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Survival Kit For Life

19 Feb

Club Creative Studio encourages and supports creativity. To help you express creativity for everyday life events, you are welcome to try this activity, the creation of a Survival Kit. Gifts known as “survival kits” house a collection of small commonly known, everyday items.  Each item is individually assigned a special symbolic meaning.  Each item combine to be so important, one has the impression that it just can’t be lived with out.  It is needed for mere survival.  That is a joke of course but, it is a nice gift with thoughtful meanings.

Club Creative Studio: Survival Kit Gift Bag (Back Side)

The list of items included in a survival kit bag can be personalized for one person or made in bulk to share with many.  Often times the items are placed in a clear bag so that the contents can be readily seen, and an itemized list is included to explain the contents. Creativity can be expressed in the packaging as items can be placed in decorative bags, boxes. baskets or buckets.

Club Creative Studio: Marriage Survival Kit Gift Bag (Front Label)



The above image is a photo of a “Marriage Survival Kit” that I made for a special occasion where many married couples gathered for an evening.  Below you will find a list to help you get started with clever sayings to accompany your items, for any type and any themed “Survival Kit”

Make sure the items are age-appropriate and safe to include in your gift giving.

TOOTHPICK: To pick out the good qualities in people.

PAPER CLIP: Help you “hold it together” during difficult times.

HERSHEY KISS: Help you remember the power of hugs and kisses.

BUTTON: To help remember the times one should button their lip.

BAND-AID: To help with life’s hurt feelings.

ERASER: Erase away any mistakes you make that you want to forget.

CANDLE: To light your way when things are their darkest.

MARBLE: For the times you feel you’ve lost all of yours.

LIFESAVER: For the times others will need your help and you will need theirs.

MINT: To remember that your friend is “worth a mint”.

GUM: Because we stick together.

STAR STICKER: You are a shining star.

HAPPY FACE STICKER: Remember to smile 😀

STICKY TAPE: To tape your lips when you have nothing good to say.

A ROCK: We are as sold as a rock!

TEA BAG: For the times that you get into hot water.

JOLLY RANCHER CANDY: To add happiness to hard times.

PENCIL: To stay sharp.

ONE PENNY: A penny for your thoughts.

Can you think of any other clever items that can be included in a theme “survival kit”?  The themes are only limited to your imagination. Make a “survival kit” with a theme for your mail delivery person, your neighbor, teachers,  a baby-sitter or the pet-sitter. Give a gift bag to members of a committee, for holiday or birthday favors. Have fun!


Must Be Monday- It’s in the Bag

8 Aug

MUST BE MONDAY –It is a new post that will appear from time to time on a Monday.

Sharing creative information in blog posts are fun.  I enjoy sharing creative tips, project ideas and information on various creative subjects.  I have also found it interesting to research a topic and pass it along to you several times during the week in this blog.

More often than not however, I am strapped for time, as you are as well.  It does after all take time to think of a post idea, write, rewrite, edit, find or take photos and post. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy creating posts and sharing knowledge three times a week.  It also serves as an educational component to Club Creative Studio’s efforts and is part of my Art Education background that I naturally explore.  

Just as it takes time to sit down to post on my end…it also requires you to take time to read these posts. I appreciate  blog followers and occasional readers.  It takes a village to keep the information circle moving. For this reason, I thought that an occasional post on Monday can become the weekly space that I can use as a “Make-Up Post”.  This way, I can still add something to the article line to make-up post for anything not being posted during the busy week.

It is never the case that I don’t have something creative to share it is most likely a case that I have been side-tracked by time, work, travel or life that lands on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.  Welcome to the first post of  Must Be Monday.

It’s in the Bag

Be Creative By Making Your Own Snack Bags

This week, I give you a creative assignment that is also beneficial to your health.  While watching a segment of the Dr. Oz show today, Dr.Oz pointed out the obvious when the focus was on the new items out on our store shelves:  100 calorie packages of snacks.  They are easy to use but, per package they are pricey. We can CREATE our own 100 calorie packages for less money, and make them to suit our taste.

He went on to suggest that we may be better off to make our own packages that are 100 calories and avoid all of the added ingredients such as trans fats, sugars and such that are included in those packages.  To create our own 100 calorie snack packages, first it is suggested that you purchase the plastic ziplock bags that are called; SNACK SIZE.  Do not confuse them with the sandwich size bags.  The snack size bags are small enough to fit a small portion of any item.  A healthy portion of anything can then be added to the bags and we can travel easily with them.  Some suggestions for creating your own snack bags may be a combination of what you like to eat that is healthy.  Here is a list of the items that I would include in my snack bags.

  • raisins
  • dried fruit
  • nuts
  • popcorn
  • granola
  • dry cereal
  • pretzels
  • butterscotch flavored chips
  • yogurt covered raisins
  • crackers
  • veggie strips
  • fruit chunks
  • chick peas

As a creative challenge for yourself this week I encourage you to make your own creative snack bags.  Be inventive with what you include as a snack and add a twist to the CREATIVE element by involving  children to decorate the outside of the bags with sharpie markers, or write an inspirational message for your day.  Make your next snack time fun!  Thank you for visiting the first MUST BE MONDAY post. Feel free to post your snack suggestions as well. What have you included in your custom snack bag this week?

Keep visiting us on the other regular post days of  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well from time to time. Strive to do as I do at Club Creative Studio: BE CREATIVE EVERYDAY!

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