Walking with a Cane

7 Dec

Club Creative Studio’s post today is an attempt to spread some holiday cheer and creativity at the same time.  Soon, you may find yourself walking around with a cane…or two.  A candy cane or two that is!  There are a few tried and true crafts that are popular and simple to create with a candy cane as the main supply. So, next time that you walk around with a cane in your hand, wonder what craft you can create with it.

Top Five Candy Cane Crafts:

                           1.  Door Wreath

                           2.  Place Card Holder

                           3.  Pony Bead Cane

                           4.  Standing Reindeer

                           5.  Heart

Use a hot glue gun to connect candy canes into a wreath shape.

Name place holder made with three candy canes joined in a tripod shape.

Pony beads alternating colors strung on a pipe cleaner and shaped into a cane.

Supplies to make the pipe-cleaner and pony bead candy cane.

Free standing candy cane reindeer. Images: beafunmum.com

Two candy canes can form a heart shape when placed in mirror image of each other.

 There are numerous projects that come to my mind that include using candy canes as a main supply.  Consider placing them around a plain candle to encase it and add a decorative and festive border around the entire candle.  Have you thought of hanging candy canes by its hook top around a flower vase rim?  Perhaps making a greeting card and placing formed heart shapes from joining two canes together would send the message of an added heartfelt sediment.  Combining and connecting five to six heart shapes together will form a clover-like shape  that looks like a flower shape as well.  As a candle holder of sorts, three canes placed upside down and with the hooks in an outward direction can be applied to the sides of a single candle stick to form “feet” which will hold the candlestick upright.

The best aspect of the use of candy canes is that your supply does not have to be fresh to be used. Since the item is not intended for consumption, it can be glued, and stale and still become an attractive and useful element.  Enjoy creating with large and small candy canes, and creating items that look like them as well.


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