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Let’s Band Together

9 Jan

Welcome to the Club Creative Studio blog.  It is with pleasure that I share another post on the topic of creativity.  Today this quote comes to mind, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou.  It reminds me that creativity is all around us and it will always be there for us to appreciate and discover.  We can and should band together to acknowledge the creativity of humankind.  How interesting creativity makes our world.  Creativity brings beauty, humor, expression and variety to our lives.

Sometimes we may think that something has to be out of the ordinary to qualify as truly being “creative”. But looking at common items in a new light and using common items in a new manner can become extra-ordinary and even extraordinary.

Let’s bring to mind a simple, yet common item that is used by many from time to time, a band-aid.  How can one transform a band-aid so that is still recognizable but, has become a totally new item? Can you use your creative thoughts to visualize this?  Here are a few ideas that have taken the band-aid theme, take advantage of the sticky adhesive and infuse creativity at a very high level.    Get on the band wagon and see what type of creative situation you can come up with.  What a cool medium for expanding the imagination and discovering, then appreciating whatever flows from it as a finished project.

Can you imagine using a common band-aid as inspiration for art?

Take a minute to consider that band aids have great variety now-a-days.  They vary in shape, color, design and are made in various materials.  The next time you are in the bandage section of a store, stop and look at all the different brands, interesting prints and take note of the packaging as well.  I’ve discovered a few creative projects you may be inspired to try yourself.

 Art created using band-aids.

Band-aids were the inspiration to create these interesting and unusual rings.

Artist: Toby Jones, band-aid theme ring bands.

Band-aid earrings: Image from nreazon.com

Someone has a band-aid tattoo on their knee. Image: hippieman1234.com

“Ouch” is what comes to mind when I see this band-aid tattoo.

Last but, certainly not least I would like to share a few images of how you may use the tin band-aid packaging to create a cute keepsake container.

Image: franticstamper.com

Well, what are you waiting for?  If you are inspired… go raid the band-aid box!  Happy creating!

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