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U is for Unique

24 Apr

No question about it, Club Creative Studio Art is unique.

Art That Sets You Apart

20 Feb

Club Creative Studio creates Art That Sets You Apart!

Enjoy viewing the creations in this video while listening to the musical talents of my friend, Vaughan Branch.

At the end, I share a few tidbits of information with you.
Be sure to visit the online store often, as the inventory is always one-of-a-kind, changing often.

Hand-Made Beads- Feature Friday

9 Sep

Happy Feature Friday!

Friday is a special day here at the Club Creative Studio blog because we feature a creative creation from the design table.  Today there is a focus on the latest batch of hand-rolled polymer clay beads.  Here there is a variety of sizes created and a coin is used to compare.  You may notice that the finished beads in the photo are in their baked state and have not been hand-polished or glossed.

Club Creative Studio batch of hand-made beads.

More often than not the creation of my hand-rolled polymer clay beads take up to thirteen steps to reach its completed stage.  All of the beads are unique and one-of-a-kind.  I hand-mix several colors to come up with the most different combinations. Once the multi layered clay cane (log shape) is designed,  it is sliced carefully and applied by hand on to the hand-rolled clay bead shape.  Below you will see a photo of the tissue blade edge used to slice from the clay cane which is also in the photograph.

Club Creative Studio swirl design cane and blade edge.

I create the designs based on a variety of aspects.  Using many different canes, I layer and incorporate the cane slices that best combine with contrast or cohesion.  Basicly, it is artistic instinct that allows me to design from the heart and without strenuous efforts. Often times if I know in advance that I want to incorporate a certain pendant, then the beads are prepared to match what I want the overall look to appear as in the completed item design.  Sometimes I sketch on paper the ideas that I have in my mind, other times, I just let the artistic rhythm flow.  There are times that I will create in a certain color because I have been inspired to do so or because of the latest research that I have done indicating the trends or interest of the general public.  Often times a custom piece dictates what color beads I will create as well.

Clay beads in turquoise, white, and mauve tones.

Clay beads can be made in an array of shapes and sizes.  I have made a variety ranging from rounds, barrel, flat, textured, square and oval to name a few.  The sizes I create are usually with in a certain range because I do not want the weight of the beads when combined to become a burden when a necklace is being made from the collection of beads.  A larger bead is often created specifically for items that can handle the extra weight of a larger formed bead such as a Club Creative Studio Artisan Bottle Stopper Bead, Artisan Key Chain Bead or a Club Creative Studio Artisan Light/Fan Pull bead.  Also the larger the bead, the thicker the clay and the thickest firing must be adjusted risking the threat of being under or over-baked.

Beads made with love!

Dime sized beads from Club Creative Studio

I love creating hand-rolled, hand-torched, and hand- sculpted beads. To see more creations incorporating our one-of-a-kind and limited bead counts browse the Club Creative Studio online storefront and become a “fan” of the Facebook page as well.  Thank you for wearing and sharing our art.  We are happy to create Art That Sets You Apart!


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