Meet Deidra- With Strings Attached

3 Jan

Grab a giraffe!

Today’s post fits into the category that is common to a post on this blog featured typically on a Thursday. The theme being TNT (This-N-That).  You will be intoduced to a creative person who loves a certain style of art.

Club Creative Studio blog shares information about creativity without strings attached but this time,  meet Deidra. She is a creative YOUNG person who may have yarn strings attached to her as remnants of her craft projects!

Miss Diedra with her hand-made crochet yarn items.

She has taken an interest in using yarn to create fun and interesting items. She is a far cry from the vision of a grandmotherly type person, rocking in a chair with a ball of yarn dangling by her side on the floor with a crochet needle in her hand. Quite the opposite. She is a young creative budding artist who wants to be a teacher in the near future.

Certainly, it may seem somewhat uncommon for a young person to take an invested interest in the “old-fashion” techniques of crocheting. However, she has the creativity and time to dedicate to making her original and patterned art for others to enjoy.

I first met Deidra at a craft fair in Newport, North Carolina. With the support of her family members, she set up a booth for the first time to display and sell her hand-made creations. For further encouragement and in the support of all other “up and coming” crafters, I decided to ask her a few questions and feature her on this blog. I am happy that I can share her information with you. Perhaps you will also be inspired to find a similar creative outlet, trying your hand at a new or old creative technique such as knitting or crocheting.  Admire the results that are displayed here and cheer on another creative person who has talent and time to create fun art.

Deidra is a high school senior at West Carteret in Morehead City, North Carolina. As a Future Teacher of America, she plans to attend Wingate University to major in Elementary Education. Newport Elementary School and Morehead City Primary School have been two places she finds herself comfortable because she can help children and share her smile.

Crochet fiber filled cow ornament hanging.

In her spare time she crochets. Is this a lost art? Certainly not the typical thing to do in spare time if you are teen-aged right? Deidra’s favorite theme items to create are animals, and she has a special attraction and affinity to create giraffes. Miss Deidra W. and her various hand-made yarn items are sure to lend a smile if you see her again at a craft fair.

Being so young certainly makes her stand out from the ordinary vendor crowd.  There is certainly NOTHING wrong with being unique and finding a niche that makes you and others happy at the same time, no matter what your age is.  Do you know a young person that is expressing their creative side?  Give them encouragement and help them realize that they can always find joy in creating art of many different types of mediums.  They can perhaps even teach,  donate or sell their artistic items they create.  It is a great feeling and contribution to be able to  pass joy to others in a most unusual one-of-a-kind way.  You know I am all about setting yourself apart when creating art!  Here are a few additional tidbits of information about Deidra:

Creative array of crochet items hand-made by Miss Deidra.

Deidra’s mother taught her how to crochet.  Her basic supply needs are crochet hooks, yarn, and any other extra supplies for each specific project. This does not amount to many supplies at all.  Deidra does agree that crocheting is somewhat a “lost art” because, “You don’t see as much of it as you used to.”  This young artist  estimates that she may spend  an average of about 10 hours per week crocheting.  It depends of course, on how much homework  she has though!  “I got my inspiration to make animals last year when I decided that I wanted to make my friends animals for Christmas.  I found the pattern for the giraffes and I fell in love with it. I usually keep the first animal I make and I try to sell the others.”  She enjoys giving her projects as gifts. Deidra continues to add, “I enjoy to crochet because it gives me something else to think about and I enjoy seeing the end result of my work and I love to see people’s faces when I show them my newest creation.”

Happy creating, Deidra in 2012  as you continue to share your art as gifts for family, friends and fans.  Good luck to you as you venture out in the world of continued learning.  Use your art for good and keep having fun being creative!


2 Responses to “Meet Deidra- With Strings Attached”

  1. clubcreativestudio January 4, 2012 at 12:54 AM #

    Yes, Deidra is a nice person excited about her creations. Her family members are rightfully proud. Also, I agree that today’s educators need to be creative, share their creativity and be an example of creative expression.

  2. Adriene (Sweepy Jean) January 4, 2012 at 12:23 AM #

    Thanks for featuring Deidre on your blog today, Veronica! Her animals are so cute! It’s wonderful to see a young creative person going into teaching. We need creativity in our teachers.

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