Rockin’ Your World

28 Oct

Club Creative Studio Art

Rivers and rocks and trees have
always been talking to us, but we’ve forgotten how to listen. 

Michael Roads

Feature Friday marks the day where I focus on art created from my workspace: Club Creative Studio. Today, I wish to feature a special category within the website that houses items in the stone theme.  Some stones I incorporate are natural and some are replicated.  At any rate, any type rock may ROCK your world, if that is an element in art that you admire.  Rocks can be a symbol of strength.  They are rugged, remind us of nature and have great texture to appreciate.  Rocks can be shiny if they are polished, they have irregular and organic shapes and they vary in size.  What do you like about the common rock? Can it mean more?


When I was teaching in Arizona, there were a few students that lived close enough to school that they could walk daily with their parents to the classroom.  If you know how the desert landscapes is- you know that on some days, you just have to look beyond the flying dust and rock laden paths.  It can be a challenge and a blessing to enjoy.  I will never forget when I had to move away from the area and one child  named: Breeze Azul (isn’t that a beautiful name), gave me a gift that I would cherish for many reasons.

Her gift was a hand-made necklace.  The best aspect about the necklace was that it had a special meaning behind it.  Apparently, one day while walking to school with her mother, she picked up what was to her,  an interesting looking rock.  There was nothing specifically special or valuable about this rock at first sight but, she looked deep into the rock for meaning.

Breeze Azul kept that rock for a while and then asked her mother to make this necklace for me using that rock.  The rock was the necklace pendant.  She wrapped wire around it and attached it to a simple strand of other beads.  Her daughter wanted me to leave the area with a piece of Arizona. To this day, it is a reminder of the daily walk this child made to come into my classroom.  I have fond memories of her smile and the other three year-old personalities of those who were my classroom students.  Now,  I am left wondering how they have all grown over the years and have developed in their language skills.  I love that I have this rock as a reminder of Arizona.  A special rock.  She found beauty in a common rock, and passed it along.

Club Creative Studio attempts to capture the natural beauty of a focal rock and incorporate artful ideas.

Please visit the NATURAL STONE category to see more art.

Club Creative Studio Art


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