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Party with ABC

27 Nov

You have got to start someplace- start your creativity at the beginning!

With an open mind, I write about an “ABC Party” today.  They never had these celebrations in my college days (at least I never knew about them). An A. B. C. party is a gathering of people wearing Anything But Clothing!  It’s a theme party where the guest’s attire is a specific expression and brought into focus.  The point of an ABC party is to have all of your guests show up dressed in everyday items such as newspaper, plastic bags, duck tape, feathers, etc.,  rather than real clothing.

As another “Two-Cent Tuesday” post, I offer suggestions on what to make an outfit from as well as save you money while you are being creative.

Spreading the word

Apparently, to announce an ABC party you need only inform your prospective guests that it IS an ABC party.  They know what to do, especially if they are college aged.  Since most college students know what this is.  The creativity begins in the planning.  It is likely  that you will see people dressed in inexpensive items such as trash bags, bubble-wrap material, or even painted. I have inclosed a list of items that might be creatively used, just in case you ever find yourself invited to such a party.  Good luck adding things to undergarments, leotards or spanks in order to obtain a unique look

Materials to Consider

  • Newspaper- fold to pleet, crush, layer
  • Plastic bubble wrap- wrap around or form into pattern shape of article of clothing attaching “seams” with clear packing tape. I have even seen pink wrap, wouldn’t that be cool?
  • Feathers, coins, buttons, beaded necklaces, socks, envelopes collect items and  hot glue to swim suit for your theme
  • Sheets- you have heard of a “toga” right?
  • Duct tape is available in decorative colors and prints now-a-days. I do not recommend attaching to your skin, however. Double tape back-to-back then wrap/form
  • Christmas Lights can be attached to colored plastic wrap. I have seen green cellophane- you could look like a Christmas tree.
  • Large canvas- I can “picture” two put together as a sort of walking bill-board
  • Burlap sacks- large potato bags, gift bags, empty snack bags, empty juice boxes, wrapping paper
  • Beer boxes, soda boxes, pizza boxes, shoe boxes, cereal boxes- cut or tape together
  • Deck of cards or Uno game cards- attached to one piece suit
  • Curtains- from a window or a shower
  • Body paint- I do not recommend spray paint- let’s be smart here!
  • Large cardboard boxes- from a television or appliance
  • Plastic bags can be crocheted, braided or attached together with tape
  • Venetian Blinds, a bit hard to sit in but still covers a large area
  • Hawian grass skirt or something made to look like one (plastic bags)
  • Aluminum foil (watch the sharp edges) candy wrappers
  • Towels or a decorated robe
  • Fabric from a table cloth or pillow case
  • Rugs or place mats
  • Crepe paper streamers, balloons, ribbon
  • Wrapping paper can be laminated or taped with clear tape to reinforce for strength and durability
  • Decorative papers from magazines, posters, letters, wall paper
  • Selected board games or Twister “board” which is a large plastic material
  • Faux animal furs from fabric store or decorative rugs
  • Sleeping bag or blanket
  • Tarps can be tied with rope or large bungee cord
  • Egg crate mattress pad
  • CD / DVD covers can be attached together with hot glue
  • Hammock or bed spread
  • Deflated pool raft or inflated life-preserver vest
  • Car  window shield shade- cover length very well
  • Lamp shade- could make a cute skirt
  • Fabric made from woven plant leaf,actual food or other material
  • Hunting vest
  • Couch cushions- tie them together
  • Cloth napkins or connected bandanas
  • Yoga mats
  • Soft luggage
  • Take a trip to the local thrift store to see what can be recycled or repurposed into clothing
  • What do you have round the house to convert into clothing for an ABC party?

O is for Organize

22 Apr

As Club Creative Studio’s supply list gets larger and contains a growing variety of items, it gets more challenging to find a way to organize.  I have tried many different ways to keep small items and tools readily close at hand, and tidy at the same time.  Depending on my workspace, some methods of organization have worked and some have not been the best solutions.  It’s as hit and miss situation when I try to organize supplies because I have to also be creative about it along with being creative with art. There just are not many perfect organizational tools out on the market that fit well with my set-up.  I have to think outside the box and I enjoy it when something works well or is recycled to fit my organizational needs.

One of the worse ideas I had for organizing beads were the use of small round tins, the type that are sold in craft stores for holding wedding token mints and such.  The tin itself has a lid that is secure enough and has a plastic “window” for easy viewing of contents but the buck stops there for helping me hold supplies. I found that the size was too small.  I was left opening and closing the lids too often, which took time and added to the completed process time.  Also, I placed magnetic strips on the back of the tin containers, hoping that they could be displayed on a metal sheet hung on the wall.  I really hoped it could serve as a decorative display of supplies but, the beads I wanted to store in them where just too heavy to be displayed. The tins would not stay stuck to the magnetic place… bummer.  Like anyone, I learn from my mistakes and perhaps revisiting the system one day, I may find a different way to arrange or utilize that storage method.

One successful bead organizational method worth sharing is one that includes my present storage situation. It also includes the means by which I will move the beads to a new workspace location safely and securely. When shopping for storage, make sure it is large enough for what you need, but gives you an option to expand or hold more items at a later date.  Moving many items in a studio is not really fun, except knowing that a challenge is ahead and the opportunity to make a work space more functional and practical.  A fresh start is always a good thing in the end but preparations and the moving process have to be experienced first before the rewards come into play.

Because I am moving many stored containers at one time, I want to be as organized on this end of the moving so that when my items arrive to the new location, they are ready to be unloaded and placed quickly in my new studio surroundings.  Here is one method I have accomplished that will hopefully make my bead storage move a smooth transition.

Club Creative Studio bead storage containers are placed in a file folder bin for easier moving to a new location.

File bin has a tight lip locking lid to secure many stacked items placed inside.

Bins can be stacked and are easy to see through for quick identification of contents. Each file bin holds twelve of my individual bead storage containers.

If you have a solution to a small item storage challenge, please let us know in a comment post so that others may solve a problem they may have as well. While not every solution for a storage system will be a perfect fit for everyone, maybe we can help each other with suggestions.   Thank you for stopping by today’s blog about organization and my storage solution.

Fabric Folding Facelift Part 2

28 Nov

Club Creative Studio continues to spread the word about creativity in a variety of ways.  Today’s post is part 2 of the inspiration of napkin folding.  Folding your fabric linens will give your table setting an instant facelift.  It is an inexpensive idea to reuse and repurpose your napkins at a meal. It shows off your creativity as well!  Enjoy viewing the sample and try your hand and hand-folding fabric napkins for your next festive family gathering.  This is just another way to have creative fun in a functional manner at home, involve the children!

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

3 Oct

There can easily be many posts with the same title as this post in the Club Creative Studio blog site. Finding ways to reuse, repurpose or recycle is and always will be important.  The post for today will be continued with the Two-Cent Tuesday post as I dedicate the week to ideas that can spark your creativeness and honor your efforts to reuse an item creatively, repurpose it for a new view or recycle it to improve our environment.  Creativity takes many shapes and forms.

Photo taken in Sylva, NC

Now-a-days any earth-friendly methods of creating art has a specific focus on the reuse, repurpose or recycled theme because of its low cost possibilities.  Recently while driving on a main road going through the small but quaint town of Sylva, North Carolina you will find just off on a side road the automobile repair shop called: CT Auto Service.  The physical building caught my daughter’s eye right away because of the specks of color displayed on the side of the business storefront location.  We drove closer.  Upon further inspection and with camera in hand, we drove up to the front doors and walked around the building to admire the views.

Photo of CT Auto Service, Sylva, NC

The specks of color came from the variety of hundreds of license plates displayed side by side.  Even the roof eaves were lined with license plates that covered every inch available of the building.  Reusing unusual license plates, the owner of
the building had incorporated the plates into what serves as decorative siding onto the building facade. This is also great marketing as well because the idea to have his business theme of service to automobiles continues in theme inside and out of this building. It is very clear to a potential customer or to a returning customer where they should go as this is a specific visual landmark that has a specific description. The second you see the building right away an identity is established.  You may someday forget the name of the business or who the owner is but, chances are you won’t forget what the outside of the business looked like in physical appearance.  Visual people can appreciate that.

Finding a second purpose for anything is genius. Using these licence plates for this display on purpose is reusing them in a constructive and decorative way.   It is important to recycle the metal used in the making of a license plate and transform
it as an added protective element to the exterior walls of the building.

Too bad this business was not open when we took these photos on a Sunday. I would have liked to hear a few facts about how this idea was first suggested and how long it took to add all of the plates by hand. Pictured here are sections of close-up views from the side of the building.  The business also has a matching mailbox.

It looked like a few of the plates were duplicates, many states were represented, all branches of the military, some area schools and of course vanity plates, and humorous plates can be pointed out upon inspection.  A funny one in particular reads: Can’t Fix Stupid!  I don’t consider this collection stupid at all.  Do you wonder how all of these were gathered and how many there are?  Maybe during a later visit to the same area I can have all of my curiosities addressed with a conversation from the creative person with this brainstorm.

"You Just Can't Fix Stupid" Well, we will make a note of that.

Art In The Parking Lot

31 May


Introducing creativity that is low-cost and interesting.  Today, Two-Cent Tuesday shares art noticed in the parking lot. 

According to Wikipedia: An art car is a vehicle that has had its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression.  Art cars are often driven and owned by their creators, who are sometimes referred to as “Cartists”.

 Have you seen anything interesting lately parked in the parking lot of your favorite store?  Take time to notice the cars parked around you the next time you are in a lot.  There is creativity there if you just look around.  Vanity license plates are creative word-wise.  I like finding those and trying to figure out what they might mean.  I know the car in our driveway reads: LADY PUPS.  It stands for the local high school women’s sports mascot name not everyone would know that.  Some plates are personal, some are funny, some obvious, some in code.  It takes creativity to come up with a unique license plate assignment because only eight characters are allowed and they have to be unique.

antenna topper store.

Look around and you may also find a creative little antenna topper. I don’t see them as much as I used to but, there are still a few toppers out there that make you take a second look.

Word wraps are abound of which some are decorative, some serve as spreading a message like a bumper sticker or an advertisement on a side of a vehicle.  There is no missing those as we sit in traffic with something so visual in front of our windshields.  Even car sun shades can be a source of creativity with their styles and bright colors.  Functional to block out the sun rays, and cute and identifiable once you return to a parking lot after time spent inside a store.

On a recent trip to a nearby town, I had my camera conveniently in my purse luckily to share this photo.  Definitely creative, right?

Creativity with Cars

On a whole different level and “decorated” for a boss on Boss’ Day apparently some people had a very l o n g  lunch break to get this job done.  The source is from coolmaterial.com  This car was covered in colorful post-it paper note pages as a prank.  It’s a “pretty” prank.

Post-It covered car.

 Covered in over 2,700 cameras, and referred to as “the Panoramic Van.” The Panoramic Van was made to promote the film Automorphosis, which is about people who perform car art. Photo source from post from gearfuse.

Camera covered van.

Next time you are out and about on the road, in traffic, or in a parking lot.  Take note if you see an automobile with flair and personality.   Chances are that a creative

person is also associated with that car.
I know that when my kids were little, and we were seemingly always be in the car I would often decorate the inside of the van for a holiday.  Using cling on decal-stickers, I would put them on the inside of the windows and that would give our car a little bit of personality.  I even found light up decorations when it was the holiday season that we could put in the windows that looked like candles. Fun stuff!
If you spend a lot of time in your car, why not make it a more special place to be?
 Do you have a creative idea to “decorate” your car- if you had the chance and guts?
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