do the shoes act as a status symbol or are they giving of self-confidence?  There can be many reasons why women like to own and wear high heeled shoes.

Take a look around and notice the DESIGN, form and shape of these creations when they are on the store shelves or when you notice them on real people around town.  Look beyond the price tags, noticing the stress and strain of the person walking in unnatural angles and the fact that they are being worn by all types of women, sometimes too “young” AND sometimes too “old”.  Consider appreciating the look, courage and strength it takes to wear and create such an item and the material they are made from.  Some styles look more like sculptures- real works of art!  And no matter how impractical you think they are, some can even remind us that we have a sense of fashion…or humor!

From heel to toe- they can make a statement in fashion.

Nicki Minaj shoes.

Image: luxfashionstyle.com

This about sums it up for the shoe-lover and fan of the high heel.

Fall Color Review (TNT)

13 Oct

Club Creative Studio informs you of an array of creative topics.  Today’s post entitled: Fall Color Review ( TNT), is the TNT post that gives you information about “this-and-that”.  Thank you for visiting as you learn about color, trends, fashion, designer’s insights and what you will find in the Club Creative Studio online storefront at: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

During New York’s Fashion Week we can look forward to the forecast of Pantone, Inc.  We can admire and look out for what colors may be the hot trends for the season they announce.  It is not a surprise, this Fall awaited the same forecast with anticipation.

I am getting ready to physically get in the mood for cooler weather.  I reside on the coast of Eastern North Carolina however, I find myself traveling often to the mountain regions of North Carolina. So, although on average I experience mild weather, I can easily go from one extreme to the next within the same state.  I may still have the connections of the past season’s trend colors, so I need to know what color trends are announced that will let me translate with confidence from one season to another.

Pantone’s released the Fall 2011 colors to communicate to us that COLOR will remain with us as we move from the short sleeves to the knit sweaters.  This is GREAT news to people like me who love color, and strive to include it in their life.  The color trend report is usually associated with women’s fashion but, fashions for men, home decor items, wedding schemes, fabrics and paints also take notice of the report.

Attracted To The 2011 Color Trends?  What is your “It” Color For Fall?

Pantone calls the fall colors “The Art of Color — Sensible and Spirited.”  You may want to download the full report from Pantone.

Knowing that you can mix and match and focus on any of the color combinations gives you many options and directions to explore.  If one featured color is not your taste, maybe your eye is drawn to another on the list?  Take mental notes from reading this and see for yourself how these colors will be introduced to your world and the world around you.  If you desire a custom piece of jewelry or home decor item that has a focus on the use of any of these color themes, includes my hand-made, hand-rolled beads  just ask what I may do for you to help create a one-of-a-kind item just for you in the trend colors that are valued this Fall season.

Pantone Fall 2011 Color Trend
I will be excited to inject this palate into the fall items that I create.  It is useful to have this as a guide when I hand-mix my clay colors.  Taking note of the fabrics and color trends I see in the stores and around me are important factors to use in design. It gives me a direction to aim and inspiration to mesh with fashion week’s designs.  Let me know if you need something special to coordinate and highlight your unique style and look of the season.
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