Folded Fabric Facelift Part 1

27 Nov


Club Creative Studio shares information on creativity.  You will discover a focus on progress, production, project, and process all using creativity the creativity that you can tap from within.  This post shares inspiration with images on how you can transform a table setting into a fantastic memory.  Using folded fabric napkins, you can turn the fun into a functional item to enjoy and use at your next family meal gathering.  From the simple to the complex you can learn how to create such folds from a variety of resources.  There are origami books, table scape theme books and magazines, television shows and websites dedicated to home and cooking that may have helpful hints on how to create your next table art.  You Tube and other do-it-yourself/how-to video can also explain the steps and maybe you even know someone who can demonstrate a one-on-one learning session.  Folding or teaching someone to fold a fabric napkin can be a fun and rewarding process.  Your table can have the unique and festive finishing touches with a hand-made flair.  Good luck in creating!

Image: inspirationalbliss


Enjoy the challenges of trying your hand at folding napkins.  The samples in this post are specifically Christmas in theme in time for you to consider for seasonal holiday celebrations.


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