W is for Wow!

26 Apr

Club Creative Studio Ink Treated Tiles.

WOW! Club Creative Studio’s work space is a busy place when working with something new in the market or with a material that is new in technique to me.  Experimenting is exciting and cool to experience when the outcome is unknown or can be manipulated in some pleasing way to the artist.  Alcohol inks have given me another method of adding dye to art.

Alcohol Inks and used dabbing pad.

I have found that thrill recently as I have been working with how I may incorporate inks into my jewelry art.  Inks and dyes are not new to the craft world but, for me alcohol-based inks have been an interesting element to add to my metals and other work surfaces.

Here is a before and after look at how I used inks on my metal based earrings. I found that it gave a whole different look and added color and depth to the finished piece.

Club Creative Studio Earrings Before Ink Treatment.

Club Creative Studio Earring After Ink Treatment.

I used Tim Holz Adirondack Alcohol Inks. They can be vivid and earth-tone as you can see from the example I created on bamboo tiles. I have used this product in full-strength and by blending and lightening with the blending solution.  I also tried out the Metallic Mixatives and found that working with many different combinations the effects can be wide and satisfying.  Now…what to do with the future pendants the wheels are turning!

Hand applied earth-tone inks.

If you have tried these inks before what have you used them on?  Paper, or another type item? Do tell! Was it a “Wow” for you?

2 Responses to “W is for Wow!”

  1. clubcreativestudio April 27, 2012 at 3:53 PM #

    Georgina, thanks for stopping by. As soon as I finish the A to Z blog challenge I will attempt to get back to posting two to three times a week. Because you are busy with children, please don’t let that stifle your natural love to be creative. Just find a way to involve them! When I post on Tuesdays, I have a focus on low-cost creativity so that is something that you may want to follow this blog for. Find a way to use your creative force for bettering yourself, for example if you find painting, needle point, or any other artful project relaxing, then do that once the kids are tucked in bed. Make time for creativity but, don’t force it and you will appreciate it. Also, as a suggestion, as you nurture creativity in your children, you can gain the time you desire to create something as well- create together!

  2. Georgina Morales April 27, 2012 at 3:43 PM #

    I love how creative you are and the idea of adding color to the metal of your earrings was great. I’d love to be as crafty. I enjoy art in all its forms and have an insane amount of crayons, carbons, paper, pens, pencils, markers, and even different type of inks for staining different surfaces. I used to dedicate a lot more time to those projects but they never turned out really pretty… that broke my heart and now with my kids, I barely have time to get dressed. I’ll visit you more often to see what else you’re working on.

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