Hug A Tree In the Name of Art

25 Oct

Sometimes a tree can tell you more than can be read in a book. Carl Jung

Enjoy the blog today as we encourage you to observe.

Use a pencil or a crayon to make a texture rubbing.

When was the last time that you took time to observe the trees around you? Trees have a language of their own.  They have an artful language.

Take time to explore the trees around you and observe the textures they offer you.  To appreciate trees you can collect as many parts of trees as possible.  If you gather items from a tree that have fallen naturally you have a chance to observe them close up. You can arrange the collection to gain a visual appeal, hang, study, or draw the findings.  Leaves, bark, branches, fruit, nuts, seeds…all aspects of the tree can be studied.

A low-cost creative idea that is always a fun activity to do (especially in the Autumn) is to do a tree rubbing of tree bark or of tree leaves.  It is a way to appreciate the texture of trees. You can easily create an over-lapping effect with various rubbings and compare and contrast your artful finds.

If you take time for a nature walk on school grounds, in your neighborhood, area park or running trail of sorts take along supplies to do a rubbing on the site.  You will need paper that is not too thick, pencil or crayons in various colors.  Place your paper on the surface of the tree bark and rub in one direction gentle enough to not rip the paper but, vigorously enough to reveal an area of texture marks from the surface underneath.  A good idea would be to also take along a pencil sharpener and mini trash baggies if you are planning on using your pencil to rub many images.  Crayons can be used best from the side of the crayon easily if the paper wrapping is removed prior to rubbing a surface. Again, make sure that you have a trash bag for your pencil or crayon waste.  Take along a paper clip for your papers so that they can be collected and kept together if there is a breeze outdoors that day as well.

Enjoy viewing these samples of various tree truck textures.  You may be able to collect a larger variety of sample rubbings from rubbing at sites based on different locations.

Good luck creating your creative tree rubbings.  Hug a tree in the name  of art.

Take a walk, appreciate trees and create your art!

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