Paper Plate Projects

8 May

There are many low-cost crafty ideas for young children to create. Today’s “Two-Cent Tuesday” post also shares an idea that does not cost much.  To focus on one specific type of material, I chose the common and inexpensive paper plate.  Because it is Spring, I thought that I will share a few examples of how someone may create the likeness of a butterfly using plates that are made from lightweight paper.

I found these images from research and other blog sites, including credits for each site that I came across.  Happy creating and making several styles and types of butterflies using these photos as inspiration and examples.  The age of the child will determine the amount that they can do alone with minimal supervision of scissors and paint, for sure.


The paper plate can be bought in a variety of colors and sizes. You can also paint the plates as the first step in the process before cutting is done.  The above plate is cut down the center in a wave-like slit across the entire plate.


This butterfly was made with two large paper plates and one small plate that was cut in half for the lower, smaller wings.


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