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Chunky and Funky

3 May

The chunky style.

 I am feeling chunky today.  Not because I ate too much, it’s because of the great style choice known as fun chunky jewelry.

It is not often that someone would actually appreciate being associated with the term of being called “chunky”. It is a negative counteraction for the most part, and can have health risks associated with the term as well.  Sporting and enjoying a “chunky look” when wearing  jewelry however, is a fun term.  It’s a way to slim down your need for layering or wearing many other jewelry items at once.  This Thursday TNT (This-N-That) post brings attention to the lasting trend in jewelry fashion.  Do you enjoy chunky and funky jewelry fashion?

Club Creative Studio. Hand-made beads incorporated in a chunky style necklace design.

When you wear chunky jewelry, it speaks for itself.  It is known and appreciated as being statement jewelry.  The chunky look is bold and substantial.

I have often shared photos of Club Creative Studio art that fits well into the chunky style category.  I enjoy creating jewelry and offering items with personality.  A festive and funky chunky necklace or bracelet generally contains more beads in its creation, so the chunky look can be achieved.  Adding more beads gives the wearer a deeper appreciation a love of the variety and over-all collection of beads that combine to form one piece of art.

Club Creative Studio Art. http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Chunky style jewelry does not necessarily have to be heavy in weight to wear because of the amount of beads it contains. Chunky yet light-weight beads can be made from clay, leucite, plastic, acrylic, shell and resins and still maintain their comfort associations while looking substantial.

Another fun chunky-style necklace by Club Creative Studio with hand-made clay beads.

Glass, ceramic and wood beads can sometimes add to the overall heaviness of a piece but can still be comfortable to wear.  The comfort you prefer when you chose to adorn a chunky neckline can be decided from the length and weight of the beads in your jewelry.

Although personal style sometimes will supersede how comfortable you really are, a statement piece does not need to weigh you down.  If you do not have many items that are chunky on their own you do have the option of wearing several necklaces or bracelets together at once.  This method is great to utilize your jewelry in different ways and mix up your won combinations.

Triple strand necklace designed by Club Creative Studio.

No matter what your method is for obtaining the chunky look, when you add more jewelry instead of added calories to your body frame, you get noticed for favorable reasons for the most part.  Chunky jewelry does not add calories to your life-style and your figure, the last time I checked.  Enjoy having fun wearing chunky jewelry.

You can happily view and purchase one-of-a-kind chunky style and other varieties of hand-made jewelry and beaded items at http://www.clubcreativestudio.com

Triple strand chunky bracelet by Club Creative Studio.

Join us on Facebook to follow the creativity and enjoy seeing occasional sneak peeks of designs before they hit the online storefront.


Let’s hear it, why do you enjoy wearing, seeing or creating popular chunky style necklaces or bracelets?

Art That Sets You Apart

20 Feb

Club Creative Studio creates Art That Sets You Apart!

Enjoy viewing the creations in this video while listening to the musical talents of my friend, Vaughan Branch.

At the end, I share a few tidbits of information with you.
Be sure to visit the online store often, as the inventory is always one-of-a-kind, changing often.

Inch By Inch

3 Jan

Inch by inch art can be expressed in the smallest of spaces. Art can be made on the smallest of canvas as well.  Today’s post from Club Creative Studio will explore the possible use of a four-inch by four-inch area.  On Tuesdays the post from Club Creative Studio is generally in the theme of a cost-effective thought, project or product.  It’s great to learn of a low-cost idea.

Four inches is not a large space but canvas can come pre-treated with gesso and it is ready to be transformed into art with paint.  Canvas can be found in two-inch by two-inch sizes as well, or even smaller!  I have used mini-canvas to focus on a very intricate painting and as an area with a collage surface.  Both utilize different techniques.  A canvas measured by mere inches can produce tiny treasures that can brighten a small area like a shelf or a desktop.  Placed on a wall in an arrangement it can be used as a filler or grouped to add interest to a space that includes a size variety of art. Canvases grouped in even numbers, separately but placed side by side with space in between to also form a whole image or different displayed shape.

With a focus on a low-cost craft activity, this week’s Two-Cent Tuesday post shares the idea of creating quick art inexpensively.   Have you ever used or considered transforming a treated blank canvas with permanent markers instead of paint?  I recently bought a value pack of small canvas panels in the four by four-inch size. The package had twenty-four total pre-primed flat board canvases.  Instead of buying paint and paint brushes for my daughter, I armed her with a variety of sharp point and thick permanent markers to be used on the canvas as her medium.

These supplies will provide anyone with a creative outlet activity with less mess, prove to be an efficient use of time, require only a small space for storage, and most importantly… it will give the opportunity to create a personalized gift at almost the drop of a hat.  I made my daughter a sample art piece to lend a feel of what she might do herself.

Club Creative Studio mini canvas, 4x4 inches.

Experiment with a variety of canvas sizes.  You may find that you prefer one size over another or have time only for smaller projects.  Just take the challenge to create everyday!

My First Feature Friday

11 Feb

Club Creative Studio’s Friday Feature

On my website: www.clubcreativestudio.com, I have a “special feature section” on the home page within the “pink notebook area”.  That is the place where I elaborate on items and share information on what is new or where I may be exhibiting art, articles are archived there.

The current blogging club, I have an association with: TLC (Tweet, Like, Comment) Club has suggested that in our blogging efforts we use our Friday posts as a time to feel free to feature something special hence their creative title: Feature Friday.  In the spirit of accomplishing the goals set forth for membership, I will dedicate a Friday post to a more detailed  story, insight or highlighted process of what I do creatively everyday with my art.

In this first Feature Friday post, I would like to speak more about one of my hand-made creations that make great gifts year-round.

Enjoy Club Creative Studio’s Friday Feature:

Artisan Bottle Stoppers

I am constantly looking ahead to plan what item I may design next that can incorporate my hand-made beads.  Although making jewelry and accessories are high priority products, I have had the desire to expand in new directions with new items.  Happily, I can now explain that I create fun and functional items filling a creative niche in my one-of-a-kind jewelry line, artful accessories, and in a variety of home decor needs.  It is an exciting time for me because I can be so flexible in what I create.

I first began with the concept of what is now known as Artisan Bottle Stoppers because I noticed a need to expand in an area that was not gender related.  With a general interest in wine and the attraction to a mere wine bottle label (cleverly or artfully designed), I researched the hardware needed to incorporate my hand-made beads and showcase them in an item that could be both fun and functional for women or men, for gifts that could be shipped easily and for an item that is long-lasting and unique still having one-of-a-kind status.

Welcome to the world: Artisan Bottle Stoppers!  They feature any variety of beads, and they range from $30-$35 USD.  I use an exclusive chrome finding that has a silicone middle because I find that style most attractive and functional  for my base.

I knew instantly after making the first one, that I would enjoy adding them to my item line.  They are like nothing I have ever seen and I am very proud of that fact!  Often times I can customize this by adding an inital charm, novelty charm or specfic color focus request.

Images Copyright: Club Creative Studio

You may want to actually have it on constant display instead of sticking it in a utensil drawer, like your other corks or wine accessories may normally hide.  The idea and joy here is knowing that what is created by Club Creative Studio is always unique and special!

Please Enjoy: Art That Sets You Apart!

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