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Creative Questions

30 Apr

Image: hypperridedesign

Club Creative Studio has pressing questions for you today: What is your recipe for making your concoction of creative juice?  Do you have a secret combination of ingredients that jump-start your creative process? Is it just the right amount of mood, skill, talent and forces that come together for successful thinking?  What is your secret weapon for creating the perfect storm of productivity? What makes a whirl-wind of constructive ideas flow for you?

Maybe one thing or a combination of several aspects make you more creative one day compared to the next.  For me, creative times come naturally.  It’s what I am interested in and have a passion about so it is second nature to want to be involved in the creative process in some form during my day.  It is also a conscious personal and business mantra: Be Creative Every Day.

With that being said, I would like to share the characteristics that I have noticed that answer the questions of creativity for me.  What can you add that also answers the general query: What makes your creativity flow?

C:    Catching random thoughts and using them in an artful constructive way

R:    Reaching beyond what is normal and reaching deeper than the surface to try something new

E:     Experimenting with different combinations of materials

A:     Acquiring new skills and allowing them to become second nature

T:    Taking my time to create and express what I want and need to

I:    Initial reactions gathered can be used for inspiration to jump-start creative thoughts

V:    Variety is the spice of life, so taking breaks help me stretch my focus longer

I:    Involve others and gain suggestions as insights for new prospectives

T:    Tossing aside what I think will not work too quickly might save me time, but does not provide creative growth

Y:    Yes, I did it!  Take pride in originality and success of another creative mission accomplished!

Ask yourself creative questions.

Thank you for adding your comments, I’d love to hear about what is making your creative time bomb tick!

Beautiful Branches

25 Oct

Club Creative Studio’s blog post continues to offer information that is creative in nature.  A decorated black tree branch can be a great statement piece when decorating for Halloween.  When decorated with an assortment of spooky ornaments, you have created an original center piece or focal decorative art for the holiday.

There are as many different types of black trees with choices ranging from Christmas style trees, vintage-style feather trees, and tinsel trees. This post is about how you can create a “make-it-yourself” tree from a lost limb tree branch from outdoors.  Consider creating a spooky tree made strictly for your Halloween decorating.

This post deals with the creative efforts from a television show called: Creative Juice.  Here the hosts will explain the details and options on how to create a Halloween Tree.  This is a project that can be done as a group project, because many individual items can be added to the over-all creation.  A Halloween Tree is a decorative embellishment to be used indoors or outdoors.  It can certainly show personality and be made to fit a theme.  Wouldn’t this be a great gift to take to a costume party?  It could also become a family tradition to make and display a Halloween Tree together as a family activity.  Good luck being creative with this idea.  Maybe it will spark you to gather classroom children, neighbors, casual girl friends, party attendees or club members to celebrate creative energy together to produce a visual display.  We have all heard of a Christmas Tree which is another item that many use as a decorative element in their homes.  This is the same concept. Decorative and delightful.

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