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T is for Trend

23 Apr

Hand-made beads that offer a burst of color. Are these part of your trend color choices?

Club Creative Studio takes heed to passing and long-standing trends in color and jewelry fashions. Why? Because it is important to keep a pulse on what is popular and well liked for future customers. It also give a hint to me to know what challenge I have ahead in tweaking a trend to place my own original twist on a certain style.

How od I know what is hot and what is not? I do as you do most of the time…I look around.  Magazines, people on the streets, television and stores all give freely the information needed to know what people are finding eye-catching and pleasing.

As far as color trends go, besides looking to home furnishings, cultural traditions, markets and what is in my closet, there is a place that I research that has official hints from the runway.  It is called: Pantone fashion and color report.

Do you agree with their predictions?

Color Trends 2012

Inspirations From Designers:

Modern art such as Guyton Walker paintings, as well as world travel and primitive cultures have inspired designers.  Classic American sportswear with clean, sophisticated and modern looks will be popular. Dreams in black and white are inspirations for fashion because of the contrasts. Roses in their myriad of colors bring a romantic feel to spring. Unapologetically Warhol inspired abstract floral will be hot.  Also, a free and playful vibe is going to find its place in fashion. Mixing the love of hot neon colors with soft pastels, will be reminiscent of nature at its extremes. Can you picture a powerful sunset, the ocean sparkling at dusk with flashes of lightning in the distance?  The bold work of the abstract Expressionist painters that revolutionized the modern art world will have an influence on the designs and colors you will see. Mixing tribal ethnic references from different parts of the globe, from the desert to the tropics with a ’90s inspired utility/safari and sport feel will definitely bring in warmth, softness.  Faded colors will  get energized by cool, bright, vibrant hues when two shades are mixed together.

Prominent Colors:

Hot colors combined with hot colors and cool with cool: hibiscus with sunburn and cobalt with menthol will be seen. Formula one red, cyber yellow, Mariner’s navy and white are good combinations for 2012 fashions.  White will be important because it is pure, fresh and sophisticated and jet black for contrast.  A combination of feminine rose-hued colors such as sorbet orange, rose violet and hot red anchored by a color palette of optic white, vanilla ivory, true black and khaki stone will bring interest to the year. Bright hues of sunburst yellow, apricot and shocking pink, as well as sun-baked clay neutrals and soft shimmering golds will find its way into life.  Prints with buttery yellows, warm oranges, powdery blues and sea foam green will be noticed. Neon flamingo, shocking pink, acid lemon, electric blue, sea breeze, lilac,  a hint of purple and sand will be interesting to find in fashion and accessories. Look for that cool hint of purple, and acid yellow to be tempered with the softness of sea breeze and lilac. Pale navy, moon rock, canvas and stone blue adds to a soft palette that comes across as sleek and modern. Many rich with warm undertones like blossom pinks, pale orchids, tart yellows, aqua teal and peacock blues will hit the scene for Spring. Looking toward the garden notice colors of the flower called the Bachelor Button, vivid blue, lagoon, dandelion, lemonade, geranium and energetic cool colors like spearmint, strawberry, ocean and deep indigo.  Mix those colors with dusky, earthy, warm neutrals like terracotta, desert rose, vermillion, white sand, clay, pistachio, bark, hemp and sage.

Signature Colors:

Menthol, an old industrial color has reinvented itself as new and modern. Bright cyber yellow that is fun and commands your attention will be popular.  Bright white and lavender frost are fun for this season as well.  Combine colors like jet black to bright white and bright white to lavender frost. Rose violet and soft shimmering gold as well as strong bursts of color like apricot, sunburst yellow and spring green will be seen. White and sea foam as well as neon flamingo for its vibrancy paired with the  new neutral of purple will make life interesting.  A neon coral pops up in just the right spot throughout a fashionable collection and it’s one of my favorites for spring because of its youthful vibe. A warm shade of vermillion, as it is a color that mixes well with all the neutrals in the spring collections hints that they also look good on every skin tone, and creates a healthy sun-kissed glow.

Check out the jewelry art on the website to see if anything fits into your new spring color scheme. Club Creative Studio art is in tune with the color trends and fit your needs with a custom request if you e-mail me with details and specific wants and color schemes.


Color Theory Lesson- The Split Decision

24 Jan

Color Theory Lesson- The Split Decision http://ow.ly/3J3dX #blogboost


Color Me Happy

17 Jan

                                                  An artist, uses some aspect of color theory everyday.   I hand mix my clay colors and when I  hand-torch my glass, I combine the molten glass rods together in different ways each time using color theory as a basis for making a variety of colors in the creation of my hand-made beads which are incorporated in jewelry or in a home decor item.

The understanding of the color wheel gives one an opportunity to appreciate the relationship between colors and their combinations.   Bands of color are arranged in a segmented circle or “wheel” to show their relationships more effectively.

The use of color is a skill that needs to be learned.  In interior design, color can arouse appreciation, and invoke and stimulate more thoughts and feelings than any other aspect.  Color and the combinations of color can stimulate, soothe, or enhance your world.  In clay, I color myself happy too.

Within the color wheel, red, yellow and blue are known as the (primary colors) .  Mix together two specific primary colors and you will create one of the (secondary colors) violet, orange and green.  Mix red and yellow to make orange, yellow and blue to make green and red and blue make violet.  Mixing equal parts of primary and adjacent secondary colors will produce tertiary colors.  For example, red and violet make crimson, blue and green produce turquoise, and yellow and green create lime. 

When I work with clay, I mix my own colors to use in my art.  I mix by hand and by use of a pasta machine.  Clays are simply twisted and rolled together or when I use a pasta machine, the clay is folded over after each pass through the rollers until the color is solid or until the marbled effect is achieved.  I have many considerations when I mix colors. Learning simple rules means that I can adapt, interpret, and break the rules to suit my own aims.  That type of messing around with color makes me happy.  Color me happy!

Examples of color use for me are: harmonizing …color combinations with similar tonal value … no one color stands out from the rest, contrasting …color combinations which strongly contrast with each other (black and white, or light and dark, etc.), accent …a small amount of color used to add a spark of contrast or interest.

There are other ways that I am able to color clay.  Alcohol-based inks can be added to white or translucent clays.  Oil paints, pastels, fabric dyes, acrylic paint in small amounts even concentrated tea an also be added for clay tinting.  Inclusions like powders, pigments, dry tempera and crayon shavings can also be added to clay for tints.

I use the color wheel many days to define hue, value,and  intensity. Color scheme considerations are the next step to consider what I will mix.   I discovered a site that will help you if you need a site to ”color you happy” easily, it’s a professional color-matching application that will help you build beautiful color schemes quickly and easily.  The site: http://www.colorschemer.com/online/ and software at  http://colorschemer.com takes it a step further. 

Color yourself happy.



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