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Club Creative Studio: Creative Clay Beads

9 Jul

Collection of Club Creative Studio hand-rolled clay beads.

Club Creative Studio creates hand-rolled, polymer clay beads that are one-of-a-kind.  Each bead is created from thirteen separate steps to complete each individual final item.  I also hand-slice the designs from canes or hand-rolled and layered logs created from the hand-conditioned clay.

Each bead basically consists of layers upon layers of clay and each section is applied by hand.

To make each bead even more unique, I limit the particular color and designs to no more than the count of fifteen beads total from the same cane.  Many designs are made in a lesser count and all are not created again in the same manner once they are made into a batch.

The penny coin shows the size comparison of these smaller beads.

Each batch is baked according to manufacturers recommendations and they are then decided upon if they will remain a non-gloss texture or require a hand-glossed and polished finish.

At first glance many think these beads are painted. They are not painted, the designs are created by layering clay.

I create beads from my hand-mixed colors that ensure that no one else will have the same color combinations, the colors are all unique and I experiment with matching and creating new tints from an endless supply of inspirational colors from nature, and man-made items like fabric and items that are around me.

Collection of hand-made clay beads from Club Creative Studio.

I also just mix colors “by feel” whatever feels right to combine, I add a pinch here and there.  I don’t have formulas or measurements to create my color palates. I just “go for it”, and combine colors that feel and look pleasing.

I have unlimited possibilities of design when I work with polymer clay.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing a few photos of thenumerous batches of finished hand-made beads, I have created.  I enjoy taking photos of beads in this stage to show the steps taken from the start of a single bead in a collection used to incorporate into a finished art form.  Enjoy the different styles and designs- remembering that all were created in batches that include love…the love of bead-making, the love of variety and the love of creativity in creating beads from clay by hand.

I love to create colors that are reflective of nature, fashion-forward trends, traditional and inspired from custom requests.

To view other hand-made and unique clay beads incorporated into Club Creative Studio art, visit the website often.


X is for “Xmas”

27 Apr

Club Creative Studio’s blog post today has a focus on the letter “X”.  You already know that there are not many words that fit into that category that may apply to creativity.  I will have to go with a more obvious choice.  X is for “Xmas”.  To highlight art that I created specially but not limited to the Christmas (Xmas) season, I’d like to share photos and descriptions of Club Creative Studio’s Artisan Beaded Hanging Ornaments. Our one-of-a-kind items are created from hand-made, hand-rolled polymer clay beads, charms, crystals, ribbon and wire.

It seems that hand-made items are popular for gift-giving occasions when the holiday seasons roll around. Why is that?  Maybe because they call for a special touch, a meaningful item with a lasting memory, or items like this are easily found at holiday themed craft fairs, bazaars and gift shops.

Whatever your reason for giving a hand-made piece, you have selected items that have a special attraction to them.  The artist and the art do have personal connections associated with hand-made items, and they happily pass that aspect on to you.

Hand-Made Beaded Artisan Ornament from Club Creative Studio.

Artisan hand-made beaded ornaments are one-of-a-kind creations.

As I think up ways that I can incorporate my hand-made beads, sometimes the ideas come readily, and sometimes I have to tweak the thoughts and experiment on the best way to highlight my beads.  The Christmas ornament idea came quite easy because there is a popular need to decorate Christmas trees and purchase special keepsake ornaments for them.

Close-up. Hand-made polymer clay beads incorporated into hanging art.

Looking at an item that seemingly has a specific function, and imagine other uses for it is what CREATIVITY is all about.  I’d like to offer suggestions on how you may enjoy what I first created as an Christmas Ornament.

What else is this useful for?

This item can displayed in other interesting fashions.

Use this decorative item in unique ways.

  1. Christmas tree hanging ornament
  2. Wreath focal point
  3.  Attach to a suction cup and admire from a window
  4. Hang from a table lamp at the switch location
  5. Adorn a vase by placing around the rim/brim
  6. Wrap safely around the top of a candle stick base
  7. Add a bit of bling as you dangle from a view mirror in your automobile
  8. Use as a decorative bow on a gift that is wrapped
  9. Display as fashionable curtain tie-backs
  10. Dangle slightly under a framed photo frame from the wall
  11. Add to a cabinet knob or door handles
  12. Embellish a wine bottle neck
  13. Add to a table scape by attaching to a pot lid or serving dish handle
  14. Highlight art from an individual hanging display made from wire
  15. Hang from a garden stake in your flower bed or bottom of a wire frame hanging basket
Do you have out-of-the-box suggestions that you can share on how you might use this Club Creative Studio art item?

Feel free to share your creative ideas in a comment post below!

“D” is for Dare To Be Different

4 Apr

Dare to be different- in your jewelry accessory choices!

Club Creative Studio Art fits right in with my tag line ART THAT SETS YOU APART!  Taking steps to provide an opportunity for others to stand out in a crowd is what I love to do.  Together, we can “Dare to be Different” when we wear, display or give items that are unique, hand-made.  How will you stand out from the billions living in our world?

Club Creative Studio Beads added to Art That Sets You Apart.

Having courage to step out of your comfort zone when chosing or wearing statement jewelry is a big step for many.  It is fine if larger, chunky accessories are not your style.  However, if the aim is to use jewelry as accent and focal point wearable art- then being more bold in wearing something unique and eye-catching is the way to go.  Why be ordinary?

I am not talking about wearing jewelry that is strange, gaudy or heavily adorned.  But, those are words that some may use to describe more unique adornments.  To me, daring to be different may mean wearing an occasional change of style or something that may compliment an outfit no matter if it is your particular taste or not.  While it is important to like what you wear, maybe once and a while stepping out of the box to just wear jewelry for the sake of display can be a step in a new direction.

Hand-wrapped wire shark tooth by Club Creative Studio. A unique, hand-made necklace is automatically "different" but that does not mean it has to be uncomfortable to wear.

Also, if you tend to wear the same basic jewelry with every outfit, challenge yourself to mix it up. Even if what you change to is a simple look, displaying something different from your normal look is a step forward in the right direction of having a fresh look. Those who know you well will notice the slight change even if you think it is a dramatic twist to your style.

Club Creative Studio mixed metal jewelry.

Spread your wings and explore bold mixed metals or contrasting colors in your display of jewelry art!

Consider wearing jewelry that has a theme.  Sometimes when you mix up the feel of your jewelry, your attitude changes.

Club Creative Studio Beads combine to make unique jewelry.

Look at your clothing options and decide how your jewelry choices can compliment and contrast your total look. It can be a new style to allow your jewelry to “pop”, demanding attention.  Take a plain dress or top and dress it up with a statement piece of jewelry.  If it is hand-made…you KNOW you have a unique item to be proud of  owning and wearing.

For additional unique items that are hand-made and one-of-a-kind check out the ever changing inventory in the online storefront:


Bead Artist: Veronica Campos-Hallstrom
Club Creative Studio

Set Yourself Apart with Club Creative Studio Art!

“C” is for Creative Clay

3 Apr

This is what I love to do, and sometimes on a daily basis, I am creative with clay.  So, it is fitting that with today’s blog focus on the letter “C”, I write about creative clay beads.  Although from start to finish the creation of each clay bead can require up to thirteen steps, it brings satisfaction to many to see close-up a one-of-a-kind item, never to be duplicated.

Use of polymer clay as an art medium has given me limitless opportunities to flex my creative imagination.  This type clay has unique and amazing qualities and it has helped me produce one-of-a-kind beads that I happily incorporate into my beaded item art.  Compared to earth clays, oil paints, wood, and precious metal media, polymer clay is fairly new to the art scene claiming beginnings in the early ’90s.  The best qualities of this type clay is that it is easy to mix colors, shape it by hand, mold, cut, texture and cure it.

Club Creative Studio hand-mixes all polymer clay used for beads, which also adds to the unique one-of-a-kind designs. These colors were hand-mixed to match this inspired printed paper.

Club Creative Studio hand-made, polymer clay bead samples with purple theme.

I love that polymer clay is soft to work with and smooth to roll, cures easily and can be hardened into a durable object.  Polymer clay was invented in a chemist’s lab from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), mixed with plasticisers and color pigments.  When polymer clay is baked at a temperature range from 212 degrees farenheit to 275 degrees farenheit, it undergoes chemical changes that fuse the particles into a solid shape and the shape it then retained.

Club Creative Studio creates one-of-a-kind beads.

Visit more creative clay art at:


Club Creative Studio hand-rolled clay beads.

Hand-Made Beads- Feature Friday

9 Sep

Happy Feature Friday!

Friday is a special day here at the Club Creative Studio blog because we feature a creative creation from the design table.  Today there is a focus on the latest batch of hand-rolled polymer clay beads.  Here there is a variety of sizes created and a coin is used to compare.  You may notice that the finished beads in the photo are in their baked state and have not been hand-polished or glossed.

Club Creative Studio batch of hand-made beads.

More often than not the creation of my hand-rolled polymer clay beads take up to thirteen steps to reach its completed stage.  All of the beads are unique and one-of-a-kind.  I hand-mix several colors to come up with the most different combinations. Once the multi layered clay cane (log shape) is designed,  it is sliced carefully and applied by hand on to the hand-rolled clay bead shape.  Below you will see a photo of the tissue blade edge used to slice from the clay cane which is also in the photograph.

Club Creative Studio swirl design cane and blade edge.

I create the designs based on a variety of aspects.  Using many different canes, I layer and incorporate the cane slices that best combine with contrast or cohesion.  Basicly, it is artistic instinct that allows me to design from the heart and without strenuous efforts. Often times if I know in advance that I want to incorporate a certain pendant, then the beads are prepared to match what I want the overall look to appear as in the completed item design.  Sometimes I sketch on paper the ideas that I have in my mind, other times, I just let the artistic rhythm flow.  There are times that I will create in a certain color because I have been inspired to do so or because of the latest research that I have done indicating the trends or interest of the general public.  Often times a custom piece dictates what color beads I will create as well.

Clay beads in turquoise, white, and mauve tones.

Clay beads can be made in an array of shapes and sizes.  I have made a variety ranging from rounds, barrel, flat, textured, square and oval to name a few.  The sizes I create are usually with in a certain range because I do not want the weight of the beads when combined to become a burden when a necklace is being made from the collection of beads.  A larger bead is often created specifically for items that can handle the extra weight of a larger formed bead such as a Club Creative Studio Artisan Bottle Stopper Bead, Artisan Key Chain Bead or a Club Creative Studio Artisan Light/Fan Pull bead.  Also the larger the bead, the thicker the clay and the thickest firing must be adjusted risking the threat of being under or over-baked.

Beads made with love!

Dime sized beads from Club Creative Studio

I love creating hand-rolled, hand-torched, and hand- sculpted beads. To see more creations incorporating our one-of-a-kind and limited bead counts browse the Club Creative Studio online storefront and become a “fan” of the Facebook page as well.  Thank you for wearing and sharing our art.  We are happy to create Art That Sets You Apart!


Clay Penants Born From Rain and Wind

4 Sep

I take advantage of a creative spark whenever possible.  It is important to be CREATIVE EVERYDAY!

Hand-made clay pendant

I encourage you to ignite the passion for your creativity by looking around for inspirations. This blog post is about how I used my time in an unfortunate situation to be inspired to do something productive.

I recently experienced several days which I was able to combine my love with clay with other outside factors, literally.  While the weather outside was hurricane status with wind and rains, I used the time stuck indoors to put my creativity to work.  Having a business that allows you to work from home and at any hour you please can be a great benefit.

If you know the ramifications of a violent storm then you know that you are prone to the loss of electricity.  When dealing with any weather condition you may have to adjust your work to be able to safely and efficiently do your job well.  During the past hurricane named Irene, my household suffered through several days without electricity.  The usual elements are needed to be prepared for such an event like enough water, food, radio, batteries, etc. to ride out the storm.  For me, it is also important to add CLAY to the list of survival items needed to be happy and comfortable during impending weather conditions.  It gives me something to do to occupy time.

Being prepared with a supply of clay meant that I was able to keep busy, pass time, and dedicate intense focus to the clay creations.  The best part about it was that during the natural day-light hours, I was able to be quite productive.  Enjoy the creations that I have grouped into a series that I call “Mean Irene” pendants.  All of these initial designs were created during the storm days. They are sculptural clay elements using polymer clay.  With some pendants, I have used a resin-type coating to enhance the 3-D effects, and additional beads for detail.  The pendants have a silver tone polished metal base in various shapes like squares, circles, rectangles, ovals or triangles.  Each item is one-of-a-kind.   Most designs are available with a simple black cord that has a snap closure.

Enjoy wearing and sharing Club Creative Studio Art.  Read more about this product in the special feature section  (PINK NOTEBOOK SECTION) on the homepage at http://www.clubcreativestudio.com  Enjoy viewing Art That Sets You Apart!

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