Sock It To Me

1 Dec

Image: littlemissmatched

Club Creative Studio’s Thursday blog post has a general theme known as TNT.  The TNT post stands for “This-N-That”, and can cover an array of creative topics.  Today’s TNT post has a focus on creative socks…so allow me to “sock it to you”.  I have creative information for you concerning socks!

Socks have become popular in many different ways.  The website called “littlemissmatched” sells their socks in packages of three, and they are made to intentionally be worn in a mixed-matched fashion.  Also, keeping them in stock of three allows for that one sock to go “missing” from the dryer, and it does not matter which pair you grab to wear that day. Children will love them because the do not have to hunt for a matching sock mate, it does not matter in today’s fashion sense.

There are many different types and styles of socks if you think about it.  A few of these on the list were new terms for me but, generally speaking what was “old” often is “new” again in the world of socks.  I remember wearing knee highs as a young person and they were commonly worn.  Knee highs are making a come-back.  The twist is that they are funky and are being worn to not match on purpose.  They are also being worn by people of all ages. Also popular are over-the-knee socks, leg warmers (which are worn below the knee yet above the ankle),  and what is known as footless socks. They are similar to tights but have no fitted foot area connected.

Footless Sock

Arm Warmers

Now, let’s explore another creative way to use socks. When I was younger spending time in the mid-west with harsh winters, I wore thick tube socks for gloves.  Call me poor or call me creative. I don’t care, I was warm and it was low-cost creativity at its best.  Nancy Protectz (TM) designs complimentary decor fashion for furniture.  Furniture feet “wear” the stretch to fit “socks” for floor protectors. With a soft cushion between the furniture and the floor, the machine washable socks are slip resistant.

Image: apartmenttherapy

Finally, how might we reuse, repurpose or recycle our socks in a creative manner?  Don’t forget the old stand-by activity of creating sock puppets.

Creativity with worn out socks.


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