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O is for Organize

22 Apr

As Club Creative Studio’s supply list gets larger and contains a growing variety of items, it gets more challenging to find a way to organize.  I have tried many different ways to keep small items and tools readily close at hand, and tidy at the same time.  Depending on my workspace, some methods of organization have worked and some have not been the best solutions.  It’s as hit and miss situation when I try to organize supplies because I have to also be creative about it along with being creative with art. There just are not many perfect organizational tools out on the market that fit well with my set-up.  I have to think outside the box and I enjoy it when something works well or is recycled to fit my organizational needs.

One of the worse ideas I had for organizing beads were the use of small round tins, the type that are sold in craft stores for holding wedding token mints and such.  The tin itself has a lid that is secure enough and has a plastic “window” for easy viewing of contents but the buck stops there for helping me hold supplies. I found that the size was too small.  I was left opening and closing the lids too often, which took time and added to the completed process time.  Also, I placed magnetic strips on the back of the tin containers, hoping that they could be displayed on a metal sheet hung on the wall.  I really hoped it could serve as a decorative display of supplies but, the beads I wanted to store in them where just too heavy to be displayed. The tins would not stay stuck to the magnetic place… bummer.  Like anyone, I learn from my mistakes and perhaps revisiting the system one day, I may find a different way to arrange or utilize that storage method.

One successful bead organizational method worth sharing is one that includes my present storage situation. It also includes the means by which I will move the beads to a new workspace location safely and securely. When shopping for storage, make sure it is large enough for what you need, but gives you an option to expand or hold more items at a later date.  Moving many items in a studio is not really fun, except knowing that a challenge is ahead and the opportunity to make a work space more functional and practical.  A fresh start is always a good thing in the end but preparations and the moving process have to be experienced first before the rewards come into play.

Because I am moving many stored containers at one time, I want to be as organized on this end of the moving so that when my items arrive to the new location, they are ready to be unloaded and placed quickly in my new studio surroundings.  Here is one method I have accomplished that will hopefully make my bead storage move a smooth transition.

Club Creative Studio bead storage containers are placed in a file folder bin for easier moving to a new location.

File bin has a tight lip locking lid to secure many stacked items placed inside.

Bins can be stacked and are easy to see through for quick identification of contents. Each file bin holds twelve of my individual bead storage containers.

If you have a solution to a small item storage challenge, please let us know in a comment post so that others may solve a problem they may have as well. While not every solution for a storage system will be a perfect fit for everyone, maybe we can help each other with suggestions.   Thank you for stopping by today’s blog about organization and my storage solution.

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