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X is for “Xmas”

27 Apr

Club Creative Studio’s blog post today has a focus on the letter “X”.  You already know that there are not many words that fit into that category that may apply to creativity.  I will have to go with a more obvious choice.  X is for “Xmas”.  To highlight art that I created specially but not limited to the Christmas (Xmas) season, I’d like to share photos and descriptions of Club Creative Studio’s Artisan Beaded Hanging Ornaments. Our one-of-a-kind items are created from hand-made, hand-rolled polymer clay beads, charms, crystals, ribbon and wire.

It seems that hand-made items are popular for gift-giving occasions when the holiday seasons roll around. Why is that?  Maybe because they call for a special touch, a meaningful item with a lasting memory, or items like this are easily found at holiday themed craft fairs, bazaars and gift shops.

Whatever your reason for giving a hand-made piece, you have selected items that have a special attraction to them.  The artist and the art do have personal connections associated with hand-made items, and they happily pass that aspect on to you.

Hand-Made Beaded Artisan Ornament from Club Creative Studio.

Artisan hand-made beaded ornaments are one-of-a-kind creations.

As I think up ways that I can incorporate my hand-made beads, sometimes the ideas come readily, and sometimes I have to tweak the thoughts and experiment on the best way to highlight my beads.  The Christmas ornament idea came quite easy because there is a popular need to decorate Christmas trees and purchase special keepsake ornaments for them.

Close-up. Hand-made polymer clay beads incorporated into hanging art.

Looking at an item that seemingly has a specific function, and imagine other uses for it is what CREATIVITY is all about.  I’d like to offer suggestions on how you may enjoy what I first created as an Christmas Ornament.

What else is this useful for?

This item can displayed in other interesting fashions.

Use this decorative item in unique ways.

  1. Christmas tree hanging ornament
  2. Wreath focal point
  3.  Attach to a suction cup and admire from a window
  4. Hang from a table lamp at the switch location
  5. Adorn a vase by placing around the rim/brim
  6. Wrap safely around the top of a candle stick base
  7. Add a bit of bling as you dangle from a view mirror in your automobile
  8. Use as a decorative bow on a gift that is wrapped
  9. Display as fashionable curtain tie-backs
  10. Dangle slightly under a framed photo frame from the wall
  11. Add to a cabinet knob or door handles
  12. Embellish a wine bottle neck
  13. Add to a table scape by attaching to a pot lid or serving dish handle
  14. Highlight art from an individual hanging display made from wire
  15. Hang from a garden stake in your flower bed or bottom of a wire frame hanging basket
Do you have out-of-the-box suggestions that you can share on how you might use this Club Creative Studio art item?

Feel free to share your creative ideas in a comment post below!

P is for Ponder

22 Apr

Club Creative Studio’s blog has a focus on creativity. Today, let’s take a moment to focus on how we can take a break from the creative work in our day-to-day situations and experience creativity without really thinking about it.  The letter “P” is for ponder.  Ponder how you can be creative in different ways. How might one do this?  Try taking the suggestions below to heart.  How creative will you be in your expressions?  Have a creative day!

Ponder different ways to be creative.

Always know where to find your inner child.  What can you do today that may be considered “child-like”?

Change your mind every 3000 miles. Like the oil change in your car schedule your fresh start today.

Add sprinkles whenever possible… this just means to try to do something special to top off your day.

Follow your dreams where will they take you during your day or night?

Practice moderation.  maybe a slow-down is just what the doctor ordered.

Consider relaxing with yoga, meditation, prayer, message, hot shower or just a good book.

Walk like an Egyptian.  Do something goofy and out of the ordinary to prove you have a sense of humor.

Take a personal inventory and sell, donate or gift what you do not want or have use for any longer.

Close your eyes and make yourself invisible.  The world will still revolve around you but take more deep breaths.

Share your thoughts there’ll always be more!

Don’t let time tick you off.  Prioritize and remember that tomorrow is another opportunity to improve.

Rethink the job you have.  How can you change to bring back more passion to your work situation?

Entertain sad thoughts they’ll really appreciate it.  Look to the light for a brighter day.

Commit yourself to finding more humor in your life.

Look for different ways to be creative every day!

Feel free to add your own suggestions via a comment post as to how someone may simply be creative without thinking about it too hard. Have you been inspired by this list?

I Accept From A to Z!

5 Mar

Club Creative Studio has started a CREATIVE COUNTDOWN to APRIL! Because I have accepted a challenge to blog daily during the month of April!

Countdown To A to Z Blog Challenge

It is with excitement that Club Creative Studio accepts the challenge to take part in the blogging challenge called A to Z.

What is A to Z? It will be a blog a day written with the theme of creativity (as usual). However, during the month of April, using this premise, I will start beginning April first with a topic themed on something with the letter A.

On April second, another topic with the letter B as the theme, and so on until I complete the challenge in April with the theme based on the letter Z.

I look forward to the challenge.

Twelve Miles = 1 Chocolate Bar

8 Oct

Today’s post somehow will end up talking about Club Creative Studio’s creativity I PROMISE!

Running for chocolate.

I recently started running again and sometimes more than other days it is a challenge to just fit it into a day.  There is some element of sacrifice for the time, physical and mental preparation involved in running any distance.

When I am able to feel like I have the time for a long run, it is a mental game for me to think that after a successful run, I shall want and need to reward myself.  When I do accomplish the task of running the distance of ten miles, I might think that a giant cupcake, candy bar or hot dog or two could be a favorable reward. I also might feel good enough to try on and purchase new clothes.  I depends what reward I can afford. It’s a much-needed motivational technique as a reward system.

Sometimes you need to visualize that special treat in front of you that pushes you to get where you want to be in the end.  When you have a creative block, you need to know what you can do to trigger the motivation you need.

This is a comparison to my creative workday as well in many aspects.  On any given day, I might have a project or group of projects that require a hefty work session.  With total focus and non-existent interruptions a workday and a successful run can both have successful outcomes.  But, if I get stuck or don’t feel like creating, I have to play a little trick on myself that helps me get to the point I need to be. I will happily run and work for chocolate squares!

For my visual, and tactile trick I take a chocolate bar and break it apart along all of the little rectangle perforations. 

image: wikipedia.org

For each task I complete, I get to EAT that small section of chocolate!  Believe me, bit by bit you can get a lot of tasks completed, or a lot of miles (12) ran, when you have several separate reward sections to work toward.  Do you have system or reward that works for you?  Maybe you will want to try to run for chocolate?  Does something you do or think about keep you going in the right direction, or do you run aimlessly or try to get out of your task at hand?  What motivates you into working creatively at the speed that you want or need to?

For my visualized reward of my creative time, I can also find satisfaction in knowing that whatever I create, someone else can enjoy it, appreciate it and wear or use it.  Because that is so important to me, to create everyday is not as much a task as it is a process.

Much like the “runner’ s high” the best time in creation is the time where you totally get lost in what you are doing.  Nothing else matters and nothing else gets in the way of your creative flow.  Every project large or small, easy or complicated, successful or not is a creative process to be proud of.   Happily, as I continue to create and run I play the needed mind games that push me to success.

Continue to challenge and reward yourself in your creative endeavors it is the difference between showing up and showing off. Get to your next level by doing and then do even more.  You too can be productive and creative every day!  Try doing something this weekend that will jump-start or motivate you into keeping a focus. Being creative will help add to the fun of any task.  I write this as I am behind in my 31 day blog challenge.  Writing every day is sometimes difficult but with permission from the inner you what matters in the end is that you DO instead of DON’T.

Challenge yourself to not leave a “blank” in your life when you have the control to fill-up an area with your creativeness!  I leave you with this fun photo I found from a friend’s Facebook post.  It is a reminder to do what you can when you can do it, or you will be left with a blank… an unfinished thought or vision.  Best of luck keeping the promises you make to yourself!

Shapes, Stains, Splotches and Splashes

11 May


Take notice of your patio rust stains like I did and consider its beauty.

It’s “This-N-That Thursday” (TNT)! 

This post features the consideration of observing something that fits into the creative category for sure.  It calls for a use of your imagination and exploration.  It is an exercise of recognizing composition, contrast, and finding an alternate way of appreciating shape.

Make tracings of stains, or splotches you find.  Make notes about where you found them.  Work in different colors.  Try cutting the shapes out of paper and layering them to make a collage.

Source: Ingrid Calame

I have taken a few photographs of how you might look at a few common things in a different light.  Take time to notice and enjoy the details of beauty in shape, stain, splotch or splash.  Make a point to look at things around you differently.  Open your eyes to ready-made art and creative patterns.  Appreciate all that is around you that you may have ordinarily over-looked.  Happy hunting for instant art!

My fish dinner has great pattern marks.


My splashes of water created irregular designs.


Lettuce made a nice lunch and a lovely layered photograph.



Nature always supplies us with opportunities to view beauty. Take note of small sections to gain a new perspective.

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