10 Ways to Think Like an Artist

10 Jan

While I write and share information about creativity, I do understand than not everyone thinks they are specifically “artistic”.  We tend to believe that the artistic/creative type are a strange bunch that really think differently.  Well, while it may be true that they think a little differently, they do so because they see differently, and are open to change.  What does it mean to think like an artist?  Creative people do things simply because it is interesting and personally challenging to do.


This week’s Two-Cent Tuesday post shares ideas on how you can jump-start your journey to think like an artist.  How can you be creative everyday?

Learn to think like an artist:

1.  Look at things more closely than most people do.  Open your eyes to your surroundings.

2.  Find beauty in everyday things and situations.

3.  Make new connections between different things and ideas. There is more than one way to do something.

4.  Go beyond ordinary ways of thinking and doing things. Make an effort to approach and produce something differently.

5.  Expose yourself to possible failure.  Experiment or try something that is not comfortable to you.  Be brave and not scared to mess-up.

6.  Arrange things in new and interesting ways.  Mix it up and rearrange something to be unexpected or different.

7.  Work hard and at the edge of your potential.  Push yourself and discover hidden talents.

8.  Persist where others may give up. Forge ahead and remember your focus.

9.  Concentrate for long periods of time.  Creative persons usually don’t do things very quickly, they take their time to create.

10.  Utilize dreams and both new and old ideas to see something in a different way.

 Challenge yourself to try one thing on my list today that uses creativity in some interesting way.  Be and do the opposite of routine!

 It is an aspect that I strive for each day as I have the continuous goal of Being Creative Every Day at



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