Creative on Contact (Part ll)

17 Aug

Let’s continue with the endless topic of CREATIVITY!  On July 12,2012, the post was about a low-cost creative project. That project was made by my daughter to use in her dorm room to decorate and place her personal touch into her living space.  Be sure to check back to that blog date to review the steps and process that brought this colorful element into existence.

This long sheet will be cut into sections to apply to a wall in a custom-fitted manner.

Today, I share the results of the installation.  This art was easily placed upon the blank wall and was also easily adjustable to smooth out the air bubbles. The contact paper was installed by two persons. One person held the end at the starting point on the wall surface.  The second person stripped the backing paper to reveal the sticky portion of the contact paper and held the bottom of the roll.  The second person also slowly unrolled the paper as the first person used their hand to smooth out air bubbles.  We also used a yard stick for further smoothing.

The wall color background was painted white and was also free from scratches, dents, or dirt.  This wall color allowed the bright marker colors to really pop.  The area that an entire roll of decorated contact paper will cover will depend on the size of the wall you wish to cover, and the amount you over-lap at the edges. We over-lapped the edges slightly for wear and tear and a more secure hold.

Contact Paper Art

Using bright-colored markers will make your wall art “pop”.

Adjacent to this art is a large mirror. This can be enjoyed from a reflection as well as by standing directly in front of the art.

What do you think? Willing to try this yourself?  What do you like most about this project?


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