Bad News,Good News

3 Jan

Shopping buddies for the day. Be inspired by a fellow artist.

Business owners have a hard job. They deserve hugs.

It is hard to run and maintain a business.  For some, it is a venture that is not long-lived. Whenever a business has to shut its doors and discontinue services to our community I am saddened. It doesn’t matter the reason, there is always a void placed in front of us when someplace we frequent or have support for has closed.

This is the case for a local bead shop in my area. I have only visited and purchased from this particular shop once in the last seven months but, I supported their efforts in bringing the love of beading to many it served.  Perhaps if I had lived closer, I would have been able to take advantage of shopping there more often.  Needless to say, the bad news is the closing of a bead shop.  Now that the owners have decided to close their doors for public business, their bad/sad fortune in closing has become the limited time good fortune and good news for those gaining from their clearance prices.

Find the good in a situation.

Find the good in a situation.

Today, I am going to check out their remaining inventory with another fellow jewelry maker. I have no idea what I will come home with, if anything at all.  I do know that my friend and I have different styles in our creations, so I am sure that if we get anything there to add to our supply list, they will be very different items. That fact alone may be a most interesting tidbit of information to realize in our shopping experience.  What will attract her eye and what will I find interesting or useful in comparison? Our design styles will certainly call for the need to shop with different eyes, for different items.

I think that it is important to spend time with those with similar interests in business.  It is a good opportunity to brainstorm and ask for advice if the other is willing to share information and experiences.  Many times artists feel that they are in direct or indirect competition with each other.  I can see how that belief can be possible but, there is also another side to this situation. I look to others in the same field as partners in a way, because we are along the same path.  Our journey and adventure may be very different but, still a common bond can bring us together.  For the love of beads can’t we all just get along!

Be supportive of fellow artists, they are just like you- creating with love.

Be supportive of fellow artists, they are just like you creating with love.

This is the case with my jewelry-making pals. We all have different styles and customers.  If we happen to ever have the same customers, it is because of their love for art in general.  Styles are individual and pleasing to many.  We make our creations with love and care as artists, no matter what level we are on in our specialty craft. We have opportunities to look to and to look out for our fellow creators.  I am happy to support local businesses and people associated with the common bond of beads.

To take this support to a new level, I have an idea in the works that will allow fellow artists to show support to one another.  Stay tuned to this blog for more information on how I hope to bridge creative people together with others and allow them to share their talents and shine.  I welcome you to “FOLLOW” this blog for updates on future posts. Keep informed of creative ideas from creative people.  Thanks for stopping by the blog today creative friend.  Have you been inspired to support the efforts of a fellow artist more deeply?

5 Responses to “Bad News,Good News”

  1. clubcreativestudio January 3, 2013 at 11:42 PM #

    Thanks for sharing your comment, Kim. Interesting story you tell (for a few reasons). I think that the bead shop I visited today was sort of “out in the middle of nowhere”. But, beaders will find the bead stores no matter where they are, I guess. If a business is not located close to my home, it does take an extra effort to support that business and frequent it. It was nice of you to visit the bead store you spoke of even if you decided that beading was not for you. I bet this means that you appreciate small business owners, beads as artistic items, and in general like beads maybe more than the beading process. Good for you on all points.

    When I wrote the blog yesterday, I did not know the reason behind the closing of this particular bead shop. As it turns out, it wasn’t a sad story about the “down economy”. The owners had maintained the shop for eight years. Both retired owners, they decided that they wanted to spend more time fishing and watching their grandchildren play sports. Can’t argue with that!

    Thanks for stopping by. I agree that creative minds should encourage and support eachother’s talents.

  2. Kim Wilson Steadman January 3, 2013 at 2:38 PM #

    How funny you write about a closing of a bead shop. I also know of a shop that closed this year. (wait, last year because it’s now Happy New Year!). The shop was a long distance from me and I didn’t get to shop there as often as I would have liked to. In fact, even after I decided that I didn’t like beading, I would still stop in her shop and try to find something to purchase just to support her as a small business owner. I think creative minds have to take affirmative action to always try to support other creative minds..including buying from them!

  3. clubcreativestudio January 3, 2013 at 1:41 PM #

    Thanks for the comment, Charlotte. Sharing creations are just a small part of creating. While it is nice that those that admire art can buy and collect for the love of art. It is also the chance and need for creative expression that matters first for an artist or crafter. I am sure that you can relate having mentioned that you are creative and have that creativity gene running in your family. It is for many reasons that people purchase hand-made items and I hope that others can continue to appreciate what a mass-produced culture (in your words) can not offer when something is made with heart.

  4. Charlotte Henley Babb January 3, 2013 at 12:43 PM #

    As a writer, and as a crafter, and as a mother of an artist, I agree wholeheartedly. How else can people have the ability to support themselves and create their wonderful visions if no one will buy them?

    What a concept that instead of mass-produced culture, we could each curate a unique piece just for ourselves.


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