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Creative Thankfulness (4)

4 Sep

Club Creative Studio continues to take part in the Gratitude Project 2012, by posting publicly for 90 days something that I am thankful for. On the days that I blog, I am posting about how something with the creativity theme touches my life in thankfulness.  Today is the 4th post that coincides with this blog.

Special identification/informational tags for Club Creative Studio Art located at the Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA

It is with gratitude that I have had an opportunity to display and sell art in a new venue.  Last week, I prepared Club Creative Studio hand-made art to be included with other talented artist’s work within the Abington Art Center’s Gallery Gift Shop shelves.  Laura Burnham, Executive Director of Abington Art Center accepted work and will arrange a space for it to be available to the public for purchase.

Laura preparing to display Club Creative Studio Art at the Abington Art Center.

One-of-a-kind, hand-made pendant from Club Creative Studio.

There are several reasons that warrant my excitement and thankfulness.  I am thrilled to be located in a new area where art and artists are appreciated by many.  I feel that this door has been opened to me so that others can readily see up close and personal what I do when I create Art That Sets You Apart. It is great to have many more local eyes fixed upon what I love to create.

Club Creative Studio hand-made pendant.

Being part of an atmosphere that is a constant support for artists is a blessing.  It is motivating and inspiring to reach higher on a creative level.

Abington Art Center 515 Meetinghouse Road, Jenkintown, PA

I am pleased to offer one-of-a-kind, hand-made art in a variety of venues, especially at the Abington Art Center but, as always online at:


V is for Vision

24 Apr

If you are an artist or just wish you were more like one, it might be helpful to realize or know what you actually “do” when you make your art. Some artists are prompted by their visions inspired by idea generators like music, poetry, vignettes of nature, or a theme. Club Creative Studio’s blog today has a focus on the letter “V” and that stands for vision. 

What does an artist do to gain that vision that inspiration to create?

To understand the vision of an artist, you can appreciate knowing what an artist actually does.  What do artists do?

Artists remember.  They envision a meaning. They symbolize the connections of objects and meanings.

Artists create. They take art material and transform it into something.

Artists imagine. They use their brain to imagine a person, animal. place, or thing.

Artists use their imagination to invent. They think up something that is original or an improvement on something else.

An artist has feelings about what they observe.

Artists distort.  They take and use a fragment of their visions or thoughts.

Artist often metamorphosize. They take an idea, person, or an object and make them alive or not alive, or a different space or time.

Artists experiment.  They play.  They hybridise art, taking two different things or two different ideas and place them together.

An artist often repeats actions. They take freedoms to take an object or a design and repeat it over and over.

An artist is comfortable to fantasize. They use their imagination but, add something really unrealistic or unusual without fears.

An artist will plan.  They will investigate their process and technique.

Finally, and artist may analyze. They will redo something you have done before but, make it better by rethinking it.

 Artists ideas and visions have always dealt with birth, love, death,beliefs, rituals, history, heredity and what it means to them to be human.  It is hard to change those themes but, not hard to change society, technology, controversies.  Artists have visions and they strive to not stifle their ideas.

What do you have in your visions? 

10 Ways to Think Like an Artist

10 Jan

While I write and share information about creativity, I do understand than not everyone thinks they are specifically “artistic”.  We tend to believe that the artistic/creative type are a strange bunch that really think differently.  Well, while it may be true that they think a little differently, they do so because they see differently, and are open to change.  What does it mean to think like an artist?  Creative people do things simply because it is interesting and personally challenging to do.


This week’s Two-Cent Tuesday post shares ideas on how you can jump-start your journey to think like an artist.  How can you be creative everyday?

Learn to think like an artist:

1.  Look at things more closely than most people do.  Open your eyes to your surroundings.

2.  Find beauty in everyday things and situations.

3.  Make new connections between different things and ideas. There is more than one way to do something.

4.  Go beyond ordinary ways of thinking and doing things. Make an effort to approach and produce something differently.

5.  Expose yourself to possible failure.  Experiment or try something that is not comfortable to you.  Be brave and not scared to mess-up.

6.  Arrange things in new and interesting ways.  Mix it up and rearrange something to be unexpected or different.

7.  Work hard and at the edge of your potential.  Push yourself and discover hidden talents.

8.  Persist where others may give up. Forge ahead and remember your focus.

9.  Concentrate for long periods of time.  Creative persons usually don’t do things very quickly, they take their time to create.

10.  Utilize dreams and both new and old ideas to see something in a different way.

 Challenge yourself to try one thing on my list today that uses creativity in some interesting way.  Be and do the opposite of routine!

 It is an aspect that I strive for each day as I have the continuous goal of Being Creative Every Day at


Knot Now? Why Knot?

24 Oct

Artist: Ed Bing Lee/Photo: Ken Yanoviak

Club Creative Studio shares information about the creative process.  Read about a creative Fiber Artist.

Today’s post is an artist’s highlight post of the art of Ed Bing Lee.  He is a creative Fiber Artist who was born in 1933 in San Francisco.  Ed Bing Lee has a love and devotion for knotting fibers into wonderful works of art.  His nimble fingers are spinning golden works to be admired.

If you have ever thought that you were too busy to tend to someone else’s needs and were perhaps asked to share your time, you may have answered: “Not now, I am busy!” Chances are, if Ed Bing Lee were to say that, he could literally mean it.  If he does “knot” now, he is “busy”. His art has a focus on hand-knotting and twisting fibers into art forms.

Artist Ed Bing Lee often uses images of contemporary food found from advertizing art and transforms that into his knotted three dimensionally formed sculptural forms.  He seems to enjoy his creations because they require little specialized equipment to create.  He has dedicated time to his knotted creations since 1970.

To view a video about this artist, see him in his studio, at work on a project and alongside a gallery display please click on the link where you will find out more about his knotted art from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, Philadelphia. I look at his art as another way to get “good fiber” from his “created food”!


Thank you for stopping by to learn about the handiwork of a talented artist. I hope he has motivated you to do something creative with your hands today.

Artist: Ed Bing Lee/Photo: Ken Yanoviak

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