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U is for Unique

24 Apr

No question about it, Club Creative Studio Art is unique.

Art That Sets You Apart

20 Feb

Club Creative Studio creates Art That Sets You Apart!

Enjoy viewing the creations in this video while listening to the musical talents of my friend, Vaughan Branch.

At the end, I share a few tidbits of information with you.
Be sure to visit the online store often, as the inventory is always one-of-a-kind, changing often.

Going To Bead…or Bust!

8 Feb

I am going bead… or bust!

I have the need to bead.

I will bead…or… I will explode!

Reality at hand, I did bead AND I did “bust”…figuratively. 

My local artist group in North Carolina:  Coastal Carolina Artists & Crafters Guild (http://www.ccacguild.org), hosts a few annual events each year.  This year during two separate events we will utilize the artistic talents of the community to raise awareness for cancer.  At the Relay for Life and the May Spring Craft Fair & Car Show, we are highlighting submissions for a contest to raise donated funds for breast cancer. 

I knew thatparticipation in this fund raiser was going to be a good fit for me because  A: I personally know many touched by this disease and B: it is an opportunity to mesh my creative art with a great cause.  As it has turned out, with my submission on file, the CCAC Guild has also asked  me, to allow permissions to use the image of my art to serve as inspiration and the official logo for promotions of this event.  I said yes.

We turned to a known cause to help us promote our efforts. You may or may not have heard of  BRAS FOR A CAUSE.  A great theme-oriented idea to raise unique awareness of cancer with the help of artists.  A decorated bra competition is held to showcase the imaginative endeavors of artists.  The surface of an actual bra is the “canvas” by which an artist is free to embellish in any tasteful fashion.  It  is then displayed for public viewing.  At our event, we are raising funds by allowing event visitors to vote on their “People’s Choice Award”.  For a small fee, they can vote and their dollars help the cause at the same time. Our exhibit is free to the public.

Bead Artist: Veronica Campos-Hallstrom

As you might imagine, this was a creative process that was a “no brainer” for me to plan.  On any given day; I hand-roll,  hand-torch and hand-sculpt my own beads and incorporate them into fun and functional jewelry and home decor items.  I am creative with the beads I create. 

With this project, I specifically used a vast array of  my designed beads to cover the bra cup areas.  The  photo above is the completed entry bra submission, where multi-colored metal flower brads were added in between spaces where most beads meet.   The pink ribbon charm is added for symbolic purposes.  I hope you enjoy viewing this unique item as much as I enjoyed constructing it.  It is my hopes that it gains deserved attention and will help raise funds for our BRAS for a CAUSE event.

Club Creative Studio-“Cancer…Bead It” 2011

This is the logo created with my beaded bra image. Logo design by Anna Pasquale, and used by the Coastal Carolina Artist & Crafters Guild for promotional purposes. This photo is not inclusive of the additions of metal flower brads.  It is a “before total completion” photograph, yet still stunning.

Thank you in advance of comments posted here and elsewhere on this topic and image.  I look forward to your opinions and reactions to my hand-made beaded item.  You should certainly agree it is: Art That Sets Us Apart!
If there is a request to actually purchase this bra from some famous rock star who will be able to not blink an eye at cost- there is always room for negotiations, as long as the check clears!
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