Fun At Your Fingertips

4 Jan


Club Creative Studio shares information about creativity.  Today’s post may inspire you, as well as warm your heart and hands at the same time.  This suggested project using a recycled wool sweater is explained to you step-by-step via video, from a child that has a pulse on fun and function at her fingertips.

Where I live, the weather is showing its first signs of winter. It may be brief but, for someone who lives near the beach, it takes an effort to appreciate the cold.  If I had to put a spin on my mood…I guess I would have to say that it can be fun to break out fashionable clothing that is warmer and not worn very often. One item that I do need for sure besides a warm coat is a nice fun pair of mittens.  Sometimes, a pair of fun and colorful mittens do the trick to add personality to your over-all winter blues.  Putting fun at your fingertips, maybe you can find the inspiration and time to create your very own hand-made mittens.  This post will give you one idea on how you can do it.

If you celebrate, endure or simply put up with the cold or you know someone who has to deal with seasonal change to cooler weather.  What can be true is that you can find creativity in keeping warm.  Mittens can be a small part of that warmth.  Warmth at your fingertips that can be a stylish, fun and functional addition to your winter wardrobe.  They can be inexpensive and expressive.  This blog post hopes to inspire you to bring fun to your fingers. Afterall, creativity CAN be contagious and I have found another young person that is pleased to pass this same belief along. I think Olivia is adorable in this video!  Will you be eager to follow her directions and try your hand (hands) at making your own warm felted mittens?  I can’t resist thinking about it myself! Good luck!


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