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Making A New Year Joy Jar

26 Dec

Club Creative Studio wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year.

The year 2013 can be a full year of inspiration and appreciation if you welcome it into your life. My daughter and I wish to share a project that you too can do to help you kick off the new year.  Are you ready to learn how we are getting our year off to the right start?  If you want to resolve to show more gratitude in your life and appreciate the positive and good things that happen to you, this project is for you.

This is a project that is meant to creatively hold all of the positive thoughts and actions of an entire year.

This is a project that is meant to creatively hold the written positive thoughts and actions of an entire year.

We have cleverly and fondly named our project. We call these creations our “Joy Jars”.  Our decorated jars are going to be the hub spot for our daily written sediments of one aspect in the day that was a positive or uplifting aspect of that day.  So that we can remember the event, on a small slip of cut paper, we are planning to write down at least one highlight of the day that gave us joy.  For an entire year, we hope to continue to fill the jar and stuff in the numerous slips we accumulate.  On New Year’s Eve, 2013, we will begin to open up each tab collected and smile at all of the great things that happened to us through out the year in gratitude. Are you inspired to create your own Joy Jar in 2013?

We went on a hunt to a few of our local thrift stores in hopes to find low-cost and interesting glass jars with lids. We felt pretty lucky in finding jars that cost $2.00 and $3.00 each. I am sure that you may be able to find something even less in price, recycled, or even around your home that would also suffice for the same purpose.

We decorated our jars in different ways.  My daughter used many inspirational word stickers, and decorative tapes on her glass jar.  She placed them on and around her entire jar so that no matter which way the jar was displayed, it would show a decorative side.  She created a simple look but, it is still cute and colorful.

Glass jar decorated with stickers and decorative tapes.

Glass jar decorated with stickers and decorative tapes.

Finished Joy Jar

Completed Joy Jar.

Completed Joy Jar.

The jar that I embellished included hand-made polymer clay beads, hand-twisted wire, and pink and red seed beads.  I glued the large clay beads on the flat areas of my jar.  The jar already had scroll raised designs so adding twisted wire also added the feeling of movement and whimsy to the over-all look.

I added seed beads to wire on my decorative jar.

I added seed beads to wire on my decorative jar.

I used my hand-made clay beads and wire to embellish my jar.

I used my hand-made clay beads and wire to embellish my jar.

This is the lid of my jar topped with a hand-made clay bead. It is an easy open lid with the added embellishment.

This is the lid of my jar topped with a hand-made clay bead. It is an easy open lid with the added embellishment.

To get an idea of some of the simple joys that you too may want to add to your “Joy Jar” read a few of the comments shared from the Club Creative Studio Business Fan Page on Facebook.  I asked the fill-in-the-blank question: ____________ brings me joy.  These are wonderful examples of sediments that can be added proudly to a “Joy Jar”. Are you inspired to make your own jar?  Being specific in your highlighted statement will be the best prompt of recalling the gratitude you felt when reviewing it a year from now.

Family brings me joy– Kristy

Peace brings me joy- Anna

Inspiration brings me joy- Dawn

Champagne and the feeling after a workout gives me joy- Lauren

Making Earrings brings me joy- Rachael

When a child really understands something funny, the laughs they bring, that gives me joy- Michelle

Being surrounded by beautiful things brings me joy- Karen

Hearing a baby laugh brings me joy- Lynnette

My kids and husband bring me joy- Valerie

Another Finished Joy Jar

Club Creative Studio- Joy Jar Creation

Enjoy creating your "joy Jar"  with your own mark of creativity.

Enjoy creating your “Joy Jar” with your own mark of creativity.

Happy New Year as you take your creative spirit into 2013.  I welcome you to follow this blog for more creative prompts, projects and information. Also, be sure to check out the evolving creativity in Club Creative Studio Art on the website: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Crafty Competition

27 Jun

What will I be doing tonight and while the series continues this season on television?  Sitting with wide eyes!  I can’t wait to see others in creative action, creatively challenged and expressive.

craft wars

The show: Craft Wars When: Tuesday Night 6/26 at 10pm/9 central Where: TLC

Why does this sound like an interesting show?

  • Tori spelling as a host — By the way, Tori Spelling really is crafty in real life — That’s pretty cool
  • The Michael’s Craft Store Wall — who wouldn’t want access to THAT for an hour, and that is FREE
  • Entertaining hosts, including a BLOGGER!! Erika Domesek from P.S. I Made This
  • Creative competition – And that means we can all be inspired as to how they solve their challenges!
  • CRAFTS on TV means that we can see how others work and gain from their experiences.

I am very excited to see the first episode, especially since I have been told that I would make a good contestant. Will you be watching on Tuesday night?

L is for Lovely Loop

12 Apr

Club Creative Studio shared a mini-lesson on how I like to make a double hook on April 8th.  Today we continue the wire project by creating a double loop.  You may want to add to the supply list a ruler and the hook that you made in the prior lesson.

For the hook and loop project, use these tools: chain-nose pliers, flush cutters, stepped forming pliers, round-nose-pliers, wire.

There are a few reasons why artists create their own hybrid jewelry findings like a hook and loop closure.  These hand-made elements add to the over-all design and beauty, originality, and cost effectiveness of the piece. They are also fun to make, can be made to fit a specific design, and adding to the fact that it can be hand-made and not dependant on a manufacturer for its supply.

Enjoy creating your own double hook and loops and experiment with the different sizes and finishes as you develop your skills.

Refer back to the April post to refresh or review the steps to creating the double hook.  This loop will match in design.  Good luck!

Making a lovely loop to go with your hook

STEP ONEGather your materials begin with step two.

Gather all of the tools and materials needed first.

STEP TWO:  To begin you will need to know that you will be working directly from the spool of wire.  Flush cut the end and then measure out about three inches or so of wire from the largest step on the stepped forming pliers.  This amount of wire should give you plenty to wrap around the largest jaw step twice as shown in the photo below.


STEP THREE:  As you bend both of the straight wires, you’ll want to finally cut the wire from the spool. Trim about one-fourth inch from the loop that you just made. Grasping the long wire with the chain-nose pliers, make a 90 degree bend and continue to make a loop. Holding that loop with the flat-nose pliers, wrap the wire around with the aid of the chain-nose pliers. When the core wires are wrapped (covered) and secure you can trim the extra wire.


STEP FOUR: Finished wrapped loop.

New Tattoo = New Attitude

1 Oct

Club Creative Studio’s blog posts  have a focus on creativity and created works of art.  You’ll learn how it is created, where you may find it,  how you might develop it and on Feature Friday, I tell you how you can even purchase it easily from Club Creative Studio’s online storefront at: http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Did you know that October 1 is National Make a Mistake Day?

As you are armed knowing that tidbit of information, let’s hope that today is not the day you decide to get a tattoo.  The tattoo artist may think it is o.k. to honor the “national holiday” and use it as an excuse upon your skin.  I’m just saying: beware if this is the case for you today!  For any other type artist, a normal day of mistakes can be something to strive for. When an artist makes a mistake they learn something every time.  They learn about technique and they learn about medium. They learn about style and they learn about happy accidents.  When an artist makes a mistake it can lead to something GREAT. Isn’t that awesome? Imagine this ENTIRE DAY is devoted to sanctioned mistake-making that we get to be proud of and call credit to!

So what mistakes are you going to make today? Are your decisions or (mistakes) going to be permanent?  Can you or are you willing to change the outcome from a mistake or second thought?  Much like a new tattoo, a person can tag along the feelings of a new attitude no matter what mistake you make today, or how you handle a new creative venture.  Make no mistake about that!

image: clipartists.net

If a body tattoo is not quite your style to change your attitude, you can still get a different type of tattoo of sorts.   This type tattoo can be applied with no pain and removed and then applied on a whim. Interested in learning more about how you can display a creative one-of-a-kind artful tattoo?  Read on…

Call them: Wall Decals or Wall Tattoos™.  Basically, they are Do-It-Yourself application vinyl graphics that can decorate a surface.  They are over-sized removable stickers for a variety of surfaces to put it even more simply.

Image: creativeartdesign.net

Wall Tattoos™ are cut from a specialized vinyl that is specifically designed for home décor. Unlike standard high gloss signage vinyl, these graphic images have a matte finish that displays a painted look. The edges are crisp, the effect is stunning, and the material is removable without leaving behind any trace of adhesive residue. Perfect design option for adding detail textures without paint or plasters.  Great for the temporary renter, dorm room life or for people who change their mind with the seasons.

Laptop Tattoos™ also help you to customize your laptop with added personality.  It applies simply and removes with ease.  It is like a computer “skin” but is basically like contact paper.  You can find a wide range of high level designs to choose from.  In a crazy world hidden behind laptops and ‘social’ networks, a laptop can be designed to show a little bit of personal flair.  You see it when your laptop is closed, everyone else can see it when it is open.  Currently, I have a Vera Bradley black and white graphic design on my laptop.

The imagination does not stop there.  Have you heard of cell phone skins?  They are removable adhesive-backed vinyl covers for protecting and customizing your phone.  Some places offer options that allow you to add your own design or upload any photo to completely control the process of creating your skin, making it your own.  Skins can be made of gel, be scratch resistant, or clear for protecting your gaming devices and MP3 players, netbooks, flat screens.

If you get a wall tattoo, or any other type decorative art applied by this temporary means, enjoy it and know that you can change your mind, decorative taste and attitude with a single application switch. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT!

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