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Michelangelo- A Constant Learner

27 Feb

Image credit: abcgallery.com

Image credit: abcgallery.com

Club Creative Studio- Creativity QuoteLearning is continual and constant and creative learning is an individual  journey.  What can we learn from the above quote from the great Michelangelo?  Whether you are an emerging leader or artist. If you are a seasoned veteran at your craft, there’s always more to learn and new ways to grow within that field . At 87 years old, Michelangelo said it well: Ancora imparo (“I’m still learning).

Club Creative Studio appreciates the learning curve and supports curious minds in pursuit of creative knowledge.  Like Michelangelo,  the continual association with learning can be a passion and a reality to get the know=how to become better at something. Learning opens doors to growth and opportunity.  What do you think that Michelangelo at age 87 meant when he said “I am still learning.”  Do you think that he meant to express that he did not know it all? Did he perhaps imply that there is so much to learn about so many topics in the span of a lifetime?

Thinking about this quote today, what do you think this quote would mean to you if you were near the age of 87 versus now at the age you are now? 

This quote is great for many reasons if you ask me. It gives me a sense of wonder that the love of learning is a gift at any age, as well as a part of our life at any stage.  We simply can’t know or experience everything in our life-time.  We are in a constant revolution of thoughts and learning episodes.  We learn from our own life and from each other’s journey. We face trial and error daily and we are on a vicious cycle to catch up with the new as we hold onto and learn from the past.

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, known commonly as Michelangelo, was an Italian Renaissance Artist: sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer who exerted unparalleled influences on the development of Western art.

This quote comes to mind for me whenever I attempt a new skill and I have much to learn.  Although we look at the list of talents Michelangelo shared with us, he had to have known that with each of his creative jumps, came a humbling thought that it was all  a learning process. 

My life and creative offerings take on a personal spin from what others have done on as well.  Each creative process brings me to the realization that I can be comfortable with my level of expertise but, I can also take notice that with each topic at hand, I have opportunities to learn even more.  Taking time as an example, to attend more art classes, workshops, seminars, teleseminars and hands-on lessons, I have gained a newfound love for learning once again.  I can take time to slow down for instruction from others.  I don’t have to learn it all by myself.  In this same light as Michelangelo, I can say today that I too am still learning. Still learning new techniques, skills, people, traits, still learning about history, present day events, creative expressions, and still learning the best way to learn.

As your learning adventure marches on, what can you share about the level of excitement of continual learning?  Share your comments below, we’d love to hear about your challenges, and success stories about learning something new that helped you grow creatively.

Plastic Painting Project Part l

18 May

Daughter’s contribution: acrylic painted background.

Club Creative Studio art has a main focus on bead-making, jewelry making and using hand-made clay and glass beads in interesting ways. But, because creativity is limited only to one’s imagination, it is natural that other materials take center stage from time to time.  This post informs you of a group project using mixed media on a painted canvas.

Exploring the uses of a variety of supplies opens your mind to new techniques and use of materials. Sometimes the most unconventional materials used, make a project extra interesting. There is a growth and a new-found appreciation to be found in using new materials. In our mother/daughter art project we used primed canvas, acrylic paint, permanent markers in black and metallic silver, heavy gel gloss medium, recycled plastic soda bottles, ink and hand-made polymer clay beads.

This post is part one of a two part explaination of what we created as our group project.

Many enjoy the challenges of recycling. There is also the thrill to know that you have not only helped develop a creative mode but, you have used throw-away objects in a new and exciting way.

Recently my daughter and I joined forces to create an inspirational painting for the new studio space of Club Creative Studio. I knew that I wanted to incorporate many texts within our canvas because I love being inspired by creative quotes. And my daughter knew that she could contribute by painting the background of the canvas for me to use as a colorful backdrop for whatever was developed on top.  To begin we set up the easel and let her go with the flow for the painted background portion.

acrylic painting swirls of color help create the feeling of movement.

Next, we added the quotes about creativity throughout the entire canvas, using permanent markers and varied the are thickness and font style of each quote applied.  Glossing over the entire surface, we added protection and a slight sheen to the canvas surface. Adding a gloss seems to also intensify the paint tints too so it is a double pleasure to use it.

Inspired by quotes about CREATIVITY.

Finally, we added some unexpected elements by adding recycled and melted plastic bottle flowers, with a hand-made polymer clay bead for each center bloom on the canvas.

Melted plastic bottle formed to be a flower bloom.

Follow this blog post on Two-Cent Tuesday for Part ll of this Plastic Painting Project. I’ll show the completed creation and explain how we made the recycled plastic bottle blooms.

E is for Explore

5 Apr

I started out 2012 with a mantra and theme word for my new year business creations. The word I have a focus on is EXPLORE.

E is for Explore.  The letter topic for the A to Z blog challenge continues.  To help me maintain a visual focus on my mantra word explore, I created a vision board for my new year resolution for 2012. It is a small board but it’s packed with journal inspiration and visual prompts for me to stick to my goals and aspirations. So far, so good. Visual reminders can be valuable in helping one stick to set goals and daily tasks needed to reach those goals in the first place.  Here is a photo of my vision board 2012.

Place your vision board where you will see it often.

The word EXPLORE has particular meaning to me as an artist and personally as well.  It is a word that has reminded me to take the steps to stay out of “routine”, and try new techniques, methods, materials, and approaches. Exploring to me means to not be afraid and try what is not along the beaten path.  The idea of the word gives me permission to fail and not be too bummed about a flopped outcome.  Art gives me the freedom to make and accept mistakes on a daily basis. Exploring what is unknown also gives me the strength to push ahead and see what process, or outcome is yet to be.  Adding key “buzz” words to your board will help keep you focused at a quick glance. I have included phrases and words like: reasons to smile, momentum, oomph, drop your jaw, and oh, yes I can!

Many of the areas on my vision board this year have a space for adding written sections. Along with word prompts in decorative fonts cut from magazines collage-style, I have spaces by which I added my own hand-written words.  This gave me ownership of the words and re-visiting the poster daily gives me the visual reminders of what I want to be accomplishing.  Visualizing means making it happen in our minds first the rest is still up to us to act upon how to make it a reality in the real word scenario.

On the back of my poster, I did something different. I have used the blank back space as a running tab of added information. I have written really small, milestone accomplishments so that I can re-read them and attest to progress made throughout the year.  Documenting and measuring your growth by goals accomplished is very satisfying and make room for steps to remain productive. This is a method of “patting yourself on the back”, after all not everyone knows all of your intentions, dreams and goals. Explore your potential, explore the possibilities you have and explore your strengths and weakness so that you can grow to be the better YOU that you want and hope to be.  What will you do to explore your capabilities today?

I Accept From A to Z!

5 Mar

Club Creative Studio has started a CREATIVE COUNTDOWN to APRIL! Because I have accepted a challenge to blog daily during the month of April!

Countdown To A to Z Blog Challenge

It is with excitement that Club Creative Studio accepts the challenge to take part in the blogging challenge called A to Z.

What is A to Z? It will be a blog a day written with the theme of creativity (as usual). However, during the month of April, using this premise, I will start beginning April first with a topic themed on something with the letter A.

On April second, another topic with the letter B as the theme, and so on until I complete the challenge in April with the theme based on the letter Z.

I look forward to the challenge.

Creative Costumes

11 Oct

It’s Two-Cent Tuesday and that means it is time again to read about a low-cost creative idea brought to you from the findings of Club Creative Studio.  Innovation does not need to be expensive.  And this post will introduce you to several easy-to-do projects.

4 Shower scrubs = 1 Ballerina tu-tu

I was flipping through the television channels today and Martha Stewart’s show on the Hallmark Channel had a special episode show that challenged her crafting staff members to go to the local dollar shop to spend only $15.00 or less on supplies to turn them into a creative Halloween costume.

While watching I took a few photos while relaxing in my living room recliner of the actual t.v. show in progress.  So, all of the credit for the photos go to the Martha Stewart/Hallmark camera crew for filming.  I only “stopped action” with my camera to include those photos for the use in this blog.

The link to the show is at the bottom of this post to view the information in detail.  During the commercial breaks, I had time to get inspired to write this blog using this specific episode as the segment was being aired at the same time.  Now, that’s what I call creative use of  my TIME,  if I do say so myself!

The television cameras followed her bargain shoppers into the store and the viewers (us in the audience) were witness to a glimpse on how creative minds can seemingly explode with ideas right before your very eyes. I think that I liked seeing that part of the program the most.  At any rate, they returned to the show the array of items they bought and shared examples of  how they used their supplies to create. Sharing both process and project.

The creations included visions of a super hero costume, a child who is dressed as a gnome, two techniques to make cute ballerina tutus, and a baby  who was really named Jack who was dressed to be a “Jack in the Box”.  Enjoy my photos from watching the show and the information that I gathered to help explain what you are seeing, in case you did not get the chance to view the episode yourself.  Frequent your dollar shops in your community to see what low-cost treasures you may discover, its great fun.

$15.00 Super hero costume.

The Super Hero costume has a $15.00 total cost but, does not include the model’s shirt, undergarment or shoes.

Gnome costume.

The child is wearing an over-sized shirt and has black socks stretched over his tennis shoes to look more like black boots.  To make a beard that is not scratchy,  they attached cotton balls to the front of a baby bib and then tied it on. That is clever!

Common shower scrubs are transformed into a tu-tu.

This looks simple enough and it take four shower scrubs to make one child sized tu-tu.  The waist band was made from a stretchy elastic headband that is also available in a variety of colors.  The material is mesh and it is cut into several strips of varied lengths, then tied on to the band.  The band was stretched around a large jar to size and to also attach the sections more easily. This can also be made using curling ribbon but, it takes a longer time to complete it if that method is used.  It is just as adorable though.

Curling ribbon can also be used with the same tie-on technique.

Look how adorable these items can be and are as they were modeled by the guests on Martha Stewart’s television show.

Two tu-tu tots (say that three times fast)!

“Jack” in his box.

Here a child is supervised while he stands or sits in a decorated box with his costume.  His costume is a “Jack-in-the-box” toy.  The costume is fitting for this child because his name is Jack!  Maybe you have a name that can lend itself to a theme costume?

What was special about this costume consideration was that the coffee filters around his neck and on his hat were dyed using kool-aid beverage package drink mixes so that it was not harmful if he placed any part of that costume section into his mouth.  And ohhhh…I bet is smelled oh so sweet!
Also, visit http://www.dollarstorecrafts.com for more ideas on how to spend your dollar more wisely, use your imagination with unusual or limited supplies, and have fun while you create.

Just for kicks: with this link, you will see the super hero costume “in action” as they film against the green screen for his entrance on the televised segment.  This link is also where you can find the specific HOW TO directions from each of her creative staff member designs demonstrated on the show.  Create with confidence by following their examples or use their inspirations.

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…

2 Jul

Special Cat Beads




Today’s feature is of the feline type. I have two cats in my home and I adore them.  It is no wonder that I have made necklaces that feature a cat theme from time to time. 

Nimbus the cat.

Adidas the cat.

When I make a necklace that includes beads with an image of a black and white cat I think of my cat named: Adidas. 

When I create something that has a lighter looking cat included in a bead, I think of my second cat named: Nimbus. 

Aren’t they just beautiful?

Today’s featured art is from the category on the website entitled: Cat Theme.  You will find a few items in that category at any given time.

Art By: Club Creative Studio


Art- Club Creative Studio

Cat Necklace- Club Creative Studio


If you like cats or know someone who does, please check out the Cat Theme category section in the online storefront!


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